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Macdac offers all of the CAD/CAM/OEE you need for your shop floor under one trusted, experienced roof. 

​Are you ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Our WireFreeCNC division offers Industry 4.0 systems-level solutions for machine tool communication and data collection.  Our Excellerent API product pulls real-time data from the shop floor, universally linking both new and legacy machines to your existing ERP and MES systems, allowing you to solve problems and make better decisions across the organization.

Macdac has been supplying Mastercam sales, training and support since 1990 and is the Authorized Mastercam Dealer for Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New York.


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    New at EASTEC 2019 – Excellerant Connects and Collects Shop Floor CNC Machine Data in Real Time – Booth 5233


    [SOMERS, CT – MARCH 2019]  Excellerant, a division of MACDAC Engineering, is pleased to show manufacturers in the New England region a significant new product in the drive towards seamless factory connectivity at EASTEC 2019. The event will be held May 14 – 16 in West Springfield, MA. Excellerant provides small to large manufacturers the ability to connect every CNC machine tool controller, no matter the brand, allowing a firm to monitor and manage each machine’s data in real time and send that data to the company’s MES and/or ERP systems.


    “This product is just one part of the company’s exhibit at EASTEC,” says John Carpenter, president of Excellerant. “With third party partners, the exhibit will display how even small shops can partake in the features and benefits of closed-loop automation and Industry 4.0 in an economical way.” For example, the company will have Catia CAD software, Mastercam CAD/CAM software featuring its “Blade Expert” dedicated toolpath package for turbine blade production, a CNC machine (which Excellerant will be monitoring with a tablet interface), and a gaging device with inspection software.

    Excellerant is the fundamental machine tool decoder link to simplify data driven manufacturing at the shop floor level. It builds on MTConnect, Fanuc Focas, OPC-UA, Haas MNET Q-Codes, and other machine control connecting protocols, even legacy CNC machines.  This allows companies to link across systems while substantially expanding and customizing the information they receive. Although some control systems offer the ability to link to their same brand, manufacturing companies typically have a variety of different control systems and a combination of older and newer machines, thus requiring a more universal solution. Excellerant is that solution, allowing manufacturing firms to keep all of their current systems including upstream programs such as ERP and MES.


    Recognizing that systems are only effective when people are inclined to use them, Excellerant is designed for ease of use across work groups and operational levels.  This is achieved through a simple and elegant graphical user interface, clear and logical functionality, and an array of convenient output types.  Machine operators can communicate problems, request assistance, and report progress at the touch of a button.  Supervisors and managers can assess cycle time, downtime, and process status by job, machine type, operator, and a host of other useful dimensions.  Executives now can run reports in real time, with continuous and immediate feeds from machine controllers through to the ERP level.  This, in turn, allows for timely assessments of progress, capacity, and bottlenecks, and fuels more accurate forecasts and dynamic scheduling. 


    The Excellerant package is currently available and consists of a software license and proven, easy-to-install hardware connecting to each machine controller.


    For more information, contact Excellerant at 860.870.5544, browse, or visit EASTEC 2019 booth 5233.

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  • Excellerant 4.0
    IIOT begins with the concepts most fundamental to your business and people — the machines and the systems that power and interpret them. Excellerant connects these elements of your world together so you can take advantage of Industry 4.0 and beyond....

  • A system can only function effectively if the necessary people embrace it and the system expedites processes rather than gets in the way. Therefore, Excellerant’s interfaces and tools are designed to be as intuitive and simple as the software is powerful. Excellerant’s easy-to-use tablet interface allows operators to connect seamlessly and quickly with downstream systems, management personnel, and support staff. For example, operators can now qualify the number of parts coming off a machine and instantaneously push this data back into ERP. They can call out errors and problems just as easily, allowing you to get a machine back online more quickly. This reduces paperwork, simplifies communication, and clarifies an operator’s production environment.
    Excellerant pulls a powerful set of real-time data and input from machines and operators, and reconciles it directly with
    planned actions from your ERP system. The built-in dashboard suite and analytics engine allow you to customize and prioritize what you see and when. The result: clear, robust, actionable insights for management at all levels, from shop floor supervisors to executive office staff.
  • Mastercam 2019
    Mastercam 2019 was developed to streamline the manufacturing process from job setup to job completion. Mastercam 2019 increases machining productivity and reduces overall production costs....

  • CNC Programming
    Mastercam 2019 continues to increase productivity and programming efficiency, while reducing overall production costs, with a series of automated 2D through 5-axis toolpath improvements. Re-engineered chamfering and holemaking strategies, plus the new Multiaxis deburring provide new levels of time-saving automation and simplicity. New milling toolpath strategies, like the high speed Equal Scallop toolpath, offer both machining performance and surface finish improvements. The new release includes additional support for the Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning™ method, enhanced grooving, bar feed, and other features for turning and mill-turn applications, plus new lathe and Swiss-style machine support.

    Job Preparation and Setup
    Mastercam 2019 increases efficiency and reduces job setup time and the preparation needed for part machining and programming. This includes enhanced CAD functionality and 3D model import support, improved part preparation and fixture setup tools, additional PowerSurface capabilities, and expanded support for Model-Based Definition (MBD).

    Tool Support
    Mastercam 2019’s expanded digital tool library capability delivers accurate, 3D tool assembly models, with access to the latest cutting tool technology and updates for Sandvik Coromant CoroPlus® and MachiningCloud™ platforms. Mastercam 2019 also expands Accelerated Finishing with support for taper and lens style tools aimed at 75% cycle time improvement for finishing operations with superior surface finish quality.

    With improvements to toolpath and machine simulation, toolpath graphics, and other verification and analysis tools, Mastercam 2019 provides greater programming assurance and allows for better, more informed decisions before a job is run. These improvements include support for block drilling multiple holes simultaneously and better axis control in simulation, allowing you to easily check machine limits or collision checking.

    Job Management and Documentation

    Mastercam 2019 also improves job documentation and management, while helping to address quality and certification initiatives. New toolpath visualization capabilities and section view tools, improvements to view and setup sheets, and a wide array of system level enhancements improve efficiency in managing job workflow, as well as providing better tools for process documentation. 

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