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EAROS provides innovative hearing protection solutions to preserve hearing health without compromising the ability to communicate and experience high-fidelity music and sound. EAROS ONE is a sophisticated in-ear acoustic filter designed for workers and patrons in the worlds of nightlife, hospitality, and live music. The product offers a superior combination of hearing protection, sound fidelity, comfort, and style, making it the perfect solution for any loud entertainment venue.

 Show Specials

  • Protect your most valuable assetyour peoplewith EAROS ONE acoustic filters. Exclusively at the 2019 NCB Show, we will provide you 5 complimentary EAROS ONE units for every 25 units you purchase for your staff!

    Visit us at Booth 1451 or email sales@earos.co to learn more.

  • All attendees will receive a complimentary EAROS ONE point-of-sale display for their venue with an order of at least 60 EAROS ONE units. The display is sleek and compact and holds up to 30 units at a time, making it easy and effective to retail the product at your venue.

    Visit us at Booth 1451 or email sales@earos.co to learn more.

 Press Releases

  • EAROS ONE is a sophisticated acoustic filter engineered to prevent hearing damage caused by exposure to loud environments, while maintaining sound fidelity, comfort, and style. Offering maximum functionality and performance at an affordable retail price of $40, the device allows those who spend time in loud hospitality and entertainment venues to remain safely immersed in the full spectrum of sound.

    EAROS Inc. was founded by hospitality entrepreneur Ronnie Madra (founding partner of Butter Group and 1 OAK) after years of suffering from hearing damage and realizing that this issue was affecting many of his employees and patrons. Madra partnered with renowned acousticians, audiologists, vibration engineers to work together tirelessly to develop a solution: EAROS ONE.

    “For us, club operators and music entrepreneurs, it’s an obligation to have responsible business practices and protect individuals in all loud working environments.” – Ronnie Madra, Founder of EAROS

    The sleek, comfortable, and functional design has also garnered support from a number of notable musicians and influencers including Chris Botti (musician), Dean Winters (actor), Gerard Butler (actor), Toni Garrn (model) and more. "Ronnie and the EAROS team really solved an important problem. Protecting your hearing and still being able to enjoy music is a game changer." - Gerard Butler Actor and Music lover

    Countless studies have recognized the large-scale risk posed by exposure to loud environments without adequate hearing protection.  In 2015 the World Health Organization found that 1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing damage from exposure to recreational noise; of this group, 40% (~440 million) are at risk due to attending loud entertainment venues.  Beyond limiting one’s ability to communicate and enjoy music, hearing damage can lead to a variety of negative health outcomes, such as loss of balance, insomnia, depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

    Through Madra’s nightlife connections, several leading hospitality and entertainment venues are already using the product to protect their staff, including GOSPËL, 1 OAK and Up&Down. EAROS strives to educate venue owners and operators about hearing prevention, targeting nightclubs, concert halls, arenas, stadiums, music festivals, bars, fitness venues, and more.

    “We live in a loud society and we want to help people avoid the acoustical hangover, loss of balance, and other health risks that come with this. Our goal is to ensure that all generations can sustain their recreational lifestyle in a healthy way.” - Ronnie Madra, Founder of EAROS

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    How it Works:

    EAROS ONE is composed of a dense plastic that interrupts sound pressure and attenuates noise levels while still allowing a full spectrum of sound frequencies to pass through it and reach the ears. With EAROS ONE, the sound that reaches your ear is safe and pure, not muffled or distorted as experienced with traditional earplugs. The product’s thermoplastic elastomer triple flange ear tip offers a soft, comfortable fit in the ear canal while its unique “concha tab” tucks under the concha to ensure that EAROS ONE remains securely in place in the ear. The accompanying app uses sound analysis technology to measure the noise level in your environment and determine whether your ears can benefit from using EAROS ONE. The app will also let you know how long you can stay in your current loud environment without damaging your hearing (both with and without wearing EAROS ONE).

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    Email: sales@earos.co


    EAROS ONE is a sophisticated in-ear acoustic filter that protects hearing health while enabling the user to communicate and experience the full spectrum of sound frequencies (unlike an earplug)....

  • EAROS ONE is a sophisticated in-ear acoustic filter designed by a group of leading audiologists, acousticians, and vibration engineers. The product provides an unmatched combination of hearing protection (up to 25dB), sound fidelity, comfort, and style, all at an accessible price point. EAROS ONE is designed for use in loud nightlife, hospitality, and live music venues and has two primary use cases:

    1. Nightclub/Bar Workers: EAROS ONE improves worker communication and productivity, increases morale and longevity, and mitigates legal liability for venue owners and operators, all while doing right by their employees from a Corporate Social Responsibility perspective. The sleek style of the product also adds to the venue's aesthetic.
    2. Nightclub/Bar Patrons: All guests can enhance their experience at loud entertainment venues by wearing EAROS ONE. For the first time ever, patrons can protect their hearing health and avoid an "acoustic hangover" without sacrificing their ability to fully enjoy music and communicate with their friends. Furthermore, they can feel stylish and fashionable while wearing the product, unlike when wearing an earplug. This retail opportunity represents a substantial, untapped revenue stream for venues. Keep your guests in your venue longer and coming back more often with EAROS ONE.

    EAROS is partnering with leading nightlife, hospitality, and live music venues to pioneer how hearing health is perceived in the industry.

    Visit Booth 1451 to learn more about the EAROS Experience. You can also visit our website at earos.co or email sales@earos.co to learn more!

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