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Machine Tool Solutions Ltd.  provides intelligent solutions in industrial work-holding and material-handling, automation systems, industrial air filtration systems for oil & mist collection.

MTS specializes in 5-Axis High Precision Extreme Flex clamping. Zero-point modular fixturing system with high positioning accuracy. CMM adaptive measurements clamping system. Workholding fixturing, clamping and accessories. Electropermanent magnetic chucks: milling, grinding, EDM, turning, Vacuum chucks. Vacuum lifters. Hand controlled, heavy duty and battery lifting magnets. Air Filtration systems. Repair & recertification services. Customized solutions for special applications.

Reduction of Set-up time, Modularity, Simplicity, improve productivity by using our 30 plus years expertise to help customers stay efficient, competitive through optimizing manufacturing processes and maximizing manufacturing capabilities.

Industries serving: Aerospace, Defence, Medical, Automotive, Commercial.

Brands: Lang Technik, HWR Spanntechnik, Pintec, SPD, Brisc, AR-Filtrazioni, OK-Vise


  • RoboTrex - Lang Automation
    RoboTrex 1- 4 Carts System • Vice storage on mobile trolleys • Upright positioning for space sensitive storage (168 pallets) • Industrial robot • Easy and simple operation, no programming • Only 1 M-Code needed for communication with MT • No rotary needed...

  • RoboTrex 1-2-3-4 Carts System complete with installation

    • Reliable Industrial robot
    • LANG gripper
    • Full PLC
    • Industrial Touch Panel
    • Easy & Clear operator interface
    • Start / Stop button
    • Trolley de-/selection
    • Robot speed adjustment
    • Open/close loading door
    • Auto mode, home/service position
    • External set-up
    • Quick access, even during auto-mode
    • Pneumatic docking station on floor for accurate and easy positioning
    • Detection by sensors
    • Space saving, upright positioning
    • Easy & quick access
    • Simple & comfortable positioning
    • Parts clamped directly or externally

    Robo•Trex 52 -up to 168 vices, part 12 kg

    Robo•Trex 96 - up to 64 vices, part 30 kg

    Advantages & Benefits:

    • Can be attached to almost all and even to older machine-tools
    • Quick installation & simple, user-friendly operation
    • No elaborate connections (air & signals) at MT needed
    • Small space requirements compared to pallet capacity
    • Manual operation of MT remains possible
    • Symbiosis of automation, workholding and zero-point clamping
  • AR FILTRAZIONI - Industrial Air cleaners
    Air cleaners for oil mist fumes and dust on machine tools.
    Italian Made, Air cleaners for high duty production up to 3 work shifts
    Modular robust reliable efficient
    Easy quick yearly maintenance
    Pollutants – oil mist – micro-mist – fumes – micro-dust...

  • AR FILTRAZIONI manufactures purifying units for recondensing and purifying oily mists, fumes and dust of every kind of atmospheric pollutant generated by the machining processes.

    – Recovery of around 80% of lubricating and coolant oil, recondensed and returned directly to the machine, or stored in containers for later use.
    – Energy savings of around 415.00 euro for every machine with an air flow of 1700 m3/H. Reduced service costs and time. On average, 1 time a year, for 10 minutes. ARNO SERIES spare parts: 20% self-cleaning filters 40% washable
    – The choice of a single unit with pollutant capture at the source, enables programmable investments in relation to the client’s budget.

    – Total conformity with the most rigorous environmental health and safety regulations: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EN ISO 12100/10 EN 60204-1, EN 1822 filtration efficiency up to 99.995% > 0.15µ and IEC 60034 IE2 motors (high efficiency) IE3 motors (premium efficiency)
    – Containment of emissions of CO2 equal to 9000 kg/year, for each system installed.

  • HWR - universal clamping tool
    HWR has reacted to this development and produced the first universal clamping tool for clamping round, rectangular and geometrically irregular parts....

  • Development and produced the first universal clamping tool for clamping round, rectangular and also geometrically irregular parts. With the patent application dated January 2013 for the concentric and compensating 4-jaw chuck InoFlex, HWR is launching a clamping tool to perform this task in a range of Ø 160-1200 mm. No other clamping tool on the market can do this!

    • For concentric and compensating clamping
    • For clamping round, cubic and geometrically irregular parts
    • Suitable for deformationsensitive workpieces
    • Can be used on turning and milling machines
    • Available as manual clamping
    • Ø 160-1200 mm

    In the range of 160-1200 mm Ø, InoFlex® combines the advantages and functions of the 2-, 3- and 4-jaw chuck and vice, and avoids disadvantages such as overdetermination through its patented compensation feature.

    InoTop®-hybrid-clamping-jaw was specially designed for deformation-sensitive workpieces in turning applications. Fitted on an standard 3-jaw chuck, deformation-sensitive workpieces are being centred from the outside and and clamped from the inside without any pressure. Thus InoTop avoids the unwanted forming of polygons.

    InoZet® you can turn your existing 3-jaw chuck into a highly flexible, compensating 6-jaw chuck in no time at all.

    Owing to the variable positioning of the clamping jaws on the pendulum segments you can cover the entire clamping range with one set of standard clamping jaws only for maximum flexibility.

    You do not need countless pendulum clamping jaws or any special constructions – which leads to enormous cost savings.

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