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Do you consider coolant to be a necessary evil? Productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality are all factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of your metalworking fluid. With our profound know-how and experience, customized services and excellent products, we help you fully capitalize on the potential of your machines and tools and turn your metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool. Visit our booth and discuss with our experts how we can support you in optimizing your machining processes.

Blaser Swisslube is a family-owned Swiss company founded in 1936. We are close to our customers in about 60 countries. We develop and produce high-quality cutting and grinding fluids, enabling our customers to produce, with great success, a wide range of products from the tiniest of components to large, critical and structural components in all manufacturing industries. For more information, visti 

Brands: Blasocut, Synergy, Vasco, Blasomill, Vascomill, Blasogrind

 Press Releases

  • At CMTS 2019 in Toronto, Blaser Swisslube will be presenting their latest metalworking fluids, Synergy 735 and Blasogrind GTS 15. Much more than just coolant, they fully capitalize on the potential of machines and tools and turn the metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool.

    Synergy 735 is a crystal-clear, water-miscible and oil-free synthetic fluid that leaves spotless surfaces that are easy to clean. Titan Gilroy from Titans of CNC has switched all his machines to Synergy 735. “The best coolant I’ve ever used. My guys love it.” The coolant has a neutral odor, is gentle on people and the environment, and provides a clear view of the machining process.

    For gear, profile and creep-feed grinding, Blasogrind GTS 15 is an ideal high-performance grinding oil. It effectively extends the grinding burn limit to allow higher feed rates – and thus increased material removal rates – as well as remarkably cleaner surface finishes. At the same time, it improves safety and the shop environment with a high flash point and low-misting formula.

    Selecting the right cutting fluid is a simple way to save money, save time and improve health and safety. By analyzing the entire production process and selecting the most suitable metalworking fluid, Blaser can positively influence tool wear, cutting speed, surface quality and sump life as well as soft factors such as odor, human and environmental sustainability.

    “The metalworking fluid becomes a solution specifically tailored to the customer’s requirements,”
    says Carsten Witthuser, General Manager of Blaser Swisslube. “Making a small change to the metalworking fluid can have a strong leverage effect on other major cost centers like people, tools
    and machines.”

    At CMTS 2019, look for our experts in Hall 2, #2063. Ask for a Blaser Liquid Analysis and no-risk trial.


  • Synergy 735
    ​Synergy 735 is a water-miscible, oil free, full-synthetic metalworking fluid....

  • Synergy 735 is a full-synthetic transparent fluid which can handle the multi metal demands of a production job shop without staining, foam or rancidity.  Synergy 735 is also ideally suited for the electronics and medical markets due to its cleanliness and easy to clean properties.  Synergy 735 has a high level of performance on a wide variety of materials including titanium thus lowering tool costs and improving productivity. The Clear Choice!
  • Blasogrind GTS 15
    Performance grinding oil based on high purity oil....

  • Especially developed for grinding and honing of hardened steel, high carbon steel, (case hardened), high alloyed steel, HSS, PM-HSS and Cermet.
    Best suited for gear grinding applicable for HSS tool grinding.
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