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A pioneer of selective laser melting technology, SLM Solutions is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing systems that optimize fast and cost-efficient part production. With multi-laser options, bi-directional recoating, an open system architecture for materials and parameters and the safest operation with closed-loop powder handling, Selective Laser Melting systems achieve build speeds up to 70% faster for complex and completely dense metal parts.

These powerful and innovative machines, available in three sizes (125280, 500, 800) with single, dual and quad laser capabilities, support an optimal approach for faster, more flexible metal part production and prototype development across the aerospace, automotive, academia, energy and medical industries. Headquartered in Lübeck, Germany, SLM Solutions Group is a publicly traded company (TecDax) with its North American offices located in Metro-Detroit.

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 Press Releases

  • SLM Solutions recently announced that it is working with Honeywell, a leading user of additive manufacturing technologies with extensive knowledge across various platforms and applications, to help qualify new additive manufacturing parameters that enable printing at increased thicknesses. The partnership will help both companies reduce printing times and costs.

    As part of the partnership, Honeywell’s Aerospace business will begin qualification efforts for aluminum builds using increased layer thicknesses of 60 and 90 micron on the SLM®500. SLM Solutions will provide their standard aluminum parameter sets for Honeywell to complete material qualification utilizing the quad-laser systems to achieve optimal material properties.

    “SLM Solutions’ latest technology will help Honeywell improve productivity while also meeting our material requirements for qualification,” said Dr. Sören Wiener, senior director of technology and advanced operations for Honeywell’s Aerospace business. “We intend to qualify these parameter sets through repeatability testing in our production environment, including build and post-processing to generate an efficient process with a set of material property data.”

    Meddah Hadjar, CEO of SLM Solutions Group AG, is confident in the success of the cooperation: “As the productivity leaders in powder bed fusion, SLM Solutions has been continuously working to reduce build times by combining high-powered lasers with advanced parameter sets. Our open architecture machines allow for customization, and we’ve shown over 60% reduction in build time with 170% real build rate increases compared to standard 30 micron parameters on our twin-laser machines. We’re excited to work together with Honeywell Aerospace to further advance the industry through the qualification of even more advanced parameter sets for quad-laser systems used in qualified serial production.”

    About SLM Solutions
    SLM Solutions’ robust Selective Laser Melting metal additive manufacturing systems optimize fast, reliable and cost-efficient production for complex, completely dense metal parts. The company focuses on long-term success, providing support and knowledge-sharing to elevate customer production. A publicly traded company, SLM Solutions Group AG is headquartered in Germany with offices worldwide.


  • SLM®500
    The SLM®500 is built to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. As the first quad-laser metal AM system on the market, the SLM®500 serves as the flagship metal 3D printer for high volume metal additive manufacturing....

  • The SLM®500 is built to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. As the first quad-laser metal AM system on the market, the SLM®500 serves as the flagship metal 3D printer for high volume metal additive manufacturing. Featuring a 500 x 280 x 365 mm (19.7 x 11 x 14 in) build chamber , the SLM 500 offers a system tailored to best meet your specific industrial metal 3D printing requirements including a build chamber handling device and powder removal station (PRS).

    Open System
    The integrated SLM Build Processor and open software architecture offer the freedom of controlling system parameters to optimize and meet strict production needs.

    Quad laser optics can increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configurations. The SLM®500 is configurable with two or four overlapping lasers with power ratings from 800 to a full 2800 Watts. Available configurations include:

    • 4x 400W
    • 4x 700W

    Gas Flow
    Gas flow is essential to removing soot from the process chamber, especially for long-duration builds and 
    the optimized gas flow on all systems produces complex components with the highest density and top surface quality.

    PSV Powder Handling
    The SLM 500’s patented closed-loop transport of metal powder increases operator safety and eliminates time-consuming manual fills and powder handling. To further reduce ancillary times, the automatic powder sieving procedure does not interfere with the parallel-running build process.

    PRS Part Removal Station
    The finished build cylinder is transported out of the system where cooling and removal of excess powder takes place inside the Part Removal Station (PRS). This useful component of the machine is optimally suited for batch production, and serves for removing the excess powder from the build cylinder and the manufactured parts. Based on the unloading position, the construction cylinder is removed with the handling device, transferred to the PRS where 
    the created metal parts can be ergonomically released from excess powder without any skin contact thanks to the integrated gas-tight gloves. The PRS allows the next build process to immediately begin so your machine is continuously producing. 

    Quality Assurance
    Comprehensive process monitoring modules are available to ensure transparency and traceability.

    For more information, including technical specifications, visit the SLM®500 page on our website. 

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