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DATRON Dynamics is the North American representative of DATRON AG, a manufacturer of innovative, high-speed machining solutions. We are a complete local sales, service and support division for DATRON with several offices and technology centers throughout North America.

DATRON helps customers succeed by providing complete machiningworkholdingtooling and automation solutions. Through a commitment to innovative engineering that goes back more than 40 years, DATRON serves the world‘s largest and most respected companies by means of integrated solutions, software, hardware, and services.

Our engineers, technicians and support staff combine world-class expertise with local knowledge to help you address the most complicated projects.

 Press Releases

  • Ideal for Rapid Prototyping and Small Production Runs

    Milford, NH, July 14, 2016 – DATRON Dynamics, Inc. announced today the immediate commercial availability of the DATRON neo compact CNC milling machine – the latest addition to the company’s line of precision high-speed machining systems. Designed from the ground up to deliver a productive, in-office machining solution that improves and accelerates today’s engineering workflow, the DATRON neo offers simple, clean operation, and easy post-processing. Providing the highest performance in its class, the affordable-yet-powerful neo enables design professionals to create precision models, prototypes and three-dimensional metal parts without leaving the workplace.

    With its intuitive operation terminal featuring DATRON’s own “next” software, this compact milling machine appeals to machining beginners. The neo combines an interior camera and a multi-function touch screen interface for intuitive operation. The neo’s integrated camera and 3D touch probe is designed to eliminate the time-consuming task of setting up jobs by using automatic recognition of the workpiece location which is drawn by the operator directly onto the touch screen. The interface quickly guides users through the milling process much like a smartphone or tablet app. Beginners benefit from the simple user interface and graphics. “The DATRON neo’s compact design and friendly interface resemble that of a 3D printer,” says Robert Murphy, Vice President of DATRON Dynamics, Inc. The ergonomic design of the machine allows operators to load a workpiece from a position above the machining table while the height and angle of the workpiece are automatically set up at the operating terminal. The clean design and innovative enclosure give the operator a perfect view of and easy access to the machining area, which is quite ample in relation to the machine’s very small footprint. In fact, the machine fits through a standard doorway and can be easily installed within a few hours.

    Ideal for rapid tooling, design communication, and short-run manufacturing the DATRON neo is capable of milling a variety of materials up to 20” x 16.5” x 9” in size with its robust 40,000 RPM spindle and 24 station automatic tool changer.

    “The DATRON neo brings easy-to-use, professional quality high-speed milling capabilities into any workspace, at an exceptional price,” said Bill King, President of DATRON Dynamics. “We are thrilled to offer this powerful new product to help our wide range of customers innovate faster and mill perfect quality parts.”

    About DATRON

    DATRON Dynamics Inc. in Milford, NH is the North American representative of DATRON AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange DAR:GR), the manufacturer of innovative, high-speed machining solutions. DATRON Dynamics West in Livermore, CA provides sales, service, and support for the West Coast and is a division of DATRON Dynamics Inc. DATRON serves the world’s largest and most respected companies by means of integrated hardware and software solutions. Industries served include electronics, aerospace, medical, rapid prototyping and job shops. For more information, visit www.datron.com

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  • DATRON neo
    DATRON neo was specifically designed to give you easy access to high-speed milling. This Plug-and-Play system features the new DATRON next software which gives you full control of 3-axis milling without requiring years of experience as a machinist....

  • DYNAMIC - The DATRON neo provides high dynamics in machining aluminum – especially when a high surface finish is required. In industries with large and small batch production i.e. the electronics industry, bigger conventional machines are only cost-effective when they are cranking out serial production parts in high-volume
    runs. DATRON neo is an ideal complement to that equipment, because it adds the flexibility to machine prototypes or short runs of small parts, leaving those larger machines to do what they do best. 

    ATTENTION TO DETAIL - The machining of non-ferrous metals is one of the key strengths of the DATRON neo. After the workpiece has been machined from solid stock, DATRON neo produces free-form structures with a consistent surface finish. Using small tools, the 3-axis milling machine produces even the most intricate engraving details with superb quality.

    FLEXIBLE - With DATRON neo, milling is easy and efficient. Milling strategies like pocketing, chamfering, thread milling and creating 3D forms can all be performed quickly using this 3-axis compact milling machine. Prototypes made of composites, engineered plastics, metal or wood are produced quickly and with a consistently high quality
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