Benesova 626/16
Brno,  South Moravian Region  60200

Czech Republic
  • Booth: 2356

SANEZOO specializes in key workloads replacing monotonous work that had to be done by operators.
We combine the best from advanced machine vision and artificial intelligence to bring sufficient solutions in bin picking and inspection applications. 


We designed special sectional light (up to 144 sections) that in perfect harmony with high speed camera captures and evaluates surfaces of any kind, regardless of reflection or ambient light. Our solution can find small defects and discontinuities like scratches, cracks, pores or other dents as well as various deformations, burrs, deposits or inclusions.

Pseudo-defects and false alarms are eliminated thanks to fine 3D surface structure reconstruction where defects are clearly distinguishable.


We addressed robotic guidance and bin picking by passive stereo vision combined with SANEZOO proprietary AI methods. Our system works like a pair of eyes. No need for projectors or lasers, even for textureless parts. Perfect for metal, machined, shiny or matt parts and scenes with multiple materials.

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