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  • Facing the challenge of offering solutions that the final consumer is willing to pay, that will extend the shelf life, preserving the quality of the food and in addition, has a real positive impact on the environment, WOW Group now presents a consistent image to his new mission and vision, all around contributing to the true environmental solution: the circular economy.

    “Is in the structuring of a circular economy where you can really have a substantive impact in the care of the environment”, shared with Food Pack, Roberto Wright, CEO of WOW Group. “We are sure that it is a collaborative work between government, society and companies. The civic culture of throwing garbage in its place, the commitment of the government to have garbage dumps, for example, in all public beaches, and the industrial contribution in products and processes that manage to eliminate the concept of garbage and reinsert materials into the production chain". 
    "We always seek to be at the forefront of all sustainable alternatives that can be projected and scaled to generate real and lasting benefits for both the environment and the final consumer."

    WOW Group is in the midst of an interesting restructuring, which not only presents a new corporate image, reflecting its firm commitment to this respect for the environment, but also a thorough transformation. "We don't want to do anything halfway," said Roberto Wright. "We are one of the few companies in Mexico that is serious about the challenge of offering sustainable solutions that have a scientific backend and are not based on half-truths." 
    “The axis of our products is the 100% recycled PET suitable for food contact, and our contribution to the market is the multilayer PET / EVOH / polyethylene sheet that is used for modified atmosphere packaging and high barrier products that make the food have a longer shelf life and the packaging used can really be part of the circular economy. We use that same PET to manufacture our thermoforming line ”.

    In regards to the panorama of the plastics industry, the manager considered that it is a fair claim from the society to which WOW Group has responded with a new mission and vision around sustainability. "We made the decision to stop considering ourselves a plastic company or a manufacturing company, to focus on generating sustainable solutions for food consumption and packaging, that is our new mission."

    “Our customers are companies that already have thermoforming processes and maybe today they are thermoforming virgin material or do not know that they are producing with inputs that may already have recycled material, because the current supplier does not tell them. What WOW Group does very well, and in the industry there is no one to beat us, is the transparency that can be obtained with our 100% recycled product. Most of the suppliers add post-industrial products or virgin material to achieve transparency like ours ”. 

    WOW Group is a Mexican business group with more than thirty-five years of experience in the market of the conversion industry that, explains its CEO, “takes very seriously the need to foster a culture of recycling that is integrated into a circular economy that we have been doing for many years. In all the products we manufacture there is a very strong transformation to offer alternatives to consumers who care about environment. The challenge is to have where to dispose of that packaging once used, it is in that second round where it becomes more complicated. ” 

    “A critical route should be marked from here to 10 years in which we all commit to seek real solutions. When at WOW Group we analyze what we were going to do as a company, we decided to offer real solutions with real impact: if we are going to offer products, they will have a real value explainable to the consumer and the real possibility of taking advantage of products that have already been discarded once. The reality is that the company has been recycling for more than eight years: we have gone ahead and since 2010 we founded our recycler of plastic products, so, all our packaging, our production axis is based on recycled materials ”.

    A true circular economy? "That's right," agrees our interviewee. “If the plastic is being used today, what we are going to do is give it more re-uses. As for carbon footprint, there is no cheaper way than giving it a second round of use. While other alternatives are determined, we will work on recycling infrastructure, waste collection, industrial composts, collection centers for different types of materials that all collectors can get to throw their products, in order to reintegrate into the economy ”.

    “All of our PET sheet is manufactured by an FDA-approved process to obtain a food grade sheet of 100% recycled product. Today, society has reached a level of maturity thanks to which we can tell that with the consumption of our products you are supporting that there are no plastics in the landfills, because what we offer is hygienic and safe ”.

    One of our contributions for the food industry is the compounds for high barrier packaging. PET / EVOH / polyethylene sheet, for prepared cheeses, sausages or sandwiches. "The companies in the food and beverage industry are very large and have quality departments that already understand that this type of product does not imply a health risk for consumers of their products," Wright said.

    “Already with the FDA certification, the challenge to work with is to collaborate with the quality departments of the companies to reaffirm that peace of mind that they can make the change from a virgin PET to a 100% recycled PET, and that they will not put at risk the innocuousness of its formula ”.
    New image, but the same commitment: walk hand by hand with our customers to offer the entire line of thermoforming, or the coils of recycled material for thermoformers that require them.

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