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Air & Hydraulic Supplies, Inc. located in Pickering, Ontario is a dynamic fluid power company that provides quality & diversified product lines for many manufacturing & automated processes within Canada.

With over 40 years’ experience, the Air & Hydraulic team takes pride in its reputation for quick, reliable technical services in pneumatic & hydraulic operating systems.  We provide solutions within various markets including those in Automotive, Packaging, Material Handling, Food/Beverage, and Life Sciences. 

Brands: KOGANEI International America, Inc.; C. Matic s.r.l.; Fabco-Air, Inc.; ATP - Advanced Technology Products, Inc.; Vacuforce LLC; Cowan Dynamics Inc.


  • KOGANEI Electric Actuators
    KOGANEI’s Electric Actuators stand out in its miniaturized physical size relative to bore size, user-friendly operation & innovation. These qualities are shown by KOGANEI’s IB MOVE Linear Stepping Motor, Electric Grippers, & Electric Rotary Actuators....

  • With the advancement of collaborative robots in today’s world, KOGANEI’s lineup of electric actuators are reliable in longer lifespans, unique automated control, simplified setup & process and much more.

    iB-Move Electric Linear Actuator (IBM Series)

    KOGANEI’s iB-Move Linear Stepping actuators have silent & clean, simple point-to-point operation with a moving magnet system in strokes 10, 20, 30, 32, 48mm sizes. iB-Move is user-friendly, cost-effective and can be simply set up from stroke, acceleration/deceleration, and thrust level settings. Due to their simple construction, iB-Move is maintenance free and has longer lifespans due to the absence of seals (that tend to cause friction and deteriorate the overall lifespan of the actuator).

    Applications for iB-Move:

    • High-speed positioning of lightweight workpieces
    • Frequent tooling change for pressing/extrusion
    • Carrying a workpiece in a quiet environment
    • Workpiece movement when a buffer mechanism is required
    • Process requiring high frequency and long life

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    Electric Gripper Flat Type Actuator (EW2H Series)

    KOGANEI’s Electric Flat Type actuator has a lightweight, compact design available in 3 sizes for gripping forces just over 6lbs that can be used in combination with collaborative robots for product handling. KOGANEI proudly offers both stepping motor drive and brushless DC motor models for your automated needs with Open/Close strokes from 10mm to 18mm.

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    Electric Rotary Actuator (EWHRT Series)

    KOGANEI’s Electric Rotary actuators are compact, lightweight and cost efficient in its high precision & high-resolution positioning. These electric actuators are user-friendly, allowing complete control of acceleration, deceleration and up to 64 swing points.

    Applications for Electric Rotary Actuators:

    • Indexing table for automatic assembly
    • Swing loading the workpiece on assembly line
    • Supplying workpieces
    • PCB Flipping Operation

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  • Fabco-Air F Series Air Cylinders
    Fabco-Air’s interchange F Series Air Cylinders with thin wall stainless steel bodies are offered in 12 bore sizes from 5/16" to 3", strokes to 32", & more options! Magnetic position sensing, adjustable cushions, complete corrosion resistance, & more!...

  • Fabco-Air “F” Series Interchangeable Air Cylinders

    FABCO-AIR offers stainless steel body “F” Series air cylinders in 11 bore sizes and standard strokes up to 32 inches. Smart meters and bargraphs with programmable set points and optional relays are available with F Series Position Feedback Cylinders for monitoring measurement and control applications. All in all, Fabco’s F Series proves to be the reliable, perfect solution for your tight design and high-performance needs.

    Features of the Fabco-Air F Series:

    • 304 Stainless Steel air cylinder tube drawn & polished for low friction & long life
    • 303 Stainless Steel, ground, polished and roller burnished cylinder rods are a standard feature
    • Full-throw ports and cross-slots at the end caps allow air passage to the entire piston and seal area for quick response and full force performance
    • Magnetic piston option available for cylinder position sensing
    • Pressure rated to 250PSIG pneumatic service

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  • Vacuforce Metal Detectable Vacuum Cups
    Vacuforce offers a complete range of FDA Compliant METAL DETECTABLE vacuum suction cups for use in the food and drug packaging industry. Metal detectors in packaging lines can detect the cups should they detach from vacuum pick and place apparatus....

  • Vacuforce Metal Detectable Vacuum Suctions Cups (SMI and STMI Series)

    These metal detectable vacuum cups can be used in the food and drug packaging industry so that they can be detected if they fall into the packaged products. The SMI and STMI Series vacuum cups are FDA Compliant and available in a variety of different colours.

    More features:

    • Single bellows, multiple bellows and flat cup designs
    • 5mm to 50mm Diameter
    • FDA Compliant Silicone Compound
    • Designed for Food & Drug pick and place industry

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