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Since 1969, MIDACO has been a leading manufacturer of quality solutions which increase productivity for machining companies worldwide. We strive to be the premier innovator in the designing and manufacturing of Automatic and Manual Pallet Changer Systems, Automatic Door Openers, Trunnion Systems and other accessories for machining centers. MIDACO products improve efficiency in all aspects of manufacturing including VMC, HMC, Bridge Mill, Drill/Tap and EDM machines. Pallet sizes range from Manual systems starting at 12.75”x10.5” (324mm x 266mm) through Automatic Systems up to 190”x72” (4826mm x 1829mm) with 32,000lb (14,258kg) capacity while maintaining a repeatability of +/-0.0001” (.0025mm). 

MIDACO’s priority is to KEEP YOUR SPINDLE RUNNING while you change and inspect parts outside of the machine tool. Increase productivity and decrease machine idle time. We employ advanced design methods in product development and incorporate the latest technologies to achieve our customers’ goal of greater and quicker production. MIDACO is a veteran owned business and our products are made in the USA.


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  • Midaco A4020SD Automatic Pallet ChangerPairing a Vertical Machining Center or Bridge Mill with MIDACO’s automation solutions will enable a manufacturer to take their new or existing machine to the next level. In business since 1969, MIDACO manufactures a line of Pallet Changers which adapt to any brand VMC with travels from 12.75” x 10.5” up to 190” x 72” with a 32,000 lb capacity.

    The A4020SD mid-size Automatic Pallet Changer will be one of the models featured at Eastec in MIDACO’s booth #1858. Designed for VMC’s with an approximate 40”(x) by 20”(y) travel, this automatic shuttle system comes standard with two (2) aluminum 40” x 19” x 1.5” (1016mm x 482.6mm x 38.1mm) pallets - cast iron pallet option is also available - and can be mounted on either the left or right side of the machine tool. Easily integrated via M-codes the shuttle is servo driven and automatically switches pallets in approximately 15 seconds depending on the weight of the parts. The A4020SD’s standard 1,000 lb (454kg) capacity pneumatic receiver is mounted directly onto the machine tool table and ensures a repeatability of +/-0.0001” (.0025mm). A 2,000 lb (908kg) capacity receiver option is also available. All automatic pallet changer systems offer a 3-sided CE Door Enclosure option or CE Light Curtain safety guarding option, both with no overhead obstructions.

    Increase performance during a regular shift or during lights-out manufacturing with only a skeleton crew maintaining the production. Mounting parts onto pallets outside of the machine tool while other parts are being machined reduces wasted time and cost of part change over which forces the machine to be idle. Once the parts inside are complete, the pallet changer automatically switches the pallets in seconds and the next batch is ready to go. Boost productivity and get more parts out the door. Fast! The idea is to keep the machine spindle running.

    MIDACO CORPORATION 2000 E. Touhy Ave. Elk Grove Village IL 60007

    ph: (847) 593-8420  email: midaco@midaco-corp.com    www.midaco-corp.com

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  • MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changers
    Automatic Pallet Changers increase productivity and decrease idle time on your small or large VMCs or Bridge Mills....

  • MIDACO manufacturers pallet changers which adapt to virtually any brand and model machining center, small or large... including large bridge mills, with travels up to 190” x 72” (4,826mm x 1,829mm) and with a weight capacity of up to 32,000 lbs (14,528 kg). Once a pallet or load of parts is complete, the next pallet or job is transferred into the machine automatically from our side mounted shuttle onto the receiver mounted to the VMC table. Because all part loading and job set-up tasks are performed offline (without the operator having to lean into or climb onto the machine) both productivity and ergonomics is maximized. MIDACO Automatic Pallet Systems are easily installed on the right side or the left side of a VMC, or both sides for machines which do not move in Y-Axis. All Automatic Pallet Changer models offer CE Guarding with either a 3-sided door option or light curtain option with light emitters, mirrors and sensors.

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  • MIDACO Automatic Door Systems
    Automatic Door Systems and Robot Access Doors for vertical machining centers, turning centers, robotic applications and other machinery to save time in production....

  • Automatic Door Systems for Single and Double Door Machining and Turning Centers: MIDACO's Automatic Door Opener uses an air cylinder to operate the door by using either a Manual Push Button or the Automatic “Smart System” can be interfaced with the machine’s or robot's control. These systems are furnished with a door mounted safety stop that will quickly exhaust air if any obstruction is encountered during door closure, and the “Open Door” commands are ignored if spindle or chuck is running.

    Robot Access Door for Any Enclosed Machine: MIDACO can design and install a side panel door on machining centers, VTL's, grinders and any enclosed machine. The MIDACO Robot Access Door System is operated by a pneumatic cylinder and is intended to be interfaced with the robot's cell by your integrator. This system is available in a variety of sizes and can be custom designed to fit the side panel of the equipment.

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  • MIDACO Trunnion System
    Trunnion System and Vertical Rotary Faceplate for your Automatic Pallet Changer on a VMC with a 4th Axis without the need for cable management....

  • The MIDACO TRUNNION SYSTEM includes one 4th Axis actuator assembly and two trunnions (individual trunnion is also available separately), and works with any 4th axis rotary-indexer (not included). A trunnion is mounted on each pallet of the MIDACO Automatic Pallet Changer outside the VMC. Once transferred into the machining area, the trunnion clamps onto the MIDACO receiver and automatically engages with the 4th Axis. The Trunnion System is a cost effective solution to increase your Vertical’s capability by machining 360 degrees without the need for cable management. Increase your machining versatility by adding a Vertcal Rotary Faceplate, which is also mounted on a pallet, for multiple workholding options.

    ONLY ONE 4th Axis is required to get the benefits of a Horizontal Machining Center on your VMC equipped with an Automatic Pallet Changer. NO cable management needed!

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