RIPE Bar Juice  

New Haven,  CT 
United States
  • Booth: 1046

RIPE Bar Juice® - Unbelievably fresh juice cocktail mixers

Brands: RIPE Bar Juice® Cold pressed juices and mixers are available in 6x1L cases and 5 Gallon Bag-in-Box (BiB) Formats. From fresh sour mixes and Bloody Mary’s to 100% citrus, RIPE has all your needs covered. Get the juice without the squeeze!


  • RIPE Lime Sour
    The fresh choice for any Lime Sour applications. Makes a killer margarita just combining with tequila. No need for triple sec when there's cold pressed OJ in the mix.

    Ingredients: Filtered water, Cold Pressed Lime Juice, Orange Juice, Organic Agave.

  • ALSO GREAT AS: Any fresh lime sour juice substitution. Make fresh Gimlets, Tom Collins and Classic Daiquiris that are balanced, consistent and absolutely delicious. 
  • RIPE Lemon Sour
    A cold-pressed version of the bar staple. Make your cocktails pop with the fresh juice brightness that can only be found with RIPE.

    INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed eureka lemon juice, 100% organic agave nectar....

  • ALSO KILLER AS: Any fresh lemon juice substitution. Make fresh Tom Collins, smashes, and coolers that are balanced, consistent and absolutely delicious.
  • RIPE Classic Cranberry
    Fresh and cold-pressed by us in small runs, crisp fresh Massachusetts cooperative grown Cranberries finished with just a touch of organic cane sugar simple syrup.
    INGREDIENTS: RO filtered water, cold-pressed cranberries, 100% organic cane sugar....

  • It's not easy to make and distribute stuff this fresh tasting and cold, but when it comes to fresh cocktails, accept no substitute!
  • RIPE Bloody Mary
    INGREDIENTS: San Marzano tomato passata, cold-pressed celery juice, cold-pressed lemon juice, aged balsamic vinegar, white vinegar, pure grated horseradish, RO filtered water, celery seed, ground peppercorns, grey celtic sea salt, cayenne pepper....

  • Everyone says they make the best Bloody Mary.  In our case, we're right.  Our quest led for the best Bloody Mary mix led us to the San Marzano Region in central Italy, where local growers have been cultivating an insanely good tasting tomato for centuries. The tomatoes are milled and strained to remove all seeds and skins, leaving a smooth and savory tomato puree. We then add fresh, cold pressed celery juice, fresh squeezed California lemon juice, a blend of spices, aged balsamic and white vinegar, and fresh horseradish for a deep, zesty flavor. Our San Marzano Bloody Mary Bar Juice isn't just a mixer, it's an experience. 

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