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Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc. will be showcasing their Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen Marking Systems at Eastec 2019.  The Marksman Line-up includes the latest technology integrated with high-quality precision machined components to provide a Clean, Permanent, Marking Process for most parts manufactured from metals or plastics.  The Marksman systems are offered in 4 different formats including, Benchtop Models, Integrator Series Compact Universal Mount Models Hand-Held Portable Models and Rotary Marking Systems ideal for the Circumferential Marking of Cylinders and Hex Bar. Among the most popular products is the new MKP-054 Battery Operated Hand-Held Marking System c/w Bluetooth Technology. These systems can be equipped with a powerful magnetic base which locks onto your metal components securely during the marking process. These hard-hitting systems are great for large fabrications where information including Large Text, 2D Matrix and QR Codes along with Serial Numbers, Graphics and Date Codes etc., can be easily marked into metals at depths that will still be visible even after paint or powder coating. 


  • MKP-054 Battery Operated Hand-Held Portable Marker
    The MKP-054 is a lightweight, easy to use Marking Head that will allow text, symbols, graphics, 2D Matrix, and QR Codes to be stamped permanently into plastics and metals without cords or umbilical cables as the data is transferred via Bluetooth....

  • The Marksman MKP-054 Portable Bluetooth Marker is ideal for manufacturers and fabricators with large, heavy components that need to be marked.  This battery powered technology is cordless, lightweight and very easy to use.  There are 3 very convenient ways to get your data into the marking head ready.  1) You can enter your variable data directly into the marking head by plugging in a mini keyboard (included) confirming your entry on the small LCD Display on the Marking Head itself. 2) You can enter your data into the JS-2100 software (included) that can be loaded onto a Laptop with Bluetooth and you can transfer the data across to the Marking Head ready for marking this way.  3)  You can utilize the free APP which can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet and you can enter your variable data into this mobile device and once again send the information across to the Marking Head via Bluetooth.  These systems can offer TEXT in a variety of fonts, CAD Graphics, 2D Matix and QR Codes in a very clean, deep, permanent marking into almost any metal.  These systems can also be equipped with strong magnetic bases, securely holding the marking head in place while marking.
  • MK-200BN-115 c/w CDC-20 Sliding Rotary Axis
    Precision Reinforced Cog Belt Driven Dot Peen Marking System featuring a Marking Area of 4.52" x 4.13" which is configured on the CDC-20 Heavy Duty Rotary Axis on a Positive Locating Slide...


    The unique design of the Marksman CDC-20 Heavy Duty Rotary Axis which includes a very substancial 3-Jaw Chuck to securely hold parts during the process of circumferential marking is all mounted on a positivly aligned sliding table which makes switching back and forth between conventional flat component marking and circumferential marking on cyclindrical components very easy with no additionbal set-up.  The CDC-20 Rotary feature is most often combined with our MK-200BN-115 Marking System, but has been carefully designed so that it can be seemlessly integrated with almost any of our various Marking Head options.  The system pictured here is the standard CDC-20 Rotary Feature combined with the MK-200BN-115 Marking System which offers an optimal combination of speed and precision with a Marking Area of 4.52" x 4.13".  The Maximum Part Height the system can accomodate does vary based on the Marking Stylus that is chosen for the marking operation but with our standard LP-10 (Medium Duty) Marking Stylus you would be able to successfully mark a part that is 8.75" in overall height.  Furthermore, extended columns are available should you need mark the end of shaft or any compoenent that stands taller that 8.75" using this same system.  Unlike all the competing systems, our 3-Jaw Chuck is substantial and can accomodate more weight and larger diameters and is always mounted and aligned.  The standard configuration will accept diameters up to 6.0" and has an adjustable tail stock to support longer shafts during the marking process.

    Do to the versatility of the Marksman Series line-up, the Marking Head selected can also be controlled by our MCU-100N or MCU-200BN Controllers, depending on your preference of style and features. These systems are maintained in-stock and ready to ship at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc.

    Fully serviced and supported in all 50 US States and throughout Canada and Mexico also. Additional information can be found at or by calling Tel: (905) 639-0909 or e-mailing


  • MK-200BN-250 Ball Screw Driven Marking System
    The Marksman MK-200BN-250 is our premium Large Field Computerized Dot Peen Marking System with a Ultra High Precision Ball Screw Driven configuration....


    The Marksman MK-200BN-250 Ball Screw Driven Marking System is designed for precision and versatility.  This Bench Top Marker offers an overall marking area of  9.84" x 9.84" and is ideal for marking larger components, large nameplates, or smaller components fixtured in multiples.  The MK-200BN-250 can also be integrated with our CDC-20 which is a Heavy Duty Rotary Axis on a Positively Aligned Sliding Table which makes both conventional flat marking as well a circumferential marking of cylindicals very fast and easy and always yields great professional looking results!  The unique Positive Alignment Slide is the only Dot Peen Feature of its kind and allow for switching between Flat Marking and Cylindrical Marking extremely fast and easy. There is nothing else on the market like it! 

    The MK-200BN-250 is very precise.  For these reasons is it ideal for the marking of 2D Codes, UID Codes and QR Codes along with Vector Graphics (Logos), Alpha-Numeric Text and Symbols.  All of our Marksman Systems offer fnctionality such as Auto Date/Shift Code Marking, Sequential Serial Numbering, Special Date Coding, Radial (Arc) Marking and more.

    Contact the Part Marking Specialists at Millennium Signatures Marking Systems Inc., and request to speak with a technican about the dynamic range of capability built-in to all Marksman Series Computerized Dot Peen (Low Stress) Marking Systems.  For additional information call Tel: (905) 639-0909 or reach us by e-mail at  Visit our websites at or


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