VKS - Visual Knowledge Share

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VKS is a web based application used to deliver step-by-step visual work instructions to the shop-floor through the use of images, video, and text steps.

With VKS managers and shop floor operators can easily capture best practices and and share them through digital work instructions to eliminate tribal knowledge and increase productivity.

The software also has the ability to create and share digital quality checklists, monitor productivity and connect with machines and tools for a full industry 4.0 solution. All information gathered is available in real time through KPIs and reports for detailed shop floor visibility. 


  • VKS DataConnect
    The DataConnect module allows your WI's to initiate tasks, perform queries, and capture data from external databases in real time....

  • DataConnect: The latest addition to the VKS IoT suite


    DataConnect allows manufacturers to access 3rd party database information from within VKS. Once linked to the system, it can be used to enhance guidebook functions and production reports.


    Today manufacturers have data pouring in from multiple sources on their production lines. DataConnect, the latest addition the VKS IoT suite, is here to help consolidate that data and put it to good use. 


    Using the technology of DataConnect, that is based on stored procedures*, VKS can be configured to search 3rd party databases** for the performance test results of specific items on the assembly line. Once DataConnect has been integrated into a guidebook, operators can import the test results into their production work. From there, those results can be used to determine the production flow.  Passed results can be programmed to let the operator move on. Failed results, on the other hand, can be programmed to alert a supervisor or to terminate work on that particular part. 


    In addition to ensuring that only items that have received a passing grade reach customers, this information is also recorded in the VKS production reports, making it easily accessible and exportable.   

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