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We're excited to bring our latest control solutions to LDI!

For over 10 years, Chromateq has been answering the needs of lighting professionals around the world.  Software that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  Solutions that come with a 5-year warranty, unconditional access to free updates, and live worldwide technical support.

Manufacturer of lighting control hardware designed to integrate logically and flawlessly with Chromateq software and mobile apps.  All Chromateq software is always free to download and learn.  Connect a Chromateq hardware device to unlock programming capabilities that transform any computer into a powerful lighting control center, including 3D visualization, pixel mapping, and multimedia synchronization.

Global project portfolio of Chromateq solutions provided for theme parks, fitness clubs, water fountains, museums, retail displays, art installations, home automation, signage, and a wide array of architectural and entertainment lighting applications.

Chromateq delivers private label products in proprietary packaging to dozens of well-known lighting brands.​  We welcome the challenge to match our capabilities to the requirements of lighting pros, designers, and distributors.

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  • Launched in 2016, Absolute Cycle has become Asia's leading rhythm cycling studio, featuring venues with sound and lighting systems designed to make working pedals as much fun as working a dance floor.

    To achieve the latest round of upgrades to Absolute’s four Singapore-based studios, the system integrator chose French lighting software experts Chromateq to create fresh control solutions.

    During the past four years, Absolute has conducted over 10,000 sessions, led by a sizable roster of instructors who play the role of DJs while working the class into a healthy sweat.

    With a growing chain of locations and expanding mix of music playlists, the project called for a flexible system that would allow for frequent onsite custom lighting programming. And with such a large rotation of class instructors, the playback system also needed to be as simple and reliable as pushing a button.

    To meet these two requirements, Chromateq’s highly-customizable PRO DMX software was used in combination with Chromateq’s Club 1024 controller.

    A custom touch screen trigger button layout was created in PRO DMX that perfectly matched the studio’s color scheme. The software’s instant response to trigger input in LIVE mode allows instructors to easily and reliably choose their desired light shows with the touch of a button, as well as access to blackout and other general function scenes.

    Chromateq’s founder, Vianney Bourjot, has been delighted with the cooperation: “This is the type of project that allows us to demonstrate the advantages of working with our team to provide technical advice before, during and after the installation.”

    “We enjoy bringing our decade plus of experience in both entertainment and architectural lighting to the discussions, especially where fun lifestyle concepts like this one are involved. The fitness coaches get to enjoy doubling as light jockeys, and we enjoy offering a solution that allows for customizing the user interface to the client’s needs.”

    On the web: Rhythm of Light at Absolute Cycle

  • Making moves to make good on Chromateq's promise:

    Wherever you are in the world, Chromateq is always available to assist you.  

    The new US branch office that Chromateq established in January 2021 is now fully operational.  The Chicago office features a service bench to handle repairs and an American staff eager to join forces with Chromateq's European and Asian offices in order to provide customers anywhere on the globe with 24-hour sales and technical support.  

    In the coming months and years, the goal is to provide clients in North and South America with ready access to live support for projects, training, troubleshooting, as well as showroom and exhibition programming assistance.

    The new hire, Jason Echols, is excited by the opportunity to replicate Chromateq's success in the European and Asian markets.  He sees a strong track record that justifies Chromateq's bold move to expand operations during the most challenging period ever encountered for many companies working in lighting.

    "There's a level of confidence that comes from having watched Vianney Bourjot (the founder of Chromateq) build his company over the past decade, and from knowing his enthusiasm for adding value to Chromateq's software and hardware solutions with a team that is committed to delivering the mission-critical technical support required for consistent successful project execution."

    "During the past three months, I've become acquainted with Chromateq's current clients and projects on this side of the world.  As I've followed the daily client interactions with our French HQ, I can see the solid level of cooperation that is already in place here.  At the same time, Chromateq has built long-term cooperation in Europe in channels that are largely untapped for us here, and it's exciting to start the process of finding our best partners for the various market segments where Chromateq will be capably establishing an American presence in the coming years."

    On the web: Chromateq ramps up Western Hemisphere presence

    Chromateq Chicago:


  • CQSA-E USB DMX Ethernet Stand Alone Interface
    A versatile multiprotocol lighting control hub that offers a multitude of functionality for both live applications and fixed installations. Configure and control over the Internet, offering an affordable solution for remote project management....

  • Chromateq's CQSA-E is a versatile multiprotocol lighting control hub that offers a multitude of functionality for both live applications and fixed installations:

    • DMX:  In/Out, Split, Merge, Record, Trigger, Stand Alone playback
    • Art-Net:  In/Out, Record, Node (Art-Net to DMX converter), Stand Alone playback  
    • Stand Alone Triggers:  RTC (Real-Time Clock), Calendar, Dry contacts, JSON, UDP
    • Software Triggers:  MIDI, Sound-to-Light, BPM, UDP

    Connecting to a WiFi router allows for wireless configuration and control by Android and iOS mobile devices using the Wi-Light 2 app.  

    • 1024 DMX Channels (2x512) in Live mode
    • 1024 DMX Channels (2x512) in Stand Alone mode
    • 2 Art-Net Universes (LED Player or Pro DMX software)
    • 8 Art-Net Universes (Pixxem software)
    • Art-Net + DMX feature:  Play 2 x DMX universes + 2 x Art-Net universes

    With its latest firmware release, the CQSA-E can now be configured and controlled over the Internet, delivering an affordable solution for remote project management.

  • CLUB 1024 USB DMX Interface
    Programmable DMX interface designed for synchronized sound to light shows and live performances. Up to 30 minutes Audio and Video Timeline synchronization. Smoothly and tightly integrated with Chromateq's customizable Pro DMX lighting control software....

    • DMX Output: 1024 In/Out channels in PC (Live) mode / 512 Out channels in Stand Alone mode.
    • DMX Modes: DMX In/Out, DMX Splitter, DMX Record, DMX Trigger.
    • 2 ArtNet universes (2x512 channels) when running LED Player or Pro DMX software.  
    • 8 ArtNet universes (8x512 channels) per interface when running Pixxem software.  
    • Operating Systems: Windows, MAC OS X (10.6 or higher), Linux (64-bit), Raspberry Pi. 
    • Software and interface control via mobile Android and iOS devices with Chromateq's WiLight 2 app.
    • Compatible with all Chromateq software and systems designed for live shows or fixed installations.  
    • After programming, CLUB 1024 can be deployed without a computer as a standalone controller.
    • Chromateq lighting software is free and transforms your computer into a powerful control system.  
    • Five year global warranty with worldwide Live Technical Support available from Chromateq (English, French, Chinese).