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Mikron offers the high performance CrazyDrill and NS-tool end mill lines, as well as high output, automatic Machining Systems. Extensive inventory in Connecticut on CrazyDrills up to 50xd with thru feed coolant, MiQu-Drills and End Mills. Standard drill sizes range from 0.1 to 6.0mm and end mills from 0.1 to 12mm. Special tools are quoted upon request.

The new CrazyDrill Flex is a innovative carbide drill with the flexibility of a HSS tool. Ideal for work on multispindle lathes and transfer machines.

Mikron automatic Machining Systems are used for the large volume machining of small precision components where process stability, precision and cost-per-part are crucial.

 Press Releases

  • Mikron Tool will be showing its new extentions on its famous CrazyDrill Cool SST Inox line. Previously available in 3, 6, 10, 15, and 20 times the diameter, Mikron Tool will now add 30 and 40 times diamter drills to execute high-speed, high-performance drilling in Stainless Steels and Heat Resistant Super Alloys! With top quality carbide, an innovative geometry, state-of-the-art coating, and a new coolant delivery system, these drills bore holes up to 40xd in one shot with impressive speed and quality!

    We will also be discussing our Plunge and Slot 3 flute, Cool endmills launched at the end of 2018. These endmills have the ability, as the name indicates, to plunge perpendicularly into even the toughest of materials, and mill out a key slot or pocket. Of course the tool is also versatile and can be used with traditional material entry styles such as ramping and interpolating, but can do so at impressive angles and with more speed and a higher feed, cutting down on cycle times. A Crazy new cutting edge and flute geometry, combined with thru-shank cooling delivery, helps to control chip formation and flush them away effortlessly. Meanwhile, a state-of-the-art coating provides maximum durability and heat resistance.


  • CrazyMill Cool P&S
    3-flute endmill in diameters from .039” to .236” with integrated coolant ducts for roughing/finishing of stainless steel and titanium. Able to enter 1xd vertically into material (drilling), suitable to mill grooves, pockets and faces in smallest spaces....

  • Plunge & Slot endmill in small dimensions and hard to machine materials

    CrazyMill Cool P&S is a new and unique kind of “drill-milling” cutter, specially developed for stainless steel, titanium and heat resistant alloys. It is now possible to plunge in vertically (drilling) up to 1 x d and continuing horizontally with the milling of slots or pockets. This tool is available in diameters from 1 to 6 mm.

    Different features characterize this end mill, which champions itself even when machining nickel-based materials. The enlarged chip space at the head absorbs chips when plunging (drilling) and the large flute spaces enable a good chip evacuation. Stable cutting edges, cutting to the center, avoid sticking and breaking out, which is often a problem when plunging with a milling cutter. Integrated cooling ducts provide the cutting edges in each position continuously with coolant avoiding overheating and thus increase tool life and contribute to highest cutting speeds and maximum performance ap. 

  • CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox
    CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox is a twist drill for nickel-based alloys in Ø 039“ to .236“ with drilling depths up to 20xd. Internal cooling ducts bring four times more coolant to the tip allowing process reliable drilling in one step with high performance....

  • Drilling stainless steel with an innovative geometry and cooling concept

    CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox is a new twist drill type for stainless steels, nickel-based superalloys (such as Inconel or Hastelloy) and CrCo-alloys, available in the diameter range from .039 to .236” and for drilling depths from 6 x d to 20 x d. The new chip flute profile is divided into two areas: a front chip flute area with a special chip breaker shape ensures compact, short and curved chips; a rear chip flute area with extended flute shape ensures perfect chip removal. The tungsten carbide drill is designed with internal helicoidally arranged cooling channels which bring up to four times more coolant volume to the drill tip. The new cooling system, the new design of tip and flute as well as the innovative coating enable drilling in one single step up to a drilling depth of 20 x d with high performance in terms of quality, tool life and machining time.

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