WS8: Market and Build Your Fabrication Story Workshop - PAID SESSION

  • Room: S402b
Monday, September 13, 2021: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Market Outlook: What Next?
Those that thrived last year were the most nimble—the most able to respond to the fast-moving changes to the market, to their operations, and to support their employees. There is significant opportunity for growth in the year to come, for those positioned for it. You’ll learn the segments of fastest growth, and what’s required to enter these emerging markets.
Michele Nichols, MBA - Launch Team Inc.

20 Key Marketing & Sales Tactics That are Bulletproof (In Case Another Pandemic Comes)
2020 was a tough year for a lot of manufacturers as it pertained to lead generation and growing their business. It taught us a lot of lessons for 2021 and onward in terms of developing a bulletproof strategy that will continue to deliver your manufacturing company leads, even in the time of unprecedented crisis. If you haven't adopted these 20 things yet, you're going to want to ASAP - and we'll teach you how to do so. We'll be sharing tactics and data from real manufacturers to describe key takeaways and give you tactical next steps to walk away with.
Holly P. McCully and Josh Curcio - protocol 80, Inc.

5 Strategies to Take a WOE Marketing Sales Program to WOW
B2B marketers are facing unique challenges. The marketplace had been shifting to online sales interaction for some time. With the pandemic, there have been less opportunities for face to face selling and the need for online relationship building has accelerated leaving many feeling WOE! This presentation, explains how an integrated marketing and sales effort can take you to WOW. Participants will learn how collaboration between marketing and sales teams helps to improve your online presence, showcasing products, people and your brand’s competitive advantages and how that will in turn attract prospects and increase lead generation. This ongoing content marketing approach builds the relationship throughout the buyer’s journey to drive sales success. Through presentation, discussion and hands-on exercