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Where Quality Meet Production Needs

INT Machinery supplies and services machinery for cutting and CNC milling non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and plastics in solid or extruded form. The company represents the leading European machinery manufacturers in Canada.

The team has an extensive experience to support customers from the sales to the technical service and part supply. INT Machinery employs factory trained service engineers to guarantee the best service experience.

Company commitment is to serve customers at the best, thus maintains a local inventory for the most common machinery and parts.

Brands: Mecal (CNC working centres) Pressta-Eisele (circular saws, automatic cutting-punching systems) Imes-Icore (CNC vertical milling) Yilmaz (saws and automatic cutting systems) iVision (dust collectors)


  • Imes-Icore "PREMIUM 5030"
    3 to 5-axis HSC milling machine designed for high precision processing of small parts and milling graphite/copper. Featuring granite solid machine base, linear motor and incremental measurement to guarantee top positioning accuracy with high feed rates....

  • The Imes-Icore "PREMIUM 5030" is a 3 to 5-axis HSC milling machine, that is specially designed for the requirements of high precision processing of fine mechanical small parts, microprocessing and milling graphite/copper electrodes.

    In order to meet with this demand for accuracy, all essential points are integrated in the machine concept for reliable production.

    The solid machine base, consisting of a natural hard rock granite portal with de-coupled Y-axis, guarantees high stiffness and long-term stability.

    The individual granite elements are produced with an accuracy per DIN 876 / quality 00.

    The pioneering linear motor technology and the incremental measurement process guarantee maximum positioning accuracy with highly dynamic feed rates.

    Fastest control technologies (high-speed cutting) guarantee harmonic rail movements with maximum precision and simple user guidance on: Windows® for i-8000 controller.

  • Mecal "KOSMOS TM MMI"
    Vertical spindle 4 axis (X, Y, Z, A) CNC machining center designed to work on extruded aluminum and light steel materials.
    Equipped with a 6 kW, 18000 rpm electro-spindle with ISO 30 tool holder system and a 10 tools capacity magazine....

  • The Mecal "KOSMOS TM MMI" is a floor type vertical spindle 4 axis (X, Y, Z, A) CNC machining center designed to work on extruded aluminum, light alloy and light steel materials.

    The machine is equipped with a 6 kW, 18000 rpm electro-spindle with ISO 30 tool holder system and a 10 tools capacity magazine as standard.

    CNC unit of the machine performs milling operations through linear and circular interpolation (compound movements) on 3 axes (X-Y-Z). A is the clamping beam rotation axis that allows the work-piece to be rotated within 250° (±125°) around X-axis. This enables machining on any surface generated by rotation of the work-piece with standard tools. Spindle can work on 3 faces with standard tools and work on both ends with disc cutter (end-milling operations) or aggregates.

    The machine can be programmed using Mecal's 3D CAM software as well as Mecal G codes.

  • Pressta-Eisele "PROFILMA 502 E"
    Automatic circular saw designed to cut aluminum extrusions. Integrated 800mm stroke servo bar feeder. Both the vertical saw feed and the blade feed speed are adjustable from the Siemens interface. Single or bundled profiles can b e cut....

  • Pressta-Eisele "PROFILMA 502 E” is a fully automatic circular saw designed for cutting non-ferrous metal extrusions such as aluminum profiles.

    It has an integrated servo bar feeder with 800mm stroke that is capable to cut max. 9900mm (32.1’) with repetitive strokes automatically.

    Both the vertical saw feed (servo driven) and the blade feed speed are adjustable from the Siemens operator’s control interface.

    Machine can process single or bundled profiles.

    Work cycle: Material is aligned with cutting line and program is started. The material is clamped by the feeder and the clamp on the left side of the saw blade to make the trim cut. After trim cut, the material is fed, clamped and cut. Processed parts exit the machine through a metal slide and free fall in to a customer provided bin/table. An optional vibrating out-feed conveyor is available to separate the chips from workpieces.

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