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CAFRO a member of the Mirka group, is a market leader in the field of diamond and CBN bonded abrasives tools since 1955. The high technology factory is located in the Como Province in Northern Italy, it was built in 1995 with three industrial halls covering 21,500 square feet. CAFRO is certified according to the ISO 9001 standard for Quality, to the ISO 14001 standard for the Environment and to the OHSAS 18001 standard for Health and Safety. The company's expertise and capbilities includes the design and production of machinery and equipment, research on raw materials and bonds, innovative applications and tool use optimization through a solid partnership with our customers and with leading European machine tool manufacturers.


  • Cafro Hybrid Bond M404 and High Porosity Hybrid HP
    HP1 15 to 18 m/s = 2,953 to 3,543 ft/min
    HP3 15 to 18 m/s = 2,953 to 3,543 ft/min
    M404 15 to 18 m/s = 2,953 to 3,543 ft/min
    M405 12 to 15 m/s = 2,363 to 2,953 ft/min
    M413 18 to 20 m/s = 3,543 to 3,937 ft/min
    M414 18 to 22 m/s = 3,543 to 4,330 ft/min...

  • A new addition to CAFRO’s hybrid bond family: the high-performance bond HP. An innovative high porosity hybrid bond combines the high cutting ability of M404 with the profile retention of M405. Included in the new stock program in the North American market, the new high porosity hybrid bond HP features a remarkable material removal ability, allowing for grinding time reduction and a longer dressing time, it ensures a good profile retention and a low and constant power absorption. The suggested rotational wheel speed for wheels with the new high porosity hybrid bond HP is 16 m/s (min 14 m/s, max 18 m/s). [2,953 to 3,543 ft/min]. 

    The superior cutting ability of the hybrid bonded diamond wheels, allows to remove huge amounts of carbide, impossible to do with a resin bonded diamond wheels, however obtaining a better surface quality. It is suggested to work on a high power grinding machine and the coolant must be well filtered and chilled. In this conditions the grinding operations become easy, quick and economic with a visible reduction in working times (about the half compared to resin bonded) inducing less stress in the workpiece material.

  • SUPERFIN1 wheels for mirror finishing carbide tool
    CAFRO bonded abrasives SUPERFIN1 wheels for mirror finishing carbide tools on CNC grinding machines...

  • SUPERFIN1 Wheels for Mirror Finishing Carbide Tool
    Specifications: 1A1 100 10 6 SUPERFIN1
    Operation: Mirror finishing
    Machine : CNC grinding machine
    Work piece : Drills Ø 8 ÷ 20
    Material: Tungsten carbide

    1. Dressing:
      • Type: White aluminium oxyde wheel in 220 mesh or stick 600 grit size
      • Wheel speed: < 5 m/s for the SUPERFIN1 wheel
      • Rotation: Counter clockwise
    2. Machine
      • Model: Walter, Anca, Star, Schneebeger, Isog, Saacke, Haas, Cuoghi, etc.
      • Spindle power : Not important
      • Coolant : oil, if possible microfiltration with chiller
    3. Working parameters:
      • Wheel speed : 22 m/s
      • Removal: max. 0,05 mm
      • Feed: 50 mm/min, it depends on drill or endmill geometry.Parameter Required performance Results Total removal 0,1 mm 0,03 mm Number of workpieces 300 300 Surface finish Ra 0,1 Ra 0,04 Dress every 50 pcs 200 pcs Working time 1’ 1’


    1. SUPERFIN1 can remove few microns only so we suggest to flute grind with Cafro HP1, HP3 or M404 (*) before.
    2. The SUPERFIN1 wheel geometry must have the same as the roughing diamond wheel.
    3. Surface Quality obtained in every 300 pieces is less than 0,05μm. Need precise set up.
    4. Wheel wear : < 0,01mm after 100 pcs Ø 8 mm
    5. You can work with loader: the wheel wear is so small, it does not need much compensation
    6. The depth of cud depends on workpiece tool diameter, the bigger Ø the smaller.

    (*) Free cutting bond for rough grinding: please ask for literature or technical advices

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