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ScioSense: high performance environmental and flow sensors

The ScioSense portfolio of environmental and flow sensors is aimed at demanding users in the automotive, industrial, building automation, and consumer device markets which want compact, low-power board-mount products and superior sensor performance.

The high accuracy, precision and stability of ScioSense products is the result of four decades of experience in sensor development. The products also benefit from the deployment of innovative technologies such as the TrueVOC™ quad-hotplate gas sensor element in the ENS160 air quality sensor, and the phase-jump measurement technique in the AS6040 and AS6031 ultrasonic flow converters.

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  • The ENS220 is an ultra-low-power, high-accuracy barometric pressure and temperature sensor. It comes in the smallest size LGA package with digital I2C and SPI interfaces. This enables new use cases in activity tracking, indoor navigation/localization, fall- and liquid-level detection.

    The capacitive pressure sensor of the ENS220 is integrated on a CMOS ASIC. This single die solution not only allows small form factor packages with excellent immunity to changes in environmental conditions, but also achieves ultra-low current consumption due to the capacitive read-out.

 Press Releases

  • ScioSense introduced the ENS161, a low-power multi-gas sensor that enables wearable and portable devices with a small battery to perform continuous air quality monitoring.

    The ENS161 draws average operating current of 700µA in a new low-power mode that duty-cycles its heated metal-oxide (MOX) sensing elements. This reduces power consumption by as much as 30 times compared to sensors that require their sensing elements to be permanently heated.

    The ENS161 sets new standards in performance and versatility. It provides a broad range of computed outputs via a simple I2C or SPI interface, including useful air quality signals that are not available from competing devices. The ENS161 measures:

    • Equivalent carbon dioxide concentration (eCO2)
    • Equivalent total volatile organic compound concentration (eTVOC)
    • AQI-U, an air quality index on a 1-5 scale, equivalent to the index specified by the UBA (German Federal Environmental Agency)
    • A new AQI-S index of air quality on a 0-500 scale

    While maintaining high performance and application flexibility, ScioSense has dramatically reduced power consumption in the ENS161. Operating at 1.8V and a sampling rate of 1/minute in low-power mode, the ENS161 draws an average current of just 700µA.

    This means that air quality monitoring can be offered as a feature in wearable devices that have a small battery, such as activity trackers and sports wristbands, smart watches and smart glasses. It is also ideal for battery-powered smart home and building automation products including thermostats and heating and ventilation controls, as well as home automation hubs such as smart speakers.

    Rolf Pauly, Product Manager for Environmental Sensing at ScioSense, said: ‘Featuring adaptive baselining and a new low-power mode, the ENS161 for the first time enables low power mobile air quality monitoring, for instance in a sports wristband.’

    ‘Now manufacturers that want to benefit from ScioSense performance and reliability can implement air quality monitoring in a wide range of wearable and portable devices without compromising battery run-time between charges.’

    Compact package and easy integration

    The ENS161 is supplied in a surface-mount package which has a footprint of 3mm x 3mm and is 0.9mm high. It is highly immune to degradation caused by humidity or ozone. The device includes a high-performance ASIC that converts raw gas measurements to computed index scores and a variety of widely used air quality signals. This helps save power in the application, as the host processor is not required to execute complex conversion algorithms.

    Samples of the ENS161 are available now and the product is due to go into mass production in the third quarter of 2023.

  • ScioSense, a manufacturer of semiconductor-based environmental and flow sensors, introduced the ENS220, an ultra-low power barometric pressure and temperature sensor in a compact package which offers outstanding speed, resolution and accuracy.

    The sensor’s industry-standard LGA package footprint of 2.0mm x 2.0mm makes the ENS220 suitable for use in wearable and mobile devices such as smart watches and wristbands, GPS navigation systems and personal health monitoring devices.

    Altitude or height measurements derived from the ENS220’s relative pressure measurements are accurate to as little as ±2.5 Pa which gives a precision of ±21 cm for a height difference of 83 m. The typical noise level is 0.85 Pa rms at 4ms conversion time.

    The combination allows to detect height change as small as 7 cm, which can be used in indoor navigation and localization, activity tracking and fall detection applications.

    These applications are enabled by the ENS220’s high speed, low noise and high resolution, as well as its accuracy. Measurements are resolved to 1/64Pa. The output data rate is configurable by the user up to a maximum of 1kHz, enabling device manufacturers to optimize the balance between latency and power consumption. The ENS220’s high accuracy at high speed makes it particularly attractive for applications such as fall detection which require a high-speed series of accurate height measurements in small increments.

    This high performance is also compatible with battery power sources thanks to the ENS220’s extremely low power consumption. Operating current at the nominal 1.8V supply voltage is less than 80µA when sampling at 1kHz, just 0.8µA when sampling every minute, and 0.1µA in Idle mode.

    All-new all-CMOS architecture

    Setting a new standard in the market for small surface-mount pressure sensors, the ENS220 is the result of an important technical innovation. While competing pressure sensors are comprised of a MEMS sensor membrane co-packaged with a CMOS signal-processing ASIC, the ENS220 is different: both the sensor membranes and the ASIC are implemented in CMOS silicon in a single monolithic chip.

