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About Airgas, Inc.

Airgas, Inc. (NYSE: ARG), through its subsidiaries, is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of industrial, medical and specialty gases, and hardgoods, such as welding equipment and related products. Airgas is a leading U.S. producer of atmospheric gases with 16 air separation plants, a leading producer of carbon dioxide, dry ice, and nitrous oxide, one of the largest U.S. suppliers of safety products, and a leading U.S. supplier of refrigerants, ammonia products, and process chemicals. More than 15,000 employees work in approximately 1,100 locations, including branches, retail stores, gas fill plants, specialty gas labs, production facilities, and distribution centers. Airgas also markets its products and services through eBusiness, catalog, and telesales channels. Its national scale and strong local presence offer a competitive edge to its diversified customer base. For more information, please visit



  • Deltaweld® 350 MIG Welder and Intellx™ Feeders
    Manufacturing welding solution delivers pulsed MIG capabilities and simplified user interface...

  • The Deltaweld 350, which delivers 350 amps at 60 percent duty cycle, replaces the Deltaweld 302 MIG welder. The new power source is available in two models: one with new ArcConnect technology, which links the Deltaweld to the new Intellx feeders, and a second model with ArcConnect and a 14-pin connector, which allows the power source to be used with existing feeders.

    Two new feeder options — the Intellx and Intellx Pro feeders — offer flexibility for a range of applications. The Intellx feeder model offers basic voltage and wire speed control and new Arc Control technology, allowing welders to change puddle fluidity for different applications. Intellx Pro feeders provide pulsed welding capabilities, delivering a more forgiving arc and wider operating window for welders of all skill levels. EZ-Set technology automatically sets parameters based on material thickness when changing wire feed speed.

  • Silver Cut
    Ideal for small to medium fabrication and HVAC shops, this cutting table uses industrial quality components for long term durability. Can be converted from waterbed to downdraft. Automatic torch height controller. Unitized design....

  • Construction: Unitized System
    Dimensions: 5' x 10'
    6' x 12'
    Cutting Speed: 0 to 500 IPM, related to process and plasma power source
    Maximum Traverse Speed: 800 IPM
    Repeatability: 0.002"
    Positioning Accuracy: 0.004"
    Material Support: Waterbed or Downdraft
    Can be converted from waterbed to downdraft
    Gantry: 6’’ x 6’’ Extruded aluminum
    Clearance under gantry: 4.5"
    V bearings, self-cleaning rails, 1.25’’ pinion gears
    Rails: 1.25" pinion gears
    Self cleaning V bearing rails
    Motors: Industrial stepper motors on all axis, true dual drive
    CNC Controller: Machitech Automation CNC controller with 15’’ screen
    Maximum Table Capacity: 1.5" material thickness
    Power Source: Hypertherm Powermax 45 to 125
    Motorized Station: 1 max.
    Oxy/Fuel Station: 1 max.
    Automatic Height Controller: Machitech Automatic torch height control, uses arc voltage sampling to follow variations in material. 
    Magnetic torch breakaway system used to pause machine in case of collision.
    Can be subtituted for a roller ball floating disk for HVAC and light gauge cutting
    Suggested Nesting Software: Included in the Machitech Controller
    Options Available: Dust collection system
    Oxy-fuel torch
    Oxy-fuel torch ignition
    Removable trays for easy cleanout (waterbed)
    Source caption fume extraction
    Roller ball floating disk for HVAC and light gauge cutting
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