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At Koma Precision we serve our customers by supplying proven, powerful machine tool attachments and accessories. Our aim is to provide solutions for you through products that are flawless in execution, speed and strength. 

With over 37 years of experience and 35,000 installations we remain the exclusive importer, national distributor and service center for Tsudakoma rotary tables, Alberti angle heads & live tools, Romai angle heads, tool presetters and swiss tools.


  • Koma Presetters
    Koma Precision has introduced a new line-up of offline tool presetters....

  • Koma Precision has introduced a new line-up of offline tool presetters.  They are focused on increasing shops current production capacity at an affordable cost.  Koma’s new Uniko presetter, offers semi-automatic measuring, with advance tool inspection features at an entry-level cost.  The advanced Presetter, The Performance, expands on the Uniko, and offers advanced tool measuring features with a simple approach.


    Koma’s new benchtop unit, the Uniko, features a larger measuring range up to 600mm in tool height and 400mm in diameter, with plenty of advanced measuring features at a new affordable price.  With the Uniko offering Auto-Focus measuring you can set tooling quickly and accurately.  A large HD screen running a simple user-friendly interface allows operators of all skill levels to set tooling.  The large screen allows all icons to be visible while keeping the tool profile in view. With a full PC onboard, it has full capability to communicate directly with CNC machines sending tool offsets direct to tooling tables. The unit utilizes interchangeable spindle pots to adapt to different spindle types guaranteeing spindle concentricity and accuracy.


    The Koma Precision Performance Presetter combines the best of advanced tool measuring with a very easy to use interface.  Measurements of tools are captured using the auto-focus feature, and are easily saved to the tool management database.  Tool data can be collected and sent direct to NC controls using the built-in post processing system.  For more advanced measuring the Performance comes standard with auto tool geometry software, and the ability to create and compare DXF files.  The Performance is an advanced measuring machine, with a simple easy to use approach.


    With all the presetters offering the option of advanced tool management using a barcode or RFID system, upgrading in the future is easy to do.  Using an advanced tool management system allows for closed loop machining guaranteeing tool offsets always wind up in the correct locations.

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