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 Press Releases

  • MC Machinery is thrilled to have a cover story feature in the Spring 2019 issue of EDM Today magazine. In the four-page spread, the editor Roger Kern gives an overview on his visit to the 176,000 square foot headquarters in early April. The purpose of his visit was to learn more about MC Machinery as a company and the investments being made to sustain and advance as a leader in the industry. 

    For those that haven’t made it to the MC Machinery facility in Elk Grove Village, IL, the beginning of the article highlights all the accommodations available under one roof and paints a good picture as to what visitors can expect to see when walking through the front door.

    Kern then goes into more detail about MC Machinery’s customer support and how important it is for the company to let its customers know they can get in contact with the service department for assistance whenever needed. “Experience is the key to successful applications support, and the applications staff at MC Machinery includes a number of folks with thirty or more years of EDM experience,” Kern states. “They combine that invaluable experience with the latest technology to provide timely and proficient assistance to customers.”

    Towards the end of the article, Kern highlights MC Machinery’s remote360, “a robust production monitoring and support solution that employs sophisticated data analytics, designed to provide transparency to your machining processes.” This web-based application provides real-time data and analysis to increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

    To learn more about remote360, please click here. To read the full article titled “#1 in EDM Sales, Support and Innovation”, click here.

  • Cultural Changes are Difficult – can a shop really change?

    As times change, manufacturing shops need to change as well. To stay ahead of the competition, shops need to keep up with the latest technology and trends. But what happens when a shop needs to change its culture to keep up with technology changes?

    McKinsey survey of about 3,000 executives found that “only one in three organizational change efforts succeed”. Cultural change efforts often have even lower odds of success. So, what needs to happen for companies to be successful at implementing cultural change?

    A cultural change is only possible when the CEO/President is passionate and consistent about the change. The same ‘idea’ comes into play on the shop floor. The manufacturing leader needs to believe in the change and bring their team on-board, so the company can maintain a positive culture through the transition.

    Manufacturing has an interesting history in the US, from the innovations of the Industrial Revolution, including the introduction of the steam engine, to the creation of the assembly line and the implementation of lean/six sigma manufacturing.  These have been the backbones of American life and US manufacturing excellence.

    With the Fourth Industrial Revolution currently taking shape, manufacturers are faced with a huge influx of new technologies at their fingertips – so much technology that they may not know which direction to take. For example, automation and artificial intelligence; there is now machinery that is capable of achieving what was thought impossible just a few months ago. There are also other IoT technologies that can quickly capture and analyze a vast amount of data and provide previously unimaginable amounts of information to work from and make decisions with.

    So what do shops do, where do they start?

    • Leadership: That’s where it all starts. Leaders need to be able to develop a strategy and start to shift mindsets while creating business plans that create value.
    • Teams: Companies need to put teams in place that look into new and emerging technologies to decide where to best invest their dollars for the most efficient ROI.
    • Partners: Companies need to find partners that have teams of people with various expertise to help guide them and inform them of the most optimal processes of an application and how to best use new technologies to their benefit.

    Once a decision is made and a company purchases new technology – whether it’s a machine tool or a software platform – companies need to prepare and train front-line employees on the new technology and on why the decision was made to purchase it. This starts to shift the company culture.

    Another area company leaders need to look into is evolution vs. revolution. Companies sometimes lack the right skill sets/talent to be successful with emerging technologies. They need to evolve and hire people for jobs that did not exist even a few years ago and they need to train current employees to make sure the talent they have is evolving with the times.

    Technology is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Is your shop ready for the shift?

    MC Machinery has the team in place to help you understand the ever-changing technology shifts and what you need to do to stay ahead of the competition. Call us today and learn more about our technology solutions in both equipment and Industry 4.0 and see how we can increase your productivity and keep you up to date and ahead of your competition during this Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Don’t let a lack of readiness hold you back – call us today.


  • MV1200-S ADVANCE TYPE M800
    Take your small parts manufacturing business to new levels with Mitsubishi EDM and the new MV1200-S M800....

  • Take your small parts manufacturing business to new levels with Mitsubishi EDM and the new MV1200-S M800. The MV1200-S Advance M800 features improved machine construction, auto-threading, internal machine communication, power supply technology and operating cost reduction. The machine exemplifies Mitsubishi EDM’s continued dedication to high precision and innovative technology with the highly reliable non-contact Cylindrical Drive System on the X & Y axis drives. The MV1200-S Advance M800 uses the new Mitsubishi M800 series control with a 19-inch cell phone like touchscreen—providing easier user interface than previous models. With new features that will advance EDM machining, the MV1200-S is truly a revolution in wire EDM technology for small parts production type work.
  • EAGLE V5 (5-AXIS)
    The Eagle V5 is designed to be an ultra-rigid 5-axis vertical machining center with the capacity to handle a 550-pound workpiece on a 15.75-inch table surface....

  • The Eagle V5 is designed to be an ultra-rigid 5-axis vertical machining center with the capacity to handle a 550-pound workpiece on a 15.75-inch table surface. The Heidenhain iTNC-530 control unit is mounted on a moveable pedestal for optimal positioning convenience. The Eagle V5 is designed with side opening in the casting to allow robot loading from the right side with pallets up to 15.7” square.

    The Eagle V5 gantry-type 5-axis machining center is built and designed to be highly rigid and incredibly precise. To achieve high rigidity and fine finish, the Eagle V5 employs a U-shape polymer concreate base, with B-axis support and a high-quality rotary table C-axis. It is also equipped with 42,000 RPM integrated spindle, a heavy-duty, roller-type linear guideways, and large diameter ball screws and linear glass scales in both the X and Y-axis. The Eagle V5 is capable of performing high-precision cuts with the X-, Y-, Z-, B- and C-axes moving simultaneously. Inclined surface machining, spiral contour machining, irregular contour machining and other complex cutting tasks can be made simple with the Eagle V5.

    The Eagle V5’s B-axis uses a zero backlash gear drive while the C-rotary axis utilizes a direct drive motor, complimented with direct rotary encoders. This is superior to the conventional worm gear setup in drive transmission and power efficiencies.

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