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Sensors-clubs and Bars@Clarity IoT- NCB Launching Pad #1553

Clarity IOT is a proprietary end-to-end IoT sensor/ data management service solution. We simplify the on-boarding, management and control of thousands of IoT devices with a customizable dashboard. What makes Clarity IoT unique is our ability to simplify the IoT environment, using our universal API’s. This allows Clarity IoT to have a bi-directional interface with protocols new and old. Collecting the correct information, at the correct time, into the hand of our clients allows for better business decisions and control of your environment.

We welcome all to our Clarity IoT Booth 1553 in the NCB Launching Pad area, 

  1. Demonstrate to you and your team how you can have a 360 degree operational view of the entire location/s on the palm of your hand on your phone/laptop/desktop or any computing device
  2. Pre emptively get alerts & notifications for any potential equipment failure or malfunction
  3. Get updated system reports for Bevergaes and Food including Health & Safety reports
  4. Add Clarity IoT to your existing product line. Clarity has easy API integration to add on to existing apps or be a stand alone application for the entire facility
  5. Reseller opportunity

Stop by and let us discuss

Brands: ClarityIoT Cloud based services and monitoring Vulcan II Product line (Private LoRa connectivity) Puck-It I miniature (Battery Private LoRa connectivity)

 Show Specials

  • The Clarity IoT Night Club Deployment kit provides an innovative new System-on-Module IOT solution, enabling the design of Wi-Fi connected edge devices. This kit provides a complete development environment for sensor-to-cloud applications and services.

    The perfect solution for large restaurants, Night Clubs and fast food organizations. The solution will provide a complete visibility to required operational concerns.

    The Clarity IOT solution eliminates the need to perform long wire runs. Just power the sensor hub near your equipment and the solution does the rest. 

    1. Food prep table temperature sensors
    2. Room temperature and humidity sensors
    3. Freezer/Cooler temperature sensor
    4. Beer tap temperature sensors
    5. Commercial dishwasher water temperature sensor
    6. Commercial dishwasher rack counter sensor
    7. Door open/close sensors (i.e. Restroom, Front door, etc)

 Press Releases

  • The Night Club and Hospitality Industry all share many of the same concerns when we talk about customer experience, health & safety, and maximizing profits. With common sensors and multiple protocols we have implemented just such a solution. At Clarity IOT we have a software platform which works with industry standard IOT sensors to gather the data retrieved and convert to industry information to allow increased productivity, and customer experience, and maximize product usage.

    Know with confidence:

    • You are getting the most use of your environment
    • Your customers are getting highest quality products
    • Your managers are certain equipment is being used effectively
    • Your facilities are covered with a reportable health and safety focus
    • Your managers are able to receive notifications via email, text, and/or cell phone notifications anytime, anywhere


    The store manager has seen immediate calm. There is no more running inside freezers to validate temperatures, or worry if the doors are left open. The team can be reassured of the stores environment from anywhere via a web login or phone app. The dual temperature sensors will also allow for quicker trouble shooting if a problem occurs with one the two independent cooling systems. There has been feedback of better team focus and productivity with the new tools.

    As a phase two, this chain will be incorporating acoustic, lighting, ambient temperature, and kitchen machinery sensors to gain insights on customer traffic and asset management.

    Clarity IoT Systems use only latest developments in wired/wireless capabilities

    Internet Enabled

    Data is sent Internet to central cloud data platform

    according the user’s settings

    Client visibility


    Conditional alarm / alerts conditions on wired and wireless sensors

    Easy to use phone and email alerts

    Condition monitoring via phone/computer or Web tools


    Clarity IoT systems can operate in harsh weather and difficult geographical conditions

    Designed and tested to meet the harshest industry standards

    Low Cost

    High quality High quality, low power consumption, minimal maintenance makes Clarity IoT systems one of best cost-effective solution.

    Central Cloud Platform

    Web application on the central data platform receives and processes data and controls operation of stations. Constant backups make sure that data is always protected.

    All data is 256 bit Encrypted, to protect your data within and transmitted

    Easy and Fast Installation

    All devices come pre-configured and ready to use. All devices come programed and ready for Installation is fast and easy. Wireless sensors can be installed, uninstalled or reallocated any time.

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