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INFiLED team invites you to visit our Booth #1212.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, INFiLED is specialized in developing and manufacturing large LED video equipment. Focused on constant innovation and continuous improvement, INFiLED now owns over 135 patents, which is one of the highest numbers in the industry. We have opened a Global Repair Center in Hong Kong and we have sales, service and representative offices in United States, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Middle East, Australia, South Africa and South America, offering customers the best service and user experience. Based on the principle of Present excellence, INFiLED is striving to be one of the top brands of LED screen manufacturers to present the world with a visual feast!

Brands: INFiLED is specialized in developing and manufacturing large LED video equipment. We own over 135 patents, which is one of the highest numbers in the industry.

 Show Specials

  • TITAN-X high-transparency large-format outdoor touring LED solution features a pixel pith of 8.3mm and high transparency rate of 70% offering outstanding display performance for state-of-the-art stage visual effects. Each cabinet offers extensive load capacity and advanced overall stability due to its unique rear triangular foldable wind bracing system which can resist wind speeds of 20m/sec for outdoor events, while the screen can reach heights of up to 25 meters. The extra-large 1200x1200mm cabinets feature a unique design with an innovative lifting operation from the dolly that quickens installation time to a new level.

    Its dedicated dolly system allows for easy transportation and makes installation more efficient. The foldable bracing design of each cabinet saves on storage space and even with extra accessories, the cabinets can still be transported in their dollies. Featuring a high brightness of 5000nits and IP65 protection, it´s a reliable and robust choice under any light and weather conditions. The TITAN-X can be customized and assembled at angles of ±15 giving it the ability to adapt to unlimited stage and creative design requirements such as a curve effect

 Press Releases

  • Los Angeles, CA November 15, 2021 – INFiLED, a global leader in LED displays, announced plans to display a bevvy of products geared towards the design and technology community at the upcoming LDI show. Their booth space #1212 and will include many of the prominent dvLED products clients use in rental staging and entertainment venues around the globe.

    “Live Events is a major area of concentration for INFiLED. You can expect to see many of our quality dvLED products on display that pair well in XR Virtual Production and Entertainment venues and for Live Events. We’re thrilled to showcase products like our newly launched DB2.6mm for XR and TITAN-X which is an ideal display for Live Events. We’ll also have several outdoor dvLED solutions on display as well as indoor solutions for the ultimate in digital signage solutions. So come out to LDI and plan on touring our booth,” says VP of Sales, Grif Palmer.

    INFiLED’s booth will have dvLED videowalls comprised of their AR 3.9mm Plus, DB 2.6mm, XR Floor, and other products, as well as their newly launch TITAN-X. Additionally INFiLED will show dvLED samples that will demonstrate various pixel pitches and viewing angles during the show. INFiLED focuses on XR Virtual Production, Rental/Staging, Entertainment, Touring, Corporate, Retail, and creative Digital Signage applications.

    LDI will be held at on November 19 – 21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Register to attend the show for free by using our VIP code: #10087 via this link:

    INFiLED is a leading high-tech enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing large format LED display solutions. INFiLED's product application range covers digital signage, transportation, sports, events, command & control, corporate branding and meetings, creative applications and much more. With installations in over 85 countries and over 178 patents, one of the highest numbers in the industry, INFiLED is striving to be a top brand of LED screen manufacturers to enlighten the world with a visual feast!

    Media contact:
    Brandy Alvarado-Miranda 


    Stand Still, See Through - A wonderful solution for outdoor rental applications...

  • TITAN-X is a robust and easy to install LED display solution for outdoor rental applications. The height of the 8.3 pixel pitch screen can reach an astonishing 24 meters. Featuring a transparency of 70%, high load capacity, a rear foldable frame and quick installation system, this product is the ultimate solution for concerts, festivals, touring and other outdoor events.


    - High Transparency 

    - Hold Load Capacity 

    - Quick Installation 

    - Easy Transportation 

    - Curve Effect 

  • X Series
    Perfect Wave Screen Solutions...

  • The INFiLED X Series with abnormity shape is a highly flexible, ultra-thin, super-light and featuring full black Led display, it is the perfect wave screen for your choice.


    - One-action Locking 

    - Magnetic Connection 

    - Separate Power and Data Unit 

    - Flexible Modules 

    - 0° Lock 

    - Corner Panel Optional 

    - Stacking and Hanging System Optional