    This all-CMOS architecture eliminates the parasitics which are generated at the MEMS/CMOS interface in other devices. The all-CMOS architecture also means that ScioSense can match the capacitance of the membranes to the capacitance of the signal-processing circuitry, to minimize noise in circuit elements including the device’s 24-bit ADC. This results in:

    • A lower noise floor
    • Higher sensitivity
    • Smaller size
    • Lower cost of fabrication

    The ENS220’s built-in temperature sensor – accurate to ±0.2K at 8mK resolution – ensures reliable compensation of pressure outputs across the measurement range of 300hPa to 1,200hPa and -40°C to 85°C.

    Dirk Enderlein, CEO at ScioSense, said: ‘The ENS220 is the first substantial breakthrough in the pressure sensor market for many years. By implementing the entire sensor in CMOS, ScioSense has dramatically lowered the noise floor, increased sensitivity and shortened conversion time compared to conventional MEMS pressure sensors. This makes the ENS220 the world’s best pressure sensor for applications which require accurate and precise height or altitude measurements at a high sampling rate.’

    The ENS220 provides pressure and temperature measurements via digital I2C or SPI interfaces. The device’s LGA package dimensions are 2.0mm x 2.0mm x 0.75mm.

    Samples of the ENS220 will be available worldwide from Q1 2023 from authorized distributors. 

  • ScioSense introduced the new family of digital humidity and temperature sensors that move the bar in temperature and humidity sensing.

    With industry leading accuracies down to 0.1°C temperature and 0.8% relative humidity, their rapid response and reliable, long-term performance the ENS21x family addresses the fields of home appliances, building and automotive HVAC, cold chain management, personal health and wellness monitoring, industrial automation and instrumentation, featuring

    • High accuracies
      • Temperature - down to ±0.1°C
      • Humidity - down to ±0.8% RH
    • Fast responseTT <1s, TRH <3s
    • Ultra-low power - 40nA stand-by current

    ENS21x sensor family quick-reference table








    Automotive qualified



    -40 – 125°C

    0 – 100%


    Consumer and appliances




    Premium consumer and appliances




    Premium accuracies at high humidity




    Peak performance for instrumentation



    * Typical values

    Custom design

    ScioSense’s in-house support can help integrate and customize to your requirements for accelerated time to market and competitive edge.

    Product samples are available on request from ScioSense and authorized distributors.

  • The new APC1 is the smallest all-in-one combo sensor that accurately tracks up to 20 air quality parameters, APC1 also detects particulate matter (PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10) as small as 0.3 microns.

    It precisely measures particulate matter and aerosols, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity. It leverages the most advanced sensor technology to provide an accurate, fully calibrated, maintenance-free solution to air quality monitoring. All that power in a compact, matchbox-shaped size.

    This state-of-the-art sensor simplifies the design of environmental sensing applications without compromising on quality. Its key features are:

    • Size - 50 x 38x 21mm (smallest form factor)
    • Simple - features temperature compensation algorithms to simplify integration at the system level
    • Serial interface - up to 20 environmental signal parameters through UART and I2C interfaces
    • Standards - complies with rigorous international standards (PMx, eCO2, TVOC, AQI according to UBA)
    • Superior – high accuracy over wide temperature and humidity ranges

    This new sensor module helps automate professional demand-controlled ventilation as well as high-volume consumer devices like air cleaners/purifiers, IoT smart meters and thermostats.

    Custom design

    ScioSense’s in-house and research-partnership capabilities mean they can customise or create solutions to meet specific requirements at relatively little extra cost or time, thereby accelerating time to market, minimal overall BOM costs and help set their customer apart from the competition.


  • ENS220 barometric pressure and temperature sensor
    Premium accuracy barometric pressure and temperature sensor for activity tracking and indoor navigation/localization....

  • The ENS220 is an ultra-low-power, high-accuracy barometric pressure and temperature sensor. It comes in the smallest size LGA package with digital I2C and SPI interfaces. This enables new use cases in activity tracking, indoor navigation/localization, fall- and liquid-level detection.

    The capacitive pressure sensor of the ENS220 is integrated on a CMOS ASIC. This single die solution not only allows small form factor packages with excellent immunity to changes in environmental conditions, but also achieves ultra-low current consumption due to the capacitive read-out.


    • Absolute / Relative accuracy: ±0.5 hPa / ±0.025 hPa (±2.5 Pa is equivalent to a height of ±20 cm in air)
    • Lowest power: average supply current of 0.1 μA at idle, 0.8 μA when sampling at 1/60 Hz
    • Ultra-low noise of 0.1 Pa rms (≈ 1 cm in air) at 2 Hz sample rate
    • User-configurable sample rate up to 1 kHz (0.9 Pa rms)
    • Temperature accuracy of 0.2 K with 8 mK resolution
    • Fully digital interface with best-of-breed form factor


    • Reliable cm resolution positioning and differential pressure measurements
    • Perfectly integrates into space-constraint designs, e.g. mobiles, wearables, hearables
    • Long battery life even at high sampling rates
    • Minimal peripheral BOM requirements


    • Mobile/Wearables: activity tracking, indoor localization/navigation, fall detection
    • Gaming, AR/VR, Drones: height tracking
    • Appliances/HVAC: filter clogging detection
    • White goods: liquid level detectionMedical: blood pressure measurement
    • Accurate temperature meter for gasses and surfaces
  • ENS161 Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor
    Digital Metal-Oxide Multi-Gas Sensor with permanent and low power mode of operation.....

