ForceN Inc.

209 Victoria St, Unit 738
Toronto,  ON  M5B 1T8

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Forcen Inc. provides sensitiveprecise & real-time force-sensing in: 

  • Manufacturing 
  • Surgical robotics 
  • Industrial robotics
  • Aerospace/defense 

Do you have any of the following needs

  1. Prevent downtime(save$)
  2. Predictive maintenance: tools / die-sets / machines / joints / equipment
  3. Highly accurate forces in harsh environments
  4. Noise &/or Drift concerns
  5. Weight constraints (on sensors)

Our patented paper-thin 'force-sensing film technology' (ForceFilmTM) can be laminated onto any stiff structure (with uniform or complex geometry) to indirectly sense the forces applied. This is done by measuring the deformation of the structure itself. 

We measure strains in the underlying structure with a force resolution of, as little as, 10mN. We are noise-immune & can transmit the multi-dimensional force readings at 153 kHz.

Applications in:

-Automation / Tooling:

  • Tool wear/breakage,
  • CNC / Milling Machines / Machine tools
  • Silk screening 
  • Conveyor belt systems
  • HMIs

-Surgical & robotics: 

  • Surgical instrument sensing
  • Surgeon collaboration
  • HMIs


  • Complex gripping
  • HMIs

-Aerospace / Defense:

  • Aerospace diagnostics
  • Smart rifle systems
  • HMIs

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