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Whether you’re a speakeasy trying to spread the word, a neighborhood sports bar, or the place where everyone wants to party, VersiTech helps you effortlessly manage customers and your entire business. Our intuitive point-of-sale and payments solutions make every transaction a breeze. On top of that, you can use our online order-ahead app to boost your to-go experience and our data management dashboard to achieve peak efficiency. Most importantly, all our products are backed by personal support whenever you need it.  VersiTech—we’re always on, so you’re always open. 

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  • VersiPOS
    Process more orders with less hassle, using our point-of-sale packed with all the features you need. Behind the bar or running from table to table, your staff can quickly navigate the easy to use interface in low light....

  • Menus made easy.
    We will work with you make your menus more efficient for your staff. Let's say you're a restaurant with bar service. When your bartenders log in, all they'd see is the bar menu. Servers will simply see the food menu. Your VersiPOS can also be programmed according to meal times - so your staff will only see the lunch menu at lunch and dinner at dinner.

    Be unstoppable in the kitchen, at your tables, and everywhere in between.
    Everything runs smoother when you have a point of sale that simplifies every aspect of running a restaurant. Discover how your business can run faster and more securely with VersiPOS.

    Built for speed.
    Entering orders and accepting payments has never been easier. Your staff can spend less time at the POS and more time at the table delivering outstanding service. 

    High-level security comes standard.
    Safeguard your business with VersiPOS. With PCI security processes you can sleep better at night knowing you don’t have to worry about data theft.

    A clearer view of your tables.
    Every restaurant is different. We'll show you how to customize your ticket info to track how your staff is performing. 

  • VersiPay
    Opening tabs and closing out has never been simpler. No matter what size business you have, VersiPay is the quick and secure way to get paid....

  • An easier way to process payments.
    As a fully integrated Tier 1 payment processor, VersiPay provides full service payment processing directly through VersiPOS. By bundling VersiPay with VersiPOS you'll have a single point of contact for both Point of Sale and payment processing.

    Our proven process.
    Never again will you have to play a guessing game when reviewing or reconciling your sales or deposits. VersiPay has all the features you've come to expect from a payment processor, including next-day funding, acceptance of all major card types, and full PCI compliance. Best of all, we'll match the price of your current processor to make your switch easier and assure you won't be paying more for enhanced features. 
  • VersiEats
    Use our online ordering app to satisfy your customers’ late-night cravings. VersiEats makes it easy to order ahead on a smartphone or desktop. You can tailor your menu to mirror your in-store experience or remix it. Your call....

  • Instant satisfaction for your staff and your customers.
    With VersiEats, you can capture more pick-up purchases with ease. No more answering the phones, losing money on no-shows, or dealing with unhappy customers who had to stand in line forever. 
    How VersiEats makes you more profitable:
    • Your staff spends less time on the phone trying to figure out the customer’s order over the noise of the restaurant.
    • Your staff can also save time by not having to check out customers at the register.
    • The customer places their own order, so they get exactly what they want when they want it.
    • Thanks to the pay-ahead feature of VersiEats, you never lose money on no-shows or waste time getting credit card numbers over the phone.
    • No lines frees up more space in your restaurant for your staff and the dining in crowd.
    How VersiEats works:
    • We create a clickable link on your website that takes customers to your full menu hosted on VersiEats. Need a new website for your restaurant? Create one in minutes using VersiSite.
    • Customers can easily place their order from their smartphone or a computer.
    • Orders go directly to your existing printers for greater efficiency and accuracy.
    • Customers walk in, grab their food, and go leave you an awesome review online. 
    We’re cutting lines out of the equation.
    Whether it’s at an amusement park, the DMV, or your restaurant—no one likes standing in line. Especially when they’re hungry. With VersiEats, your customers get their food faster. 
    It’s so much simpler.
    The future of take-out is online ordering and VersiEats is here to help you stay ahead of the game. In the past, you had to take time away from in-store service to take orders over the phone. VersiEats is an easier way for your customers to get exactly what they want, while freeing up your staff to focus on providing great service.
  • VersiCloud
    Elevate your business by bringing your back office up to speed. VersiCloud gives you a clearer picture what (or who) isn’t working and why, by taking all your essential data and presenting it to you in a format that’s easy to understand....

  • You need more than spreadsheets for your restaurant to excel.
    VersiCloud is a more intuitive tool to help with forecasting so you know how many people to staff, how much food to order and when to order it.

    It’s nice when guests give their waiter a shout-out in an online review, but VersiCloud really shows you who the staff superstars are. This way, you can be sure to schedule them for the busiest shifts.

    Back office brilliance.

    You can spend hours crunching the numbers to see how your business did last month and still not see the whole picture. With VersiCloud’s real-time insights you can be proactive rather than reactive. Bring VersiCloud’s capabilities to your back office and start maximizing your margins.

    Do more with your data in less time.

    VersiCloud was built from the ground up not just to deliver the most crucial information, but to help a busy restaurant owner understand the key factors that can boost the bottom line. Having all this data isn't much help if you can't translate it to help guide important business decisions. The VersiCould reporting platform interprets this complex information for you and provides suggestions for how to put it into practice.

    Everything you need in one place.
    VersiCloud is your online reporting dashboard, where you can find all of your business' historical sales data in one place. Plus, you'll have a full breakdown of your best selling items, deposit totals, busiest sales times, and much more. 

    VersiCloud gives you peace of mind.
    You don’t want to find out you have absent employees from a friend who drove by your restaurant at noon and saw that it wasn’t open yet. Yeah, that really happened. Thanks to the heads-up notifications from VersiCloud, it’ll never happen to you.

    We’ll help you set up custom SMS text notifications to send you crucial information as frequently as you want to know it. For example, you can have an alert sent to you or a manager if your opening employee hasn’t clocked in at least 30 minutes before it’s time to open.

    Always a step ahead.
    The biggest benefit to having a full-featured point of sale is all the crucial information it provides. See what's selling and when. See what (or who) is and isn’t working. Thanks to VersiCloud, you get reports that actually drive efficiency and profitability in your business.
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