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With an expertise developed for more than 10 years in several high tech sectors such as aerospace, medical devices, energy and more specifically motorsport, working notably with large numerous Formula 1 teams, POLY-SHAPE positions as the European Leader of Metal Additive Manufacturing. With a wide and diverse pool of machines and a metallurgy laboratory, the company masters all additive manufacturing technologies using metal powders or wires.
From design to delivery, including machining and finishing, POLY-SHAPE keeps control over the whole value chain, supported by an exclusive training team and a substantial research and development department.

In September 2017 Poly-Shape joined another big french actor of the 3D printing, AddUp, based in Clermont Ferrand. AddUp was formed on 2016 following the decision of two French leading industrial firms, Fives et Michelin, to create a major player in metal 3D printing. AddUp and Poly‐Shape share the same vision regarding the evolution of the world of 3D printing and the same passion for innovation.

Brands: Solving future industrial challenges is the core focus of our innovative company's strategy. Poly-Shape is your global additive industry solution

 Press Releases

  • Last year, Pipo-Moteurs, a famous French high performance engine specialist, was searching for a solution to tackle mechanical failures of the exhaust system in extreme Rally and Rallycross competitions. « With highly boosted, power-dense engines such as those used in Rallycross, there are huge loads on the exhaust system beyond regular engine operation such as launch control, anti-lag and large fluctuations in grip and therefore load throughout the lap – all of which put severe thermal and mechanical loads on the exhaust. In some cases, this extreme loading has caused in fatigue the exhaust systems to fail, which is often initiated by cracking at the joins between each element of the exhaust » explains Frederic Barozier, CEO of Pipo Moteurs.

    This is the reason why Pipo-Moteurs has designed and developed a brand new ball joint exhaust system, highly considering the different heat expansion between the 3 layers of the ball joint to keep it free and sealing when hot during the race. For the manufacturing point of view, Poly-Shape, another French company and also European leader in metal A3D printing, was challenged to find the right process to produce the parts with thin clearance between the layers, in only one print. Numerous design and manufacturing processes were done before having the right set up.

    And the result of this innovation is amazing. « Our partnership allows us to develop a ball joint exhaust system link which offers a +/-10° rotation on any axis to give freedom of motion for any given exhaust system installation. Besides that, in the ball joint section, a male ball joint rotating in a two-layer female joint ensures proper sealing while allowing relative motion between the pipes it joins. This part uses an interference fit between one end and the other and therefore the only way to produce it was by using an metal AM process. With our 3D printing technology we can make very complex shapes, lighter and performing metal parts and we succeeded to create the two moving layers in one block only. So, you can have one of these ball joints at the turbine exit, one at the wastegate exit and a final one at the junction on the downpipe, giving you a ‘floating’ exhaust system which will not fail. » adds Frederic Impellizzeri, Automotive  Business Unit Manager in Poly-Shape.

    This new “PSPM“ ball joint concept is simple : the two layers are sliding, one inside the other, and the sealing is ensured by the differential expansion phenomenon created between the two parts. Unbreakable, light and flexible...indeniable assets in the motorsport. The innovative system has been tested extensively on Pipo Moteurs’ engine since the start of 2018 and it has produced excellent results, without leaking under the high exhaust gas pressure on such rally engine. Also, one system has been used on one of Pipo Moteurs’ customer cars competing in the WorldRX Championship since the middle of the 2018 season, without any failure.

    The actual ball joint system is made out of Inconel, resisting to very high temperature. Both French companies plan to start selling it from 2019 and will offer a full range if the ball joint parts in standard diameters from 1.5 in [38.1 mm] to 3.5 in [88.9 mm] and offer bespoke geometries on customer request. The good news is that this exhaust ball joint is a patented co-development ( FR1860584 )  between Poly-shape and Pipo-Moteurs… so any motorsport company will be able to afford this very long life part, of any dimension and made in any suitable material.

    Contact Poly-Shape : Luc Debenoit
    l.debenoit@poly-shape.com       +33 (0)4 13 22 14 09

    Contact Pipo Moteurs : Laura Haivas
    lhaivas@pipo-moteurs.com    +33 (0)4 75 40 22 02

  • With more than 10 years experience in 3D metal printing, Poly-Shape controls this so-called inclusive technology that more and more interests the big industrialists or start-ups. It is now undeniable that they are more and more numerous to wish this modern path that revolutionizes the way to manufacture metal parts, from prototype to mass production.

    Series production is the subject of this case study carried out recently by Poly-Shape who wishes to demonstrate its capabilities to produce parts quality in large number, according to the mechanical characteristics of each. This demonstrator, placed under glass as fragile, is the proof that additive manufacturing can meet constraints of medium production series. The benefits of additive manufacturing are numerous : first it offers freedom of design never achieved before, allowing the creation of parts with very complex geometries. Then, it saves the raw material and significant energy, which has a direct impact on the final cost of each production. Finally, the flexibility of this method allows optimization of each part (weight reduction, addition of functions, etc.), according to the expectations of the specifications or guidelines from the R&D department.

    The Wastegate Project
    The part on which experts of Poly-Shape have thought is a wastegate actuator, very known by motorsport lovers. It comes from a customer case treated in 2017. The book loads has been changed to a matter of privacy but also to be more difficult to achieve at the level of the values of effort and the fixing points, while keeping its functionality first. Originally, it is a performed part in a traditional way with two welded reinforcements aluminum alloy. To lighten the part and to ensure mechanical strength, Poly-Shape has appealed to 3D metal printing technology, using an aluminum alloy (AlSi7Mg0.6) and a design based on an topological optimization in order to create a judicious distribution of the material.

    The real difficulty is to be able to reproduce this piece in large numbers to suit production rates and costs of production. The use of a reduced amount of material per part and a strategy of nesting of parts between them allow to effectively address this problem by minimizing production time while promoting the number of parts on a platter. The geometry of the part is modified to limit the amount of material, and therefore the time manufacturing and withdrawal of these materials that will be eliminated during the times of machining, or even directly by hand. We therefore rehabilitated the design to allow the stacking of parts and produce once to limit the costs of the use of the machine.» explains Jeremy Cousin, Training Manager of Poly-Shape.

    Thus on the same platter, with the Laser Beam control by Poly-Shape Melting process, it is possible to simultaneously produce 228 rooms in 76 columns, 5 cubes of porosity and 13 pieces of traction over 5 columns to ensure control of parts throughout the production.

    The second innovation we notice in this project is the fact that holders of parts can be remove by hand. A simple pressure of the thumbs it is easy to separate one part to another. Save considerable time in a post-production phase which is usually the more time consuming. Finally a finishing phase achieves the surface of the part.

    Convinced that innovation will allow industries of tomorrow to differentiate themselves, Poly-Shape, European leader in 3D metal printing, offers to help companies that wish to take the turn of additive manufacturing to evolve their offerings and why not to position on new markets.

    Contact : Luc Debenoit
    l.debenoit@poly-shape.com   +33 (0)4 13 22 14 09

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