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Manufacturing companies, across different types of industries, deal with problems of machines repairs and maintenance, staff trainings. MAINWARE is the answer for each machine in companies of all sizes. Simple solution in small tablet combines Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and our knowledge.

MAINWARE completely replaces paper documentation and enables the business to become a Smart Factory in the standard of Industry 4.0. The system contains 3D machine data in a digital twin-inspired form, and combines those with a live image captured by the camera on a user’s tablet in real-time. This enables the interactivity of documentation for any routine tasks, and also can be used to alert users in case of line maintenance or service.

In case of any complications, remote support is provided immediately and effectively due to the AR view. In MAINWARE’s Predictive Skills Module, AI is used to determine and prevent anomalies in robots, pneumatic cylinders and operators’ actions – to catch any potential problem before
it causes any trouble.

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  • Digital Maintenance
    - Latest version of digital documentation, available in 2D, 3D and AR modes
    - Work made easy with task assignment and service history.
    - User-friendly interface managable through web administration. Accessible from phone, tablet & PC....

  • Planning & service history

    Smart project management tool for maintenance procesees. Allows managers to create tasks, generate service history and plan maintenance. Maintenance specialists know exactly what, when and how and there is no service missed or unsaved.

    Interactive manuals

    Intuitive creation of interactive manuals for tablet, pc or AR glasses. Tutorials can be as well made by experts outside your company and shared with your workers. Creation of manuals promotes the spread of know-how between your technicians.

    Interactive e-plan

    Interactive and easily accessible digital version of paper schematics, each having their own 3D model. Multiple options of reviewing a machine, through 2D, 3D, AR, X-Ray or OCR reader modes. Save time and have all your schematics in one place.

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  • Condition Monitoring
    - Alarm assistant for bottlenecks with automatic generation of notifications
    - Universal access for different PLC tags
    - Real time OEE and visualization of activity through history...

  • Alarm assistant

    Device for detailed analysis of the downtime sources. Problems in production are identified, backed by data and sorted based on their impact on OEE. Learns and improves based on gathered data. Together with automatic notifications generator creates a functional system preventing breakdowns.

    Compatible with any PLC tag & machine

    The connection of the PLC machine using the OPC server enables universal communication with the machine and the possibility to record incidents on the machine. Monitor the status and availability (OEE) of all your machines centrally.

    Data preparation & processing

    The collected data is paired with a database of already known cases and is interpreted to the user based on the system knowledge of the machine. Thanks to this process, the system can be deployed centrally without any restrictions from the device manufacturer.

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  • Remote Support
    - Maintenance and machine service without unnecessary downtimes
    - Live AR/3D projection during videocalls
    - Highest level of encryption and data security during communications...

  • Augmented Reality mode

    Live interactive videocalls through augmented reality with an experienced technician leading the worker through the entire process of maintenance. Easy to use solution without the necessity of training. Augemented Reality mode is accessible on AR Smart glasses or Tablet.

    2D & 3D mode

    Highlighting of specific components of the 3D model by remote specialist leaves no room for error during the maintenance. Interface allows for a direct transmission of instructions on your screen. Both 3D models and 2D schematics are always up-to-date and accessible for both parties during the call.

    Technicians’ immediate availability

    Don’t wait for anyone. Remote specialist is just a one click away. Get support throughout the process thanks to realtime screen sharing, 3D and augmented reality precise component picking. Communication is encrypted and offers the maximum security for all parties.

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