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With our commitment to level control made easy and with over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing the Rechner Capacitive Sensors, we have many solutions available.

The 20 turn potentiometer is unique to Rechner.  This amount of sensing control allows for accurate and reliable level detection of oily products, viscous products and dusty/dry products.

Our wide selection of sensors includes high temperature range -200C/328F to +250C/482F, Tri Clamp Mounting, PTFE Housings, level probes up to 80” length, analog output and models with ATEX approvals.  

With over 3000 sensors to choose from and distribution worldwide Rechner Sensors are an excellent choice.

Brands: Rechner Capacitive Sensors


  • Rechner Analog Silo Sensor
    The Rechner Stainless-Steel Cable Sensor will give you an exact 4-20mA level reading up to 20 meters of height....

  • The Rechner Analog Silo Sensor does not have a dead zone due to the patented Rechner three-electrode measuring principle.  For stable operation the stainless-steel cable base is anchored to the silo floor and the sensor head is mounted securely at the top of the silo.  Pressure rating up to 10 Bar with a full silo.  Temperature rated for -25C to +70C.
  • Capacitive Sensor 120C/248F
    This sensor can take the HEAT! The KA7000 has been designed for level control of resin in dryers. Dryer temperature can reach 120C/248F....

  • The KA7000 has been designed for level control of resin in dryers.  Dryer temperature can reach 120C/248F.  However, the sensor is not limited to just resin detection.  The sensor can be used for hot liquid level detection or powder products in a hot environment.  The polyamide housing has a high resistance to abrasion so working with granular material is not an issue.  The sensor can withstand high vibration from machinery as the body is completed potted.  Rechner has a unique 20 turn potentiometer therefore it is easy to adjust the 2-25mm sensing range to ignore dust build up on the sensor face.  This gives you reliable level control.

  • Level Master XS extra smart
    The Level Master Capacitive Sensor by Rechner is a high-performance sensor designed to solve applications with highly conductive or viscous products. Example, ketchup or honey.


  • The sensor has no moving parts and accurate level control can be accomplished with either digital or analogue (4-20mA) output.  The LED is 2 colour for viewing of operation status.  The high-performance electronics includes ETW (Easy Teach by Wire).  Simple and efficient set up.

    If you require EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) we have the appropriate mounting hardware.  The housing is IP67, IP69K, and is designed for CIP 121C (Clean In Place).

    Article # KA1482 Digital model

    Article # KA1489 Analog model

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