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For 15 years we have focused our company's resources on identifying and resolving key frustrations, of Bar, Restaurant, and Nightclub owners, with their Point of Sale System. Over 5 years ago we joined forces with Jon Taffer on his show Bar Rescue, starting Season2: Episode 1, where we provided the bars on his show with a new Point of Sale System to improve their bar. Our product made a positive impact for those involved with the show. We know this because of the customers' Return on Investment (ROI) that was gained through the continued use of 2TouchPOS Software. You CAN Too. Get a return on your investment by turning on our Speed of Service Discount. Check out our Speed of Service Discount Calculator on our website to improve your bottom line! 2TouchPOS was voted Top 100 in Rochester two years in a row; and we have held the title of  Rochester's Largest Computer Company. Come talk to a member of the 2TouchPOS sales team at booth 1216 or give us a call at (866)227-8682! Other Hospitality Software Can't Touch what we can do for your business! 

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 Show Specials

  • (Feb 18, 2019)

    Stop by our Booth to meet Eric Elwell CEO and Jason LaFountain Account Executive and Sales Professional. 

    They will be handing out marketing items that include Back Packs, Bottle Openers, and more!  Get them while supplies last! 

    We are also offering 2TouchPOS Software that is now available in a subscription.  You can get the software for 90Days and see how the 2TouchPOS team measures up! 

    Drop by the 2TouchPOS Booth in our New Location to get your gift and learn more about the 2TouchPOS  S.A.A.S. Subscription! 

 Press Releases

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    Xenios LLC. |2 Touch POS

    Phone: (888) 756-7994 ext. 1

    Email: info@2touchpos.com

    Integrated Payment Processing

    Where Point of Sale Software and Payments meet!  

    Rochester NY:  The Xenios LLC. Development Team has carefully designed and planned for your Payment Processing options in the 2TouchPOS Software.

    We have designed processes with leaders in Payment Processing to make payment tasks seamlessly integrate with the 2TouchPOS Software.

    Our Leadership Team Identified Expiring Payment Technologies quite a while ago. And since then we have been developing our software to meet the technological demands and… these modifications are not going to stop anytime soon! All POS Companies are feeling the development PINCH.

    In the Point of Sale world, that means we have to research these changes with the payment processors from a developmental point of view. We recognized this years ago, when we began to claim responsibility for this aspect of the 2TouchPOS technology.  We assigned our developers the task of embedding the payment process into our software so that the 2Touch Point of Sale Technology remains responsive even with all of the Payment Processing technology requirements.  We want payments and payment processes to be seamless.

    We suggest that YOU delve deeper into the Payment Processing conversation by asking additional questions.  Focus on; what is offered in the area of transaction settlement, tipping and closing tabs, and ask about options for starting tabs with cards, as well as final card processing for situations when the card is not present at the end of the shift when a tab is still open. 

    Payment Processing is complex but at 2TouchPOS our goal is to make it seem simple. Why is Payment Processing COMPLICATED?

    • Due to engineering and development
    • Security demands
    • Rolling Technology
    • Because of complexities in architecture.

    Payment Processing with our selected Processing Partners provides benefits.

    Our Expertise adds Value...

    • Using our recommended process increases performance
    • Embeds the process to work seamlessly with the 2TouchPOS Software, integrates to save time
    • 2TouchPOS provides updates and revisions as technologies change. You can count on the development team to keep your processing accurate and streamlined.

    Maintain Integrated Processing Control with the 2TouchPOS System Ultimate Benefits.

    Say Yes! to integrated payments with 2TouchPOS.  The lowest cost most beneficial way to go! 

    Receive these benefits:

    • Start Tabs by Chip, Tap or Swipe. 
    • Capture Card Information at the bar for retention while the tab is in use. (No more holding on to customer cards.)
    • Choose an EMV Threshold minimum. 
    • Process card not present transactions on walkouts when the customer forgets to close their tab.
    • EMV Tip Adjust – maintain your Pre-EMV workflows. 
    • Use one of the 2TouchPOS Advantages and adjust the terminal configuration to establish an EMV Threshold.
    • The Speed of Service Discount ™. 
    • Eliminate the task of reconciling credit card sales receipts and tips. 
    • Customer Account Capture including the customer’s name and their dining and drinking preferences.

