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MitoGraphics Inc. offers variable data printing, cost effective industrial graphic products Nameplates, ID tags, Overlays, Labels & decals to clients.

MitoGraphics Inc. specializes in producing high quality self adhesive labels for industrial applications featuring variable data, bar codes and specialty adhesives and laminates.  Our team can support client requirements for any project from prototypes through to high volume production orders. We continually strive to develop our team, technology, knowledge base, and network of partners to support our ultimate goal of providing clients with the highest possible level of service, quality, materials and products to our valued clients. Our clients can rely on Mito to recommend the most suitable materials for superior performance in even the most challenging applications.


  • Keypads
    MitoGraphics Inc. offers high quality keypads which includes Custom Membrane Switches, Piezo, Silicon, Capacitive Switches and many more....

  • MitoGraphics Inc. provides a wide range of high quality keypads to meet the requirements of each specific project.

    • Membrane Keypads: A membrane switch consists of polycarbonate / polyester overlay adhered to a printed circuit using a variety of mechanical or magnetic tactile connectors as keys. ​
    • Piezo Keypads: If your application calls for performance in extreme conditions or reliable performance over millions of cycles, a Piezo Touch Switch may be the answer.
    • Silicone (Rubber) Keypads: Silicone Keypads can provide a much different tactile experience and an enhanced perception of quality.
    • Capacitance Switches: Capacitance Switches represent the future of the human-electronic interface in many applications.