• HOUSTON, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Millar, Inc., pressure sensor integration and medical device manufacturer, is pleased to announce the company will be a sponsor at the Medical Sensors + Design Conference in San Jose, California on June 25th in the McEnery Convention Center. The Millar OEM Solutions division will also be represented at the Sensors Expo Conference... Learn More

  • RVmagnetics introduces the future of wireless measuring with their smallest passive sensor of physical quantities in the world. The sensor is thin and elastic like human hair, sends accurate real-time data, regarding a wide range of the physical quantities directly to a smartphone. Able to measure temperature, pressure, pull, stress, torsion,... Learn More

  • SemeaTech is pleased to introduce 4-series Lead-Free and Long-Life Oxygen (O2) sensor that is designed with many advantages over the traditional Lead O2 sensor,  It has no Lead, and it is in compliance with RoHS directive; The design lifespan is 5 years... Learn More

  • One third of the world’s food is wasted. Food valued at billions of dollars, every year. Some, because it goes bad before being consumed. Some, perfectly wholesome, is thrown away simply because it has passed its predicted shelf life. Isn’t it time that we had some reliable system for monitoring... Learn More

  • Refrigerant gases, a necessity for controlling thermal functions in refrigeration systems, typically fall under stringent regulations. Since the Montreal protocol in 1987, refrigerants like chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) were the first to be banned. Today, the HVAC/R industry is undergoing its latest change to address the contribution to climate change.  ... Learn More

  • Sensaggio Technologies is a company specializing in the field of pressure and biometric sensors, and complete technological solutions. Sensaggio, in cooperation with selected business partners is able to offer pressure sensors based on piezoresistive technology using ceramic materials. www.sensaggio.com The company is able to start from the design phase of... Learn More

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