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Advanced Production Technology

SPEED TIGER introduced the latest technology and facilities, and have more than 70 sets of grinding machine from Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan. We have been increasing our productivity to do mass production and produce customized tools in a short time, and match up with the updating requests.

Professional Coating Technology

Speed Tiger introduced coating technology and equipment from Switzerland in 2004 and became the first manufacturer combining cutting tools with coating techniques. We are also good at developing many kinds of coating based on customers’ processed requests and eventually become an eco-friendly cutting tools company.

Strict Quality Control System

Ahead of others, Speed Tiger developed auto-inspect machines with our collaboration factory. From raw materials to finished products, we insist on a high standard of the inspection system, to make sure every product share equivalent and stable quality.

Highest Precision Indication ± 2 μm

Speed Tiger cutting tool's tolerance indication entered the nanometer level precision; the world highest precision size ±2μm in faith value enables the user to grasp the cutting tool's news thoroughly, understood how to request the cutting tool quality.

Taiwan No.1- Identity Number

Speed Tiger built the End Mills Traceability System in order to ensure the accountability of each process participants, from incoming raw material to finished products, of any production procedure. Once there is any doubt about our cutting tools, we will track its “identity number”, and then clarify the problem and recall the products promptly, to lower the damage and loss caused by the issue.


  • 600 Nano Series - General Application Cutter
    -For carbon steels (~HB225), alloy steels (HB225~325), pre-hardened steels (up to HRC45), hardened Steels (HRC40~45), cast iron
    -Improved wear resistance by Speed Tiger ALTIBN coating.
    -Help you enter and expand the market quickly....

    • GENERAL APPLICATION CUTTER - Speed Tiger 600 Nano carbide tools excel at working carbon steels (~HB225), alloy steels (HB225~325), pre-hardened steels (up to HRC45), hardened Steels (HRC40~45), cast iron
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR HARD MATERIALS - Cutter is made of Micro Grain Carbide that is very tough, resists wear and offers high cutting performance
    • AlTiBN COATING - Titanium aluminium boron nitride (AlTiBN) coating lubricates the end mill for stability at high temperature and superior wear resistance at high cutting speeds, offering better heat resistance than TiAlN, TiN or TiCN coatings
    • HIGH-QUALITY - Flutes ground by a world-class ISO-9001 Factory; Great performance at a competitive price.
  • 400 Plus Series - High Performance Cutter
    Unequal Flute Spacing & Helix Design
    Excellent vibration absorption provides stability.
    Less chatter and high efficiency finishing.
    Reduce metal burr when machining....

    • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Unequal flute spacing and irregular helix flutes ensures stable machining of difficult-to-cut materials and higher efficiency
    • STRONG EDGES - Prevents chipping at corners; Flutes ground in a world-class ISO-9001 Factory
    • MATCHED COATING AND CARBIDE MATERIAL - Highly optimized carbide and coating pairing means superior wear and chipping resistance in your cutting applications
    • ANTI-VIBRATION, LESS CHATTER, REDUCED BURRING - Vibration absorption provides stability, high efficiency finishing and improved chip disposal
  • IAUE Series - High Feed Aluminum Application

    • HIGH PERFORMANCE - Cut faster thanks to superior Material Removal Rate (MRR) especially when slotting
    • IDEAL FOR ALUMINUM APPLICATIONS - High feed U-type design makes these cutters ideal for working with aluminum and copper alloy
    • STRONG TOOTH WITH DOUBLE RELIEF ANGLES - Attain excellent production rates thanks to improved tooth hardness
    • TOOTH DESIGN OPTIMIZED FOR ALLOYS - Surface finishes are greatly improved no matter if you are roughing or finishing due to effective chip removal; Flutes ground by a world-class ISO-9001 factory
  • IAE5 Series - For General Aluminum Application
    -EXTRA DURABLE - Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) coatings
    -MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - For roughing and finishing...

    • EXTRA DURABLE - Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) coatings improve wear and effectively reduce built-up edges when machining
    • SUPERIOR CUTTING CHARACTERISTICS - Maintain excellent surface finish cut after cut
    • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - For roughing and finishing
    • MADE IN TAIWAN - Superior quality control means great cutting performance every time
    • QUALITY CONTROL - Flutes ground in a world-class ISO-9001 factory on equipment from industry leading manufacturer
  • IPVR1T Series - For Exotic Materials
    -Titanium Nickel / Inconel Alloy
    -Unequal Flute Spacing & Helix Design
    -Excellent vibration absorption provides stability.
    -Less chatter and high efficiency finishing.
    -Reduce metal burr when machining...

    • HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR HARD MATERIALS - Micro Grain Carbide that is very tough, resists wear and is good for cutting
    • UNEQUAL FLUTE SPACING AND HELIX DESIGN - Anti-Vibration, Improves Chip Disposal, Prevents Burr, Excellent Surface
    • HIGH-QUALITY - Flutes ground by a world-class ISO-9001 Factory

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