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J.W. Winco is your #1 source for metric and inch standard parts for all industries. Since 1978 the company has been known for its high-quality, ergonomically shaped, and aesthetically pleasing products, innovative and modern product designs, expert technical guidance, and fast, friendly, and professional service. The company, which is ISO 9001:2015 certified, offers secondary machining and assembly as well as special labeling and packaging.

J.W. Winco has an extensive selection of adjustable levers, cabinet U-handles, hinges and locking mechanisms, revolving and retractable handles, handwheels, hand cranks, conveyor components, leveling mounts, hand knobs, indexing plungers, jig, fixture and fastening components, toggle clamps, casters and wheels, universal joints, oil sight glasses, tube clamping components, linear actuators, retaining magnet assemblies, and much more.

Via our website, customers may check pricing for over 50,000 parts, and make their purchases in our online store 24/7. Our website also offers free 3D CAD models in all formats.


  • Machine Feet GN 36 / GN 37
    Machine feet GN 36 / GN 37 are characterized by their larger size and heavy duty construction. They are used on larger machines and in applications that require heavier loads....

  • GN 36 and GN 37 machine feet are characterized by their solid construction and large variety. They are used especially on heavy application and large machines.

    Base plate and threaded stud are not connected to each other; during setup they are automatically centered by the radius at the contact point.

    Type B with rubber pad prevents lateral slipping, protects delicate surfaces and dampens vibrations and shocks. Type C with O-ring provides a seal over the ground to prevent the build-up of dirt under the base.

    The individual base plates with or without a centered mounting hole can be ordered under GN 36.1 and GN 37.1.

  • Specialty Hinges
    From simple hinges for welding on to multi-joint hinges with complex kinematics, the JW Winco selection has everything needed for superior door and flap solutions - including extra functions....

  • For heavy duty applications, for example, try hinge GN 237.3, a compact, heavy duty hinge of stainless steel. With a 180° range of motion, these hinges can stand up to even high dynamic wear—regardless of the mounting orientation—thanks to special shim washers. Depending on the selected type, the hinge bands also have centering extensions that ensure a tighter fit—preventing sliding and eliminating the transverse forces that otherwise place extremely heavy loads on the screws. The hinge pin is secured against loss by a recess and supplied with lifetime lubrication. An asymmetrical band arrangement and the associated possibility of a third fastening hole proves its value especially when mounted in areas with thinner material cross-sections.

    Additional functionality is offered by hinges of our GN 437 series which offers variable friction or an integrated spring that ensures independent return of the hinge. This special product range, which also includes integrated damping, indexing and locking functions, is being continually expanded by Winco.

    One kinematic highlight is already available from Winco: the multiple-joint hinge with either a 4x, 7x or 10x joint mechanism, which opens flaps and shifts their position at the same time. 180° is also standard here, and the internal installation once again makes use of slots. The GN 7237 stainless steel multiple-joint hinges are installed on the inside of flaps, hatches and doors to save space and ensure protection against vandalism. The hinges have a maximum opening angle of 180°, which provides optimal accessibility and avoids the blocking of escape routes by open doors, for example.

  • U-handle with power switching function - GN 422
    JW Winco combines mechanical and electrical functions in standard parts to offer the new GN 422 U-handle with power switching and indicating functions as well as matching accessories....

  • Clever solutions with compact design. JW Winco, the standard parts specialist is adding electrical functions to mechanical components to create the newest member of the series: GN 422 U-handle with power switching function and integrated LED ring lighting. Depending on the application, the U-handle can be ordered in black or silver with one or two LED buttons. The electrical push-button is made of high-quality stainless steel and equipped with a special two-color LED, which switches its color between red and green depending on the polarity. In practice, this allows for indication of the current production machine status, for example.

    For mounting, including professional electrical installation, the U-handles come supplied with either a plug connector or cable. The cable pass-through is covered, with the cable running out the back of the housing to be out of the user’s sight. The matching accessories can also be ordered from JW Winco. This includes the GN 330 cable with connector M12x1, which is needed for mounting the U-handle in the cable version.

    Being flexible to individual customer needs and to allow for consistent machine design, JW Winco also offers the U-handle without electrical features under the designation GN 422.1. Plus, the illuminated push-button with changeover contact is also available separately without the U-handle and with all connection variations under the GN 3310 series.

    In addition to the established offering of CAD data for mechanical design, JW Winco now also simplifies the electrical planning. For all components with electrical functions, such as U-handles with power switching, safety switch hinges, and electrical level monitoring devices, the necessary information is now available as a digital twin to eliminate any system gap: the EPLAN Data Portal offers drag & drop functionality for inserting the information into the circuit diagram by macro, including the supplemental information required for EPLAN documentation. Naturally, this service is free for EPLAN users.

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