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Established in April 2014, KPTI unifies two of the world's leading cutting tool manufacturers, Kyocera Tycom Corporation (KTC) and the Cutting Tool Division of Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation (KICC-CT). The creation of KPTI establishes a combined enterprise that optimizes the strengths of both organizations and facilitates expansion of Kyocera's overall cutting tool-related business in North America. The new combined entity unifies cutting tool resources to create greater efficiencies while positioning the new organization for continued success. Customers benefit from a unified sales and support team offering excellent customer service and an expanded portfolio of cutting tool products and solutions for the automotive, aerospace, general machining, medical, power generation, printed circuit board and steel markets.


Kyocera Precision Tools are sold through authorized distributors throughout North America. 

 Press Releases

  • Kyocera Precision Tools has developed a new line of indexable drills to be used mainly for holemaking in the machine tool business. Ideal for the automotive, aerospace and medical device industries, the new DRV Magic Drills combine a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coated insert on the outside cutting edge and a physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated insert on the inside cutting edge. This allows for high-speed machining and excellent drilling precision.

    The newly developed insert chipbreakers improve chip evacuation and the holder’s thicker center core provides greater rigidity. The DRV Magic Drills can reach depths from 2xD up to 6xD (six times the cutting diameter). Kyocera aims to increase customers’ productivity by broadening its product lineup for more diversified applications.

    Development Background

    Reducing weight and providing greater functionality of components are currently being promoted in the automotive, aerospace and medical device industries. This trend increases the demand for products that can provide high-speed and high-efficiency drilling of different workpiece materials under various drilling conditions. With previous indexable drills, PVD-coated inserts were used for both the outside and inside cutting edges. This created the disadvantage of increased wear and tear on the outside insert which moves at a higher speed across the workpiece material than the inside insert. To solve this issue, the new DRV Magic Drill model uses a CVD-coated insert with heat and wear resistance for the outside cutting edge and a PVD-coated insert for the inside cutting edge. This creates stable machining even when higher cutting forces are applied to the inside cutting edge. By taking advantage of both CVD and PVD coatings, the DRV Magic Drill maintains better stability and longer tool life.

    Product Features

    1. High-speed and high-efficiency processing of various materials

    Kyocera offers 4 unique chipbreaker designs to cover a wide range of machining applications. The inserts are designed with 4 usable cutting edges to reduce customers’ machining costs.

    2. Unique cutting edge design for excellent chip evacuation even at deep drilling depths – 33% larger web thickness for stable drilling at depths up to 6xD

    The outside cutting edge has a “U-shaped” design that provides smooth chip evacuation and compact chips that prevent chip clogging. The inside cutting edge has a “spoon-shaped” design to reduce cutting forces for smoother chip evacuation even at 6xD drilling depths. With better chip flow, the holder body’s flutes (grooves) were designed in a way that allows for a 33 percent larger web thickness when compared to competitors’ products*1. A high-rigidity holder body with low cutting resistance provides stable indexable drilling at up to 6xD depths.

    *1  Based on research by Kyocera


  • DRV Magic Drill
    Built for speed and accuracy with excellent chip evacuation and economical 4-edge inserts. Available in 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D drilling depths....

    • 2xD to 6xD drilling lineup with 4 chipbreakers for various machining applications
    • High speed and highly efficient machining with the combination of a CVD outer insert and PVD inner insert
    • Excellent hole accuracy with a highly rigid design for better chatter resistance

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  • DRA Magic Drill
    Introducing our DRA Magic Drill with replaceable drill tips for excellent hole accuracy and a low cutting force design. Available in 1.5D, 3D, 5D, and 8D drilling depths....

    • Optimal web thickness limits deflection
    • Fine chip breaking and smooth deep hole cutting
    • Easy insert replacement

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  • MFH-RAPTOR High Feed Milling Series
    The MFH-RAPTOR high feed milling cutter family also includes MFH-Mini and MFH-Micro end mills and face mills to devour a variety of machining applications, including face milling, shouldering, ramping, helical milling, and plunging....

    • Stable machining with greater chatter resistance
    • Reduce cycle time during roughing applications
    • Multi-functional for various applications
    • Convex cutting edge design reduces chatter for high-efficiency rough machining
    • MFH-Mini / Micro high feed mills for small machining centers

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