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Pilz Canada is one of the 42 subsidiaries of the German company Pilz GmbH & Co. KG.

As Ambassador of Safety for human, machines and the environment, Pilz offers safe and complete automation solutions worldwide back over 70 years. We develop and sells products, systems and services for safe automation including sensors, safety relays, control systems and drives. In addition, our portfolio also includes consulting and technical implementation in the field of machinery safety in order to provide you support throughout the machine lifecycle.

Our solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering, including the packaging and automotive sector as well as the wind energy, transport and press industries.


  • Safety laser scanner PSENscan
    - Two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees
    - Protected field range of up to 5.5 metres
    - Especially suitable for stationary and mobile area guarding as well as access monitoring...

  • Productive area monitoring – including in series!

    The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5.5 metres. Thanks to the free configuration of warning fields and protected fields, plus the ability to adapt to structural conditions, the safety laser scanners are ideal for integrating into the widest range of applications. The safety laser scanner PSENscan is especially suitable for stationary and mobile area guarding as well as access monitoring.

    When combined with configurable small controllers PNOZmulti or the controllers PSSuniversal, you have a complete, economical, one-stop solution.

    Everything within view – Benefits of the safety laser scanner PSENscan

    • Large opening angle of 275 degrees
    • Always the right operating range thanks to unit versions with protected field operating ranges of 3 and 5.5 metres
    • Easily integrated into the application due to compact housing and free configuration of the protected fields and warning fields
    • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 3 separate zones plus set-up of up to 70 switchable configurations
    • Series connection of up to 4 scanners in accordance with the Master-Slave principle
    • Integrated operator display for immediate information
    • Exchangeable memory to transfer the configuration
    • High availability as it is robust to dust
    • Simple assembly and alignment of scanner with the appropriate accessories

    Further information about the Safety laser scanner PSENscan: https://www.pilz.com/en-CA/eshop/00106002197131/PSENscan-Safety-Laser-Scanner

  • Safety gate system PSENmlock
    PSENmlock offers safe interlocking and safe guard locking up to the highest category PL e. Series connection and escape release versions round the portfolio off....

  • Safe guard locking and safe interlock in a single product!

    The safety gate system PSENmlock provides safe interlocking and safe guard locking for personnel and process protection up to the highest safety category PL e. The safe guard locking is enabled by the two-channel control of the guard locking. That makes the switch particularly suitable for machines with dangerous overrun in which guard locking up to PL d or PL e is necessary.

    With a holding force of 7500 N, the safety gate system PSENmlock prevents guards from opening inadvertently and offers maximum safety. Thanks to the optional escape release, PSENmlock can also be used for accessible doors to machines which have hard-to-see hazardous areas. The remote escape release offers the option of installing the safety gate switch at a place that the operator is unable to reach, meaning your employees are optimally protected in the event of danger.

    Combined with Pilz control technology, you receive a safe, complete solution for guard monitoring.

    Features of the safety gate system PSENmlock

    • Meets all requirements of EN/ISO 14119
    • Product types: basic version and series connection version
    • Coding types: coded, fully coded, uniquely fully coded
    • Safe holding force of 7500 N, integrated latching force of 30 N
    • LEDs on 3 sides of the housing
    • Protection type IP67
    • Connection: M12, 8-pin, pigtail
    • Operating temperature: 0 – 55°C
    • Auxiliary release on 3 sides
    • Escape release and remote escape release

    Further information about the safety gate system PSENmlock: https://www.pilz.com/en-CA/eshop/00106002227123/PSENmlock-safety-gate-system

  • Configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2
    Many functions, flexible to use – The future-proof solution!
    Use this configurable control systems to implement multiple safety functions on your plant or machinery, and let your system growing according to the requirements and size of your machine!...

  • The configurable small controllers bridge the gap between classic safety relays and large programmable control systems. Use the configurable small controllers PNOZmulti mainly to implement multiple safety functions.
    PNOZmulti 2 is the very latest generation. If you need to monitor more than four safety functions, PNOZmulti is the right solution for you.

    The base units are just 45 mm wide, have an illuminated display and are modular and expandable so that they can grow with the requirements and size of your machine. In this way, you only pay for what you actually use. You create the safety architecture just once, independently of the higher level plant control.

    Further information about the configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2: https://www.pilz.com/en-CA/products-solutions/small-controllers/configurable-control-systems

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