F24: Position Your Business for Future Growth & Speed Up the Workforce with Automation Process - PAID SESSION

  • Room: S405a
Tuesday, September 14, 2021: 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM


How to Include the Workforce and Speed Up Mobile Robot Deployment
Historically, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have been difficult to work with, require major disruptions, or outside experts to get the robot working. Employees naturally resist these disruptions and reject big changes that don’t include them. This session will chart the evolution of mobile robots in supply chain operations, present the current state of the art, and discuss technological and workforce challenges that have prevented widespread deployment, especially among smaller companies. We will instruct on how to include workers early in automation efforts to promote pride of ownership and mastery of the technology to unleash their creativity. We’ll provide guidance on how to choose equipment that is intuitive to set up and simple to operate, while discerning between AMR myth and reality to help manage expectations. In the end, you’ll see how easy-to-use robots wielded by enthusiastic employees will help your team dramatically speed up deployment, expand adoption, and increase productivity.
Jason Walker, MS - Waypoint Robotics, Inc.

Adapt Your Manufacturing Process: DO MORE WITH LESS
Manufacturers today face a major paradox: high demand for faster lead time and a dwindling workforce. Integrating robotic automation into your manufacturing process frees up floor space and increases productivity, all with fewer workers. The presenter will expand on the benefits of robotic automation and how to choose the right robotics integrator. They will share real-world examples of how automation has helped industry customers address labor shortages, increase capacity, and position their business for future growth.
Steve Alexander – Acieta

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Jason Walker
Waypoint Robotics, Inc.
Steve Alexander

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