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Liberty Packaging Co., Inc., dba Liberty Intercept, is East Coast U.S. dealer of  packaging for corrosion and static protection. Intercept is available in stock or custom sizes. Bags, zipper bags, shrouds, shrink film, roll stock, fabric, cleanroom film, rigid totes and more. New products include Intercept Foam, as well as NASA tested and approved ATFR, a plastic film that is clean, halogen-free fire retardant (FR) polyethylene film that also dissipates static charges or arcing. Ask us how Intercept Technology™ barrier materials can work for you.


  • ATFR
    ATFR is halogen-free fire retardant (FR) polyethylene film that dissipates static charges or arcing. Prevents ignition and flame-spread. Clean, ESD safe, NASA-approved....

  • Intended for ship builders, construction companies, aerospace companies, military, for work in small spaces, or where welding sparks can ignite supporting materials. 

    ATFR has been:

    ✓ tested by NASA and meets the flammability test specifications – NHM 8060.1 1981, Test #1 (upward propagation test)

    ✓ Meets NASA Hypergolic Compatibility Testing

    ✓ Manufactured with a Surface Resistivity of 109 to 1011 ohms/sq with a long, stable ESD life - tested in both real time and accelerated conditions

    ✓ Electrical properties relatively unaffected by even low humidity levels; low tribo-electric charging (static generating) on both quartz and Teflon

    ✓ Can be processed for clean room compatibility

    ✓ Specially formulated to reduce anti-stat migration keeping AT contamination free

    ✓ The LF8900-C combines long-term anti-static protection with V-0 flame retardant (UL Flammability rating) for all applications.

    5 mil thick ATFR P/N LF8900 is available in rolls, sheets, bags, and shrouds.

  • Intercept Foam
    Intercept Foam, for corrosion protection in small spaces....

  • With Intercept Foam, the power of intercept Technology is now available in this reactive open-cell, polyurethane foam. Sulfur, chlorides, ozone, acid vapors, and nitrous gases, all react with and are neutralized by Intercept products. This sacrificial technique is optimal, clean, safe, non-contaminating, versatile, and reliable. Intercept Foam will require to be dry and applied in dry environment (Desiccants are advised) Protection from atmospheric corrosion with indicator function due to changing color.

    Suitable for use inside safes, compartments, cabinets, console, containers and drawers, electrical boxes, gun safes, engine compartments, cylinders and tubes. 

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