WHYNOT Wine Saver/ Lumilinna  

Dallas,  TX 
United States
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Founded in 1937, SandenVendo America, Inc. is a Dallas-based manufacturer and a global provider of high-quality vending, food service and micro market equipment. SVA also offers a complete line of top-quality innovative products, bringing you the latest technology in the food and beverage equipment industry. 

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SVA is a subsidiary of the Tokyo, Japan based Sanden Corporation with over 53 offices and 23 manufacturing facilities worldwide. All equipment is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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Brands: WHYNOT wine saver & dispenser system , Lumilinna B, IoT Vendor


  • WHYNOT Wine Saver & Dispenser System
    WHYNOT prevents wine from reaching an oxidation state, preserving the wine longer. Using patented FreshKeep™ technology, the cork replacement from the bottle is performed within a nitrogen gas filled environment permitting zero exposure of wine to oxygen....

  • WHYNOT wine saver and dispensing system features allows the wine to stay fresh for up to 11 months.

    • No exposure of oxygen from time of cork extraction to the last drop of wine in the bottle.
    • WHYNOT's shooter dispense "cup" system is attached directly to the spout of the wine bottle, therefore reducing the distance to the wine glass.
    • The plug features a spring-loaded valve mechanism which allows the simultaneous natural release of wine and injection of nitrogen gas. It does not allow exposure to oxygen even when stored separate from the WHYNOT system. It also hosts a filter to collect larger sediment found in older red wines.
  • Lumilinna B Super-Cool
    Newest way to enjoy cold frosty beverage on drinks that previously were liquid form! Lumilinna B Super-Cool is ideal for regular carbonated beverages, coffee, energy drinks and alcoholic beverages!...

  • Super-Chill

    ​Using very precise temperature control Lumilinna can hold beverages below freezing without actually freezing them solid. By maintaining product at this precise temperature you can dispense beverages that once opened, will develop internal ice crystals.


    ​This crystallizing phenomenon produces soft, delicate ice slush which creates a new taste experience versus conventional cooled products.


    ​The cooler has four separate internal storage compartments allowing for multiple flavors and packages to be stored at one temperature. Each compartment has a front swing lexan door which helps to prevent an inrush of warm air while product selection is being made.

    Versatile Placements

    This cooler is the ideal size for easy above or below counter-top placement.

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