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MARPOSS is a world leader in measurement technology focused on improving quality and productivity while reducing manufacturing costs.  Products include individual gauging components; in-process gauges and compensation systems for grinders and other machine tools; automatic measurement and inspection systems; hardware and software for data collection; tool, machine and process monitoring and control systems; and equipment for non-destructive testing.  Markets served include automotive, aerospace, energy, biomedical, hi-tech, glass and general manufacturing. 

 Press Releases

  • At EASTEC in booth #1644, Marposs will be demonstrating its Grindline laser measuring system for on-line gauging of parts produced by centerless grinding machines, such as pins, shock rods, steering racks or other parts needing a single diameter check.  These systems prevent machining out-of-tolerance pieces, reducing scrap, saving time and helping companies achieve zero-defect production.

    The Grindline systems are installed at the output of the grinders. After the machining process, parts are blown clean of water and oil and then passed through a laser beam that registers hundreds of measurements along the axis of the component. Signals from the gauge are processed by the software, which is able to extract data that pertains only to ground features, ignoring grooves, threads or other shape irregularities. This information is then compared to the pre-set nominal value and if the process drifts out of the pre-set limits, the Grindline software automatically adjusts the grinder to compensate for wheel wear and keep the product within the desired tolerance limits.

    Measurements are stored and processed in real time. By connecting a standard printer to an Aeroel CE-200 panel, statistical reports can be generated for each operator-selected batch. Additionally, by using an Ethernet or RS-232 serial line, a remote computer can be used to download the measured data or to program the system.

    Key features of the Grindline system include through-feed measurement and display of the ground diameter; tolerance checking and alarms for part sorting; real-time grinder regulation; statistical reports; and NO-VAR technology ensuring there is no measuring drift due to changing room temperatures.

    Complete information about the Marposs Aeroel Grindline system can be found at, by calling (248) 370-0404 or by emailing

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  • Marposs Corp. will present its P1dME electronic gauge amplifier for smooth part monitoring of grinding applications at EASTEC in booth #1644. B;dg. 1. The device, intended for connecting to Marposs measuring heads, represents an economical, compact, and reliable solution for in-process ID/OD workpiece monitoring on grinding machines. With this solution the part is continuously measured during the grinding process, assuring that part production is within tolerance and the machining cycle optimized based on the amount of stock being removed.

    The flat and compact P1dME gauge amplifier can be easily installed inside the operator panel of any grinding machine or set up as a stand-alone unit. It features a 4.3-in. touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface. Its robust housing is designed to withstand harsh shop floor environments and resist abrasive grit, metallic particles, and cutting fluids.

    Depending upon the chosen measuring head, the P1Dme has a measuring range of  ±250 μm,  ±500 μm or ±1000 μm. Marposs in-process applications are designed so that they are not affected by varying machine conditions (temperature variations, cold start-up, vibrations, etc.)

    You can download a brochuer on the P1Dme electronic gauge amplifier. For more information, visit the company’s web site,  call toll-free 1-888-627-7677 or e-mail

  • Marposs has announced the availability of its new WRSP60 high accuracy scanning probes for checking part profiles directly on machining centers and milling machines in real-time. Parts can be checked for defects without being transferred to a measurement lab, eliminating the need to reload and reposition the part for any necessary reworking, improving the process and optimizing cycle time.

    The WRSP60 probes can be used to check the quality of the part profile, compensate for part misalignment, perform surface deformation checks providing compensation information for the cutting program, perform comparisons with the Master, check the run out, and enable the “touch” necessary for positioning the part; operations that are impossible with touch probes or that would result in greatly increased cycle times.

    The system transmits the data via radio to a WRI receiver, using a communication protocol that offers excellent immunity to interference and reduced power consumption. The data are collected, analyzed and displayed by a proprietary Marposs’ software package.  The WRSP60 also features a multi-channel system that enables the same receiver to manage up to 12 systems sequentially, including Marposs WRS part contact probes.

    These scanning probes have a transmission range of 15 meters, making them well-suited for large machines. They provide measurement performance on 3D surfaces with unidirectional repeatability within 0,4 µm and a better life of 80 hours continuous operation.

    For more information on the WRSP60 probe, you can download a brochure.

    The Mida Diamond Family
    The WRSP60 is part of the Mida Diamond line of high precision machine tool touch probes and tool setters designed to control every step of the production process. Advantages of the Mida Diamond probing line include reduced machining and checking times, increased production efficiency, reduced production rejects, and constant machining quality level during the entire production process.

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