  • The ENS161 is a multi-gas sensor, based on metal oxide (MOX) technology with four sensor elements supporting isothermal and low-power operating modes plus an unrivaled wealth of fully processed output signals.

    The independent hotplate control allows the detection of a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) including ethanol, toluene, hydrogen and oxidizing gases with superior sensitivity. The ENS161 supports intelligent algorithms to process raw sensor measurements
    on-chip. These algorithms calculate TVOC- and CO2-equivalents, various air quality indices (AQIs) and perform humidity and temperature compensation, as well as baseline management, all on chip.

    Raw sensor measurements can be read for further customization. The LGA-packaged device includes SPI and I²C slave interfaces to communicate with a main host processor.

    The ENS161 is a proven and maintenance-free technology, designed for high volume and reliability.


    • TrueVOC® air quality detection in compliance with worldwide IAQ standards.
    • Low power operating mode reducing power consumption down to 700μA.
    • Hassle-free on-chip heater drive control and data processing
      • no need for external libraries
      • no impact on MCU performance

    Operating ranges:

    • temperature: -40 to +85° C
    • humidity: 5 to 95%6
    • VDD: 1.71 to 1.98V
    • VDDIO 1.71 to 3.6V


    • IoT devices
    • Wearables / Mobiles
    • Energy-critical applications in
      • Building Automation / HVAC
        • Indoor air quality
        • Demand-controlled ventilation
      • Home appliances
        • Cooker hoods
        • Air cleaners / -purifiers

  • AS6031 Ultrasonic Flow Converter (water)
    AS6031 is an ultrasonic flow converter for the next generation of ultrasonic water and heat meters....

  • AS6031 is an ultrasonic flow converter for the next generation of ultrasonic water and heat meters. It is highly integrated and is based on the TDC-GP30 platform. It uses the same high-performant front-end for driving the transducers and processing the receive signal to extract the time of flight information. An additional programmable amplifier allows handling weaker receive amplitudes. Additional features for phase-modulated hit identification give even more robustness to the first hit level detection. The integrated low-power CPU can use 4k of NVRAM and 4k of ROM code to do the flow calculation on chip.

    AS6031 simplifies the design of ultrasonic water and heat meters, combining the precise measurement and the complex flow calculation. It provides outstanding low-flow detection capability due to excellent zero-flow drift. Users can apply any of-the-shelf μP for handling all other tasks like display management or wireless communication and a complete meter device. The integrated standard pulse interface enables one-to-one replacement of mechanical meters by AS6031 based single-chip heat and water meters – customer μP and software remains unchanged.

    The ultra-low-current capabilities allow the use of standard AA batteries at 6-8 Hz measuring frequency even in the water meter version. The chip comes in a compact QFN48 package and allows compact designs thanks to a small number of external components.


    • Water meters for utilities
    • Industrial water meters
    • Heat meters
    • Gas meters
    • Volume counters

  • AS6040 Ultrasonic Flow Converter (gas)
    AS6040 is an ultrasonic flow converter (UFC) solution dedicated to gas meters, but suitable for water meters, too....

  • The system is made of four major blocks: supervisor, frontend, post processing and interface. The supervisor manages all tasks and is the master of the whole system, making the AS6040 autonomous. The front-end integrates a high-voltage driver, an integrated PGA and an offset-stabilized comparator in the receive path, a precision TDC for the time-of-flight measurement, amplitude measurement as well as an RDC unit for temperature measurement. In flow meter mode, the 32-bit CPU in combination with 4k of ROM code and 4k of NVRAM does the post processing for flow calculation. In time conversion mode the CPU is not active and the chip sends the raw time-of-flight data. It communicates to an external microcontroller via SPI interface. By means of the integrated pulse interface the AS6040 can run also in stand-alone mode.

    The analog front-end is supported by an integrated charge pump to provide a programmable fire voltage in the range from 6 V o 17 V with a frequency from 50 kHz up to 1 MHz. The integrated PGA gain factor can be adjusted from 2 to 250. The first hit level detection starts with a programmable offset up to 220mV. After this is set down to 0 mV, the AS6040 can measure up to 31 zero crossings within a single receive burst. The front end achieves in single shot less than 300 ps rms noise single shot with good 500kHz transducers. The first-hit pulse width information and the amplitude can be used to regulate the first hit level, but also to get information about situations with bubbles or empty tubes. It comes in a compact QFN48 package and allows compact designs thanks to a small number of external components.


    • Residential gas meters
    • Industrial gas meters
    • Clamp-on water meters
    • Volume counters

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