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Proven Solutions from Zerust®, the "Original" VCI Film Company

Zerust® offers a full line of corrosion inhibitor packaging and rust solutions.  Zerust® is the inventor of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) poly technology and offers expert onsite support in over 70 countries worldwide. We provide eyes and feet on the ground to help assess corrosion and packaging solutions on both ends of the supply chain. For nearly 50 years, Zerust® has helped customers reduce the cost and problems associated with corrosion. Trust Zerust® to help you manage corrosion in your operations. Zerust® is a business unit of Northern Technologies International Corp.  

Zerust®/Excor® Corrosion Solutions Offers:

  • VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Packaging Film and Papers
  • VCI Diffusers such as Vapor Capsules, ActivPak® and Cor Tab®
  • Rust Removers and Surface Cleaners for Metalworking Applications
  • RPs and Corrosion Inhibitor Liquids and Coatings
  • Industrial Cleaners and Degreasers

Brands: Zerust®, ICT®, Axxanol™, Axxatec™, AxxaCoat™, ActivPowder™, ActivPak®, Plastabs®, Cor Tab®, AxxaClean™, AxxaWash™, AxxaVis™, Natur-VCI®, Z-PAK®, ActivTab™


  • Zerust® Natur-VCI® Film
    Zerust®/Excor® Natur-VCI® series is an internationally certified fully biodegradable and compostable Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) packaging material designed to protect metal components from corrosion during shipment and short-term storage....

  • Zerust® Natur-VCI® products, with a thickness of 60 microns (2.3 mil) or less, pass the NACE Standard TM0208 VCI corrosion protection test to level 3, but also meet international standards for compostable plastics including ASTM D6400, EN 13432, and are certified 100% compostable by TUV Austria.

    End of Life Disposal
    Natur-VCI® film is engineered for safe disposal in a professionally managed composting facility, where the carbon in the film is utilized as a food source by micro-organisms to completely break-down the plastic into humus, water, and CO2. The resulting humus can be used as a natural fertilizer and/or soil amendment in agriculture. Natur-VCI® meets the ASTM D6400 “Standard Specification for Labeling of Plastics Designed to be Aerobically Composted in Municipal or Industrial Facilities” and is certified (Cert # TA8012004702) by TUV Austria for the European EN 13432 standard “Packaging – Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation – Test scheme and evaluation criteria for the final acceptance of packaging.”

  • Zerust® Z-PAK® VCI Packets
    Zerust® Z-PAK® is an economical, effective, and easy-to-use VCI diffuser packet that can be used alone or with other Zerust® packaging products to provide robust corrosion protection for ferrous metals during shipment, storage, or work-in-progress....

  • Zerust® Z-PAK® VCI packets emit a specially formulated VCI chemistry that quickly saturates and lands on metal surfaces located in the enclosure/packaging with the Z-PAK®. This molecular thin, temporary layer of VCI chemistry protects the metal surfaces from corrosion. Since the VCI chemistry is gaseous, hard-to-reach areas of the metal components – such as unobstructed inner surfaces, are also protected from corrosion when a sufficient amount of the VCI chemistry lands on them. Once the metal components leaves the enclosure/packaging, away from the Z-PAK®, the VCI chemistry on the metal surfaces volatilizes into the air. The molecular thin layer of VCI chemistry, even when present, will not affect the physical, chemical, or structural properties of the protected metal surfaces. Your customers can work on, painting, coating, welding, processing, and/or assembling the metal parts immediately upon receiving them at the facility from the shipment/storage.

    Z-PAK® must be used inside an enclosure with limited airflow in order for the product to be effective. A few typical uses of Z- PAK® are:
    • Use together with Zerust® ICT® plastic packaging for more robust corrosion protection – e.g. reduce corrosion risk for highly sensitive metals, provide better VCI diffusion in tightly stacked metal parts inside the packaging, etc.
    • Inside sealed or obstructed voids that the Zerust® ICT® packaging is not able to protect.
    • In enclosures of large equipment, that requires targeted corrosion protection for specific areas.

    Note: Z-PAK® VCI diffuser chemistry is designed to be used for ferrous metal (Carbon Steel, Silicon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron) surfaces. In certain situations, Z-PAK® may be used for metal components containing limited yellow metal/parts but check with your Zerust® Account Manager before doing so.

  • Zerust® Vapor Capsule ZAK-M22
    Zerust® ZAK-M22 Vapor Capsules are portable capsules that contain patented Zerust® VCI technology. Use to protect metals in hard-to-reach areas of control panels, electrical cabinets, and other enclosed spaces, even when they are in operation....

  • Zerust®/Excor® Vapor Capsule ZAK-M22 diffusers emit Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) that protect against the causes of corrosion. The capsules provide targeted corrosion protection in hard-to-reach spaces and work synergistically with other Zerust® products. Its VCI chemistry works quickly and is effective at neutralizing contaminants. Use to protect electronics and electrical components and inside enclosures such as musical instrument cases and gun cases.

    Each capsule has a unique serial number and QR code printed on the label. This feature used along with the Zerust® ZAP App allows the user to be notified of the initial installation location and replacement schedule. Visit www.zerust.com/resources/apps for more information or to download the App.

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