Kognitiv Spark Inc

40 Crowther Lane Floor 2nd
Fredericton,  NB  E3C 0J1

  • Booth: 2412

Kognitiv Spark is a tech company focused on the secure and low-bandwidth applications of augmented reality (AR) for the purpose of remote collaboration and virtual troubleshooting.

Its flagship application, RemoteSpark, is used by manufacturing organizations around the globe.

Make your workers’ lives easier. Connect them to the guidance they need to solve any problem using RemoteSpark, the low-bandwidth worker support platform that balances power and simplicity.

RemoteSpark is used for three primary use cases:

1) Remote guidance for the purpose of repair, maintenance, and general task guidance.

2) Remote inspection to allow experts to sign off on completed tasks or status' of equipment.

3) Knowledge transfer. RemoteSpark enables on-the-job knowledge transfer by allowing senior staff to train workers as they do their jobs.

By using RemoteSpark to connect workers to the expertise and guidance they need to solve any problem, customers have been able to:

  • Reduce production downtime by approx 30%, preventing $1-million-a-day losses, in some cases.
  • Reduce travel by average 75% and save approx $7,000 per use in immediate travel-related expenses.

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