    2TouchPOS is THE system for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars, designed for speed and robust reporting.  Our team has been in the business and we look forward to working together on YOUR plans for Payment Processing.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NCB Show 2019                     

    Xenios LLC. |2 Touch POS

    Phone: (888) 756-7994 ext. 1

    Email: info@2touchpos.com

    Access to 2TouchPOS Transaction Data

    Each employee uses the 2TouchPOS System throughout their shift. Use the data that your system collects to manage your processes with 2TouchPOS DataKey.

    Rochester NY: Lately there is a lot of talk about the important role that APIs play in improving any business model, with a whole range of advantages for any kind of company. The problem for most communications across different software programs is to provide a means to connect the systems and pave the way for data sharing.  2TouchPOS has the solution; it’s DataKey. 

    Advantages of DataKey Include:

    1.) Automation: through DataKey APIs, computers and systems manage the work. You can update your data quicker and be more productive.

    2.) Efficiency: when access is provided to your data, the content generated can be published automatically for use by your integration partners. This makes the data you collect by completing transactions in your Point of Sale available to be shared and distributed easily.

    3.) Integration: DataKey allows content to flow more easily. This guarantees more fluid information delivery and an integrated user experience with real-time data.

    4.) Personalization: through DataKey any user or company can customize the content and services that they use the most. Adapting the content so that it is made into useable data which can be interpreted to make important decisions.

    5.) Adaptation: needs change over time and your data can be used to anticipate changes. When working with this technology, data migration is supported better, and the information is reviewed more closely in short, DataKey implemented with APIs makes service provision more flexible.

    2TouchPOS software offers the benefit of collecting raw data that is detailed and simplified so that improved tracking of sales and inventory information easily integrates into accounting and book keeping programs. DataKey allows information to be shared between the system and accounting software on different computers in different locations. Integrating accounting software and POS software leads to improved tracking of many types of financial information, including but not limited to: customer information, sales tax collection, inventory, general ledger account balances, sales reporting data, and human resources information that can be used for payroll and scheduling.

    Using cloud data is a secure way to transport transaction data so that accounting, inventory, and payroll processing vendors can automatically access your data to process on your behalf. You’ll have access to all your sales data twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, using  DataKey. You can monitor your business on a mobile device.  YOU'LL have many options for remote access to data, version upgrades, technical support and more. Unlock YOUR data!


    2TouchPOS is THE system for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars, designed for speed and robust reporting.  Our team has been in the business and we look forward to working together to meet your GOALS.



    Xenios LLC. |2 Touch POS

    Phone: (888) 756-7994 ext. 1

    Email: info@2touchpos.com

    Running Point of Sale Software on Tablets

    Using tablets in the restaurant industry has advantages, and you can use tablets with 2TouchPOS!  

    Rochester NY:  Last Year after much consideration; the development team at 2TouchPOS released our Mobile Version of 2TouchPOS Software running on Touch Dynamic Tablets. Our goal was to remain competitive in the Tablet POS arena and we wanted to provide the “Mobile” option to our customer base. We developed the software making it mobile ready, and then we had to test it. After planning for mobile systems, we released the 2TouchPOS mobile version in 2018. Now after a year of using tablets in real time and managing our processes to make payments portable as well, we have feedback from our customers who adopted the 2TouchPOS Mobile System. The results are in!

    We are going to begin with the advantages of the 2TouchPOS Mobile solution.

    1. Cost; Going Mobile can provide an additional workstation for less cost up front. The 2TouchPOS ruggedized purpose-built tablet carries a lighter price tag; than a full-blown Work Station.

    1.  Implementing the opportunity for tablet-based data entry allows your staff to complete mission critical tasks wherever there is an internet connection.

    1. Processing payments using the tablet is an option. We offer a portable printer that can be used to process cards at the table.  The result is a higher level of customer trust in the payment security at your restaurant, and, in turn, an increased potential for repeat business.

    1. Using the Mobile Device in establishments with decks or party rooms provides a way for customers who choose to be seated in these areas with top notch service.

    If you are considering going mobile there are a few things that our establishments didn’t think of. Now we are talking with them to provide solutions to these issues.  When implementing a mobile POS, you have to plan for a charging station for your tablets. A home base is required! Developing a system for the care and maintenance of your restaurant tablets is critical to your success in using them. Space for charging must be designated and the tablets will require charging at the end of each shift to ensure that battery power is optimum. The tablets are ruggedized which means they can potentially be heavier than regular tablets. Servers probably will not want to place these in an apron pocket. So be prepared because your busy staff will still have to have a place to set these down when they are not using them. Your tablets will be shared between the staff which means that your team will be logging in and logging out to define each server section and customer base. The printers with the mobile system usually need preparation.

