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KAAST Machine Tools is proud to offer one of the most diverse and extensive line-ups of machine tools in the industry. From plasma cutting systems to lathes and from grinders to machining centers, KAAST makes it simple and affordable to find machines that are accurate, built to last, and easy to use. We stand behind our machines with excellent after-sales parts and service. Need in-person training or installation? No problem! We supply solutions for all of your machining needs.


  • VF-Mill Mini
    With 19.6/11.8/15.7" of X/Y/Z travel and a 10,000 rpm spindle, the Mini is the compact machining center you have been looking for....

  • For training, tool room workshops, R&D, and model making, the VF-Mini offers a 12-position  umbrella tool changer to go with the 10,000 rpm BT40 spindle. Offering 19.7/11.8/15.75” of travel for the X/Y/Z axis and a 25.5x12” table which can hold up to 440 lbs, the Mini brings plenty of brawn to go with ±0.0004/12” positioning accuracy and ±0.0002” repeatability accuracy. Running the newest generation of the Fanuc Series 0i control systems, these machines can receive programming at the machine via manual programming, USB, or CF Card, or ethernet. The Series 0i brings faster, more accurate performance to a wide range of milling, turning, punching and grinding applications
    with more standard features, more advanced capabilities and faster communications than ever before. FANUC controls have a world-class reputation for performance, precision, reliability and familiar operation, with more than 3.7 million controls installed worldwide. The Series 0i control is the industry’s most reliable system with a Mean Time Between Failure rate of 52 years.
  • HBS 270 DG
    Featuring 10.5" round capacity, this new saw features a more rigid and compact design and a built in coolant system. The HBS 270 DG KAAST saw incorporates infinitely variable band speed and cutting force for optimum cutting results....

  • When looking through the many different horizontal bandsaws on the market it can be difficult to know which machine will best fit your needs. Scissor type, dual-column, single mitering, auto material feed, capacity… the options can be overwhelming. 

    KAAST bandsaws are set apart from the competition with a solid cast monoblock construction saw frame that ensures the machine will produce straight cuts, and the blade guides and rollers are carbide to promote longevity. With hydro-mechanical blade tension and an automatic band breakage detection and shut-off feature, this saw is truly a great piece of equipment.

    All bandsaws sold by KAAST are at least semi-automatic, meaning the head movement is controlled by a hydraulic piston, and can be raised and lowered by the operator activating the up/down switch. To run the machine, the operator tightens material in the vice and pushes the Start button. The saw will make the cut, then lift the head back to the upper position. Semi-automatic saws are a good fit if you need to make a few cuts in a length of material.

    For some fabrication projects, miter cuts will help to give you a more professional product, but when you’re trying to cut corners (pun intended), mitering is the only way to go. KAAST offers an assortment of horizontal mitering bandsaws, with options for a swiveling head or a swiveling vice, each combined with either a scissor type or dual column set up and offered in fully or semi-automatic.

    With a swiveling head (a key element of the G and DG KAAST bandsaws) the material is fed into the vice perpendicular to the machine base and the entire blade and housing can be moved to set and cut the desired angle. What is the advantage to this? Production lines can be set up with minimal clearance as the material will always move in a straight line. Disadvantages to this? Price. Enabling a saw head to rotate requires a larger, stronger frame. This increases the price of the machine. However, if you are making a lot of unique miter cuts in a shop with limited space, a swiveling head is worth the investment.

  • HPA-P 100/40
    Looking for a pressbrake with up to 200t of pressure and a footprint of only 7 x 4’? Look no further than the HPA-P line up of hydraulic workshop pressbrakes now offered by KAAST Machine Tools....

  • As the superior small hydraulic pressbrake at the show, the HPA-P will catch the eyes the eye of operators and engineers alike. Since their debut in the Fall of 2018, these small but powerful brakes have garnered a great deal of admiration from job shops, prototyping facilities, and production facilities.
    These high-quality European built machines are a cost-effective solution for small bending jobs and prototyping. The HPA-P presses offer 100 and 200 tons or working pressure providing steady smooth operation with manual and two-handed working controls at a much lower price point than their CNC cousins. The one-step pressure adjustment and one-step stroke adjustment simplify what can be a daunting task.
    The limit switches keep cycle times to a minimum while the choice of 40”, 60”, 80”, or 100” of working area, and an adjustable table height offering up to 16” of daylight, make for easy manipulation of the workpieces. The guide columns on either side of the center hydraulic center help to ensure steady and even pressure across the table.
    The HPA-P comes with a top pressbrake die and holders and a standard multi-V bottom die, both of which can be replaced with any standard or custom pressbrake tooling. Options include segmented tooling, backgauge, bottom table with special T-slots, working with a footpedal, and a high-speed working system.
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