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Laser Welding, At The Pulse Of Innovation  New Capabilities, Less Limitations    Our Industrial Lasers are the most flexible, efficient, and reliable systems available.  We prove this through live demonstrations for our customers.  Our lasers for welding, cladding, and hardening are indisputably the best in the market!  Alpha Laser Welders lead the welding industry in power and capability.  They are finely tuned machines, engineered to perform the most difficult tasks with ease.  If it can be laser welded, an Alpha Laser can do it more efficiently, with the best end result, hands down!  There are practically no limits for the industrial applications of Alpha Lasers.  Alpha Laser US develops and manufactures laser welding equipment for industry and trade.  Our laser systems improve production quality and process reliability.  Our objective is to make laser welding exceedingly accurate and exceptionally fast!

 Press Releases

  • From now on, you can weld powder with our fiber laser systems, the ALFlak 900 F and AL-TW 900 F. For this we have developed our powder nozzle- AL-FLOW Powder-through which the metal powder is transported into the laser focus and welded onto the component by the laser energy.  The process is completed by a powder conveyor that can be supplied with or without a mass flow controller. With our powder nozzle, material can be deposited to surfaces, lines or arbitrary geometries.  By multilayer coating of suitable materials almost any layer thicknesses can be achieved, and 3D volume can be generated.  For which applications is laser metal deposition by powder useful?  The process is ideal for plating as wear protection.  This coating with corrosive and abrasive-resistant materials significantly incareases the service life of components even under the most adverse conditions.  Laser cladding enables the joining of different materials and thus a combination of best material properties.  It is also suitable for repairs in which pre-programmed geometries are filled in or built up.  Large-scale material application can be carried out quickly and efficiently.  In addition, laser powder cladding can be used for gap bridgingduring joining.  


  • Alpha Laser ALV Laser Welding System
    The ALV Laser Welder is a compact device that can be set up in any work area. The ALV Laser Welder is designed for use in micro and deposition welding in tool and mold manufacturing, in sensor production and medical technology....

  • The welding process takes place in a closed, laser-safe working chamber and the movement system can process workpieces up to 50 kg at a high level of precision. The ALV offers a large vertical movement range and doors that open wide so that larger workpieces can be welded.  In just a few steps, this closed system can be converted to an open laser system for processing larger or longer components.  The ALV's joystick moves the workpiece within the working chamber, or automation can be used.  The large vertical motion range of the workbench also allows for welding on larger workpieces.  The ALV has 3 linear movement axes, and the vertical Z axis lifts up to 50 kg.  A rotary axis for processing cylindrical parts is also available.  The simple to program WINLaser NC Software for 4 axes makes fully automatic welding for production of small batches possible.  It is exceptionally useful particularly in work involving medical technology, manufacturing sensors, and for smaller workpieces in tool and mold manufacturing.  It is available with a wide range of ND: YAG or Fiber Laser Sources and provides laser power of 100 to 450 watts.
  • Alpha Laser ALW Laser Welding System
    The ALW seated workplace / closed laser welders are designed for working in repair welding, manufacturing of tools and molds, welding of demanding material, manufacturing of medical components, sensors, precision technology, and sheet metal processing....

  • The ALW is equipped with a large work plate for positioning and moving the workpiece.  The joystick for axis movement can be fixed anywhere on the work plate and the high-responsiveness of the system allows the axes to follow the joystick movement directly and exactly.  Workpieces of up to 350 kg can be processed quickly and precisely on X, Y, or Z axes, either manually with the joystick, semi-automatic with preset axis speed or in fully automatic mode (with WINLaser NC software).  An optional tiltable turntable is obtainable for welding cylindrical workpieces as well.  The closed laser-secure working chamber makes the ALW a laser-safe machine so it can be used in a normal production environment with a minimum of safety measures.  The ALW with 100 or 150 watts are best suited for repair and deposit welding on tools and molds.  The ALW with 200 or 300 watts meets the increased demands of industries and trades, allowing people to complete welding jobs on materials such as aluminum, precious metals, titanium, and sensitive alloys.  The many strengths of the ALW system are demonstrated in work such as repair welding, manufacturing of tools and molds, welding of demanding material, manufacturing of medical components and sensors, precision technology, and sheet metal processing. 
  • Alpha Laser ALM Laser Welding System
    The ALM Laser Welder features extremely short set up times, flexibility and mobility, allowing repair at any location of a vast range of machine components, pressing tools and large molds that can be repaired and modified at any location....

  • The ALM laser welder's versatility is impressive!  The workpiece can be transported to the laser or the laser to the workpiece.  Just move the ALM laser welder into position, secure the laser area, aim the slim laser arm at the weld, and start welding!  The hydraulic brakes fix the laser beam at exactly the desired work position, and if more flexibility is required, the ALM features a unique turn and tilt objective, allowing the user to move the laser beam continuously up to 40 ° from vertical to any direction.  Welding can be done manually using a joystick, semi-automatically, or with an external operating unit.  
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