    Just some thoughts to consider when you’re deciding whether or not to implement mobile systems:

    • Making sure you have the space and staff available to manage and be responsible for the equipment is mission critical.
    • The development team is continuing to roll out methods to simplify payment processes with our mobile solution. Processes will continue to evolve.  
    • The weight of the tablet ensures that it is durable. Some staff members may prefer not to use it. Consider having the stationary system available so that your serving staff can decide which system to use when it is busy.

    Plans for further Mobile Development: As always, the team at 2TouchPOS is diligently working to improve our mobile capabilities as we compare our system to competitors offers. We are reviewing payment and printing options, signature capture methods, and using bio readers to log staff in and out making the tablet hand off faster. 


    2TouchPOS is THE system for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars, designed for speed and robust reporting.  Our team has been in the business and we look forward to working together on YOUR plans to go mobile.



    Xenios LLC. |2 Touch POS

    Phone: (888) 756-7994 ext. 1

    Email: info@2touchpos.com

    2TouchPOS offers a Subscription-Based Software

    Updates in Software are commonplace. Rolling technology is rocking the POS industry.

    Rochester NY:  It used to be that you would buy software, install it on the computer and then you would just run with it. But now software quickly becomes outdated. Either it will stop running on the operating system or, the next version will roll out and users won’t have access to the bug fixes, enhancements and updates. At any rate the software industry is moving toward the subscription-based model. With this model users are on the most current version of the software and have access to all of the enhanced features that come with a product that is continually developed. The Point of Sale Software industry functions perfectly within this model.  

    With payment technology requirements, new mobile offerings, and new business operation criteria; the Software As A Service Business model offers Point of Sale users a continuous stream of security, updates and new functions so that establishment owners can benefit from a software product that offers them great service and has a method to keep up with changing technology.

    Customer Advantages of the S.A. A.S. Model;  

    1. Your POS Software Provider MUST focus not only on closing the sale; but they must also focus on customer retention. For some Point of Sale Providers this shifts the sales team focus from ‘closing the sale’ to keeping the customers happy.

    1.  Along with updating the software the POS provider stays in closer contact with the establishment making sure that the updates are successful, and the software is running efficiently.

    1. Closer monitoring of what customers think about the software and how it is working must take place for customer retention purposes.

    1. Each software provider must have a responsive technical team that supports the product and addresses concerns that the customer might be unhappy about. Companies do not want bad reviews or comments on social media that might destroy or damage a reputation. Reputation management is an important aspect of implementing the Software As A Service Model.  

    1. With the S.A.A.S. model the customer has the advantage as customer retention is critical to the success of implementation. 

    For Xenios LLC. | 2TouchPOS adopting the S.A.A.S. model required an entirely new management system and mode of thinking. Adopting this new process was methodological. New systems had to be put in place to manage the finances, new steps and new processes were put into place for our technical team, and our financial and office personnel adjusted their work flows to monitor and manage this new fee-based system. The changes for our company were systemic; from sales to support to administrative. With a systematic review like this, we know our company has grown and become stronger.

    The overall goal here with the 2TouchPOS Subscription Model is to give our customers the newest and best version of the 2TouchPOS Software every day. The Subscription Service helps us to accomplish this goal. 

    If you’re wondering what the effect is for our customers when adopting a subscription model, we want you to think about the following specific points:

    • Payment Processing requires continued technical support which is offered in the 2TouchPOS Subscription Model. Not only do we have a technical team, but we also have a development team that works directly with the payment processors that we partner with. The Software Subscription includes the support of the development team.
    • Your POS Software remains current.
    • Our Sales and Tech team members are here for you. We are now a company that is all about customer service. We don’t want to just sell you something we want to take care of you.

    Without Innovation Point of Sale Software is Dead in the Water. 2TouchPOS Customers have a choice between building out their own system or getting the current version of 2TouchPOS. The infrastructure is in place to offer the S.A.A.S. and keep it running through coordination of services and continuous improvement. Measure your needs in terms of what you think might be best for you in the long run. There are great advantages in adopting the 2TouchPOS Subscription Model or S.A.A.S. for those of you who want to keep up with rolling technologies that are available to all software users.


    2TouchPOS is THE system for Restaurants, Nightclubs and Bars, designed for speed and robust reporting.  Our team has been in the business and we look forward to working together to meet your GOALS.

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