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Extend your vision with Oasis Scientific! Oasis Scientific Inc. is striving to provide high quality and affordable products and world class customer services to scientific and industrial marketplaces. Oasis Scientific Inc. offers microscopes, inspection cameras, borescopes, industrial endoscopes, videoscopes and digital video magnifiers. We specialize in products that digitally enhance microscopic and small objects or extends sight into difficult to view areas. We also market a wide variety of laboratory equipment, laser marking and engraving machines and serve a broad range of industries including research and development, industrial manufacturing, aerospace, automobile, medical, petrochemical, transportation and education. Vividia, ViSee, AbleScope and ViTiny are our registered brands in USA with our partners.


  • Vividia USB D3145 Borescope with 4.5mm Diameter
    Vividia D3145 USB Digital One-Way Articulating Borescope has 4.5mm diameter camera probe and 1 meter long insertion tube. D3145 can only be bended in one direction, and the maximum bending angle is ~180 degree....

  • Vividia D3145 USB Digital One-Way Articulating Borescope has 4.5mm diameter camera probe and 1 meter long insertion tube. D3145 can only be bended in one direction, and the maximum bending angle is ~180 degree. The insertion tube has metal braided outside layers and the bending part is also made with stainless steel, which offers good abrasion resistance. With USB connection, one can connect Vividia D3145 Digital Borescope to a Windows PC (WIndows XP, 7, 8 and 10), MacBook, android devices. ​With VA-B2 AirBox wifi wireless converter and our "AirBox" app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, one can use own iPhone/iPad or Android device with Vividia D3145 USB articulating borescope.
    One-Way 0 to 180 degree articulation
    Technical Specs:

    Camera probe diameter:    4.5mm
    Insertion tube length:       1 meter (3 feet)
    ​Articulation angle:            one-way 0 to 180º manual
    Probe head material:        stainless steel
    Insertion tube material:    outer braided stainless steel
    Light source:                    Front white LEDs
    FOV:                                87º
    DOF:                               1cm~6cm
    Bottons:                          boost,image rotations
    Sensor Resolution:           640x480
    Video format:                   AVI
    Photo format:                  jpg
    USB Interface:                 USB2.0
    Compatible systems:        Windows XP, 7/8/10; Mac OS
                                          Android; iOS through WiFi 

    Working temperature:       -10ºC ~ 60ºC
    Storage temperature         -10ºC ~ 60ºC
    the diameter of the probe camera and insertion tube is less than 4.5mm
    Video about Vividia D Series Articulating Borescopes: D3145 (one-way, 4.5mm, 1m); D3160 (one-way, 5.9mm, 1m); D3245 (4.5mm, 2-way)
    Our video about Vividia D Series USB Articulating Borescopes (also called endoscopes,  videoscopes or inspection cameras)
    • All metal tube
    • Waterproof
    • Oil proof
    • 180 degree bending back
    • Flexible
    • Diameter 5.9mm (Model: D3160)or 4.5mm (D3145 and D3245)
  • ViTiny UM18 Tabletop HDMI Digital Microscope
    ViTiny UM18 Autofocus HDMI Digital Microscope has these features: Autofocus, long working distance, 2MP sensor high definition, HDMI connection, remote control, exchangeable lens (DIN standard lens), fast 60 fps, easy to use....

  • ViTiny UM18 HDMI autofocus digital microscope/magnifier is suitable for a speedy inspection on a production line because of its 60 fps for 2MP images. The continuous auto-focus is very helpful for online inspection. UM08 displays high quality 1080P images on an HDMI cable connected to a HD monitor. The IR remote controller can be used to change focus, exposure value, LED lights brightness, white balance, zoom in and out, and much more without touching the microscope body. The SHUTTER can be opened or closed to fit different lighting environment conditions. The DEFOG function can be used to enhance the image contrast for specified areas. UM08 Digital Microscope is equipped with WDR image processing, noise reduction, and image stabilization technologies. Other functions like mirror, enlarging two partial images, and detecting moving objects help end users generate the most effective image.


    Magnification:             12x ~ 132x on 21.5" monitor; with digital zoom, the maximum goes to >500x
    Working distance:       22.5 mm to 226 mm
    CMOS Sensor:            2MP 
    Dimension:                106 x 152 mm
    LED lights:                 Build-in 30 pcs top view LED lights, brightness adjustable
    Output:                      HDMI with signal 1080P
    Control:                     IR remote control
    Response time:           60 frame-per-second
    Power:                       DC 5V/2A input with 180cm cable

    Standard package includes: UM18 Digi Microscope main body (4x lens included), Remote ControlAC power adaptor, mini-HDMI cable, User's manualAWB calibratorand S-107 metal stand.
    Other replacement parts for ViTiny UM18:

    AC Power Adaptor for UM08 and UM06 Digital Microscopes

    This is replacement AC power adaptor for ViTiny UM06 and UM08 series of tabletop digital microscopes. The input power is 100V to 240V, 50-60 Hz, and the output is 5V 2.0A. It is suitable for UM06, UM08, UM06-CSZ064C, UM08-CSZ064 and UM08-CSZ1236 microscopes. 
    ViTiny 4X Objective Lens for UM06 and UM08 Digital Microscopes
    Replacement 4x objective lens for UM06 and UM08 Digital Microscopes; DIN standard; Weight 0.1 lbs.
    ViTiny S-107 Stand for UM06 and UM08 Digital Microscopes
    S-107 Replacement metal stand for ViTiny UM06 and UM08 digital microscope. Durable metal stand with long working distance; Height adjustable; Base dimension:  216mm x 152mm; Vertical height of the post: 292mm.
    ViTiny IR Remote Control for UM06 and UM08 Digital Microscopes
    Replacement remote control for ViTiny UM06 and UM08 auto-focus tabletop digital microscopes; Remote auto focus; Adjust LED brightness; Remote control exposure, setting etc.; Size: 89mm x 51mm.
    Other optional accessories for ViTiny UM18:
    ViTiny 10x DIN Objective Lens Kit for Vitiny UM06 and UM08 (Optional)
    Standard DIN 10x objective lens with custom designed LED light cover and power connection cable; With this 10x objective lens, one can see magnification from ~280x to more than 1000x on 23" screen with a working distance from 7.7mm to 4.5mm.  For details, click here.
    ViTiny S-109 Stand for UM06 and UM08 Digital Microscopes (Optional)
    ViTiny S-109 Stand is a heavy duty, table-top stand with an universal rotatable arm. The S-109 Stand can be used with UM08, UM06 and UM12 microscopes. It is suitable for applications in quality control and research laboratories, machine shops, manufacturing sites, repair shops, electronics service centers, clinics, medical service labs.
    $350.00 $299.98
  • Vividia HBS 20A1 Industrial Enclosed Laser Marking
    Vividia Marking Machine (Model: 20A1) has fully enclosed design to comply safety regulation for safety and health of users at industrial settings. Robust fiber laser source (20W, 30W, 50W or 100W) suitable for marking all metals....

  • Vividia HBS Industrial Fiber Laser Marking Machine (Model: 20A1) has fully enclosed design to comply German safety regulation requirements and ensures safety and health of users at industrial settings. Robust fiber laser source (Laser power choices:20W, 30W, 50W or 100W) makes 20A1 suitable for marking all metals and some plastic materials.
    Benefits of Vividia HBS 20A1 Enclosed Laser Marking Machines:
    • Robust industrial heavy duty systems
    • 4 levels of laser powers to choose to fit your manufacturing marking needs
    • Fully enclosed laser system to meet best practices for safety and health
    • Easy to operate and fast operation to save time
    • Technical support and training
    Vividia HBS Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine 20A1 Model: Technical Specs
    Laser Power (options)
    20W, 30W, 50W or 100W
    Std. Marking Area
    110mm x 110mm
    Laser Brand
    Marking Depth
    < 1.2mm (adjustable)
    Laser Lifetime
    100,000 Hours
    Marking Speed
    < 12000 mm/s
    Laser Wavelength
    1064 nm
    Min. Line Width
    0.01 mm
    Laser Medium
    Yb: fiber
    Min. Character Size 
    0.5 mm
    Beam Quality
    Repetition Frequency
    < 100 KHz
    Power Consumption
    <500 W
    Repetition Precision
    0.001 mm
    Power Supply
    Operation Temperature
    -10 to 60 C
    Cooling Method
    Air Cooling
    Working Humidity
    5 - 95%
    Control Operation System
    Windows 7, 8, 10, XP
    Marking file format
    ai., plt., dxf., tiff., jpd., etc. 

    Optional Lens:

    Marking Area
    65x65 mm
    170x170 mm
    220x220 mm
    300x300 mm
    Focus Length
    100 mm
    250 mm
    330 mm
    420 mm

    Features of Vividia HBS Laser Marking Systems:

    • Fast and high precision
    • No consumables, no maintenance required
    • Focus finder system to preview marking areas and location
    • Motorized Z axis adjustment
    • Robust under harsh environment
    • High quality internal designs, parts and construction
    Dimensions and Weight:
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