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United States
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BIG KAISER is a Different Kind of Tooling Partner

As a member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group (Osaka, Japan), our products are of the utmost quality—manufactured with materials and craftsmanship that enable superior performance. BIG KAISER has grown into a well-recognized global manufacturer, with corporate headquarters in the United States, Switzerland and Germany.

We have exceptionally high standards for the products we represent. Not every shop requires extreme accuracy or total efficiency. But for those that do, there is no better partner than BIG KAISER. If your challenge is to manufacture with greater responsibility and accuracy, and to find products and processes to improve the efficiency of your applications, talk to us. It's what drives our business.

BIG KAISER delivers the most accurate and efficient tooling solutions – guaranteed.

Brands: BIG Daishowa, BIG KAISER, Speroni, Diaset, Unilock, Sphinx, Tool Pro, mptec & Tekusa

 Press Releases

  • BIG KAISER has developed a smartphone and tablet app to enhance the user-experience when assembling and running boring tools while providing extremely precise cutting data. This app will also help operators fine-tune the optimal cutting parameters for their tool assemblies. They can save their tool adjustment history in the app for future reference; this is an essential piece of the puzzle for shops joining the smart manufacturing movement.

    Fifty BIG KAISER boring heads, covering diameters from .016” up to 24.41”, are currently supported by this app. Cutting data for roughing and finishing tools is available in both inch and metric units.

    Using the app is child's play: Choose your tool, enter your application values, calculate your cutting data, input it into your control, make a measuring bore, adjust the tool, and bore away.

    The app is available now for free download from the App Store and Google Play by searching “BIG KAISER Boring App”.

  • (Apr 18, 2017)

    A heavyweight, strengthened damping mechanism integrated into the tool holder functions as both a dynamic counter and friction damper. It instantaneously absorbs vibration and eliminates chatter helping to achieve higher machining accuracy, better surface finishes and increased metal removal rates for higher productivity at critical machining depths. It’s also designed with the capability of supplying coolant through the body directly to the cutting edge.

    The Smart Damper boring bar features three modular insert holders, optimized for right-hand I.D. turning with ISO standard inserts at a minimum diameter of Ø1.58”. Metric bodies are available in Ø32 & 40mm, with inch versions at Ø1.250 & 1.500”. The general rule of thumb with this system is boring depths are possible at approximately 7xd.

    “Normally, when vibration occurs, cutting speeds need to be reduced. These cutting speeds affect efficiency, surface finish and tool life. The Smart Damper series has been so impactful for our customers, we made bringing this boring bar to market one of our top priorities as we expand our turning line," says Jack Burley, BIG KAISER vice president of sales and engineering. 

  • (Apr 18, 2017)

    The newest, slimmer member of the Hi-Power Milling Chuck (HMC) family features a clamping bore with fine slots surrounded by hundreds of needle bearings, which ensures concentric, precise and smooth clamping when the nut is tightened. The HMCJ applies the highest gripping force to the cutting tool shank of any comparable milling chuck in its class, and five to six times greater compared to collet chucks.

    The slim yet rigid design of this new chuck brings the nut diameter down to an impressive 1.260” (32mm), the smallest in its class. This was achieved while maintaining an uncompromising and substantial cross section of .394” (10mm) to prevent chatter and deliver cutting security. The max jet-through coolant pressure is 70 bar.

    Despite being designed for heavy cutting, the HMCJ milling chuck is able to maintain a runout accuracy of ten microns at 4xD, giving it additional flexibility for use on finishing applications. For additional rigidity and accuracy, dual contact interface are standard. A Ø32mm straight shank design is also available.

    It is also possible to use smaller diameter milling tools through the use of PJC Reduction Collets for Ø3/8” & Ø1/4” and Ø10, Ø8 & Ø6mm.


  • EWE digital boring heads - BIG KAISER
    BIG KAISER introduces the new EWE digital boring heads with wireless connectivity to the BIG KAISER app. Operators will be able to make diameter corrections to boring tools at the spindle. Correction process becomes faster, more reliable & traceable....

  • BIG KAISER will be introducing the new EWE digital boring heads with wireless connectivity to the BIG KAISER app. With this connectivity, operators will be able to effortlessly make diameter corrections to boring tools while at the machine spindle. Once application info has been input and saved in the App, the finish boring correction process becomes faster, more reliable, and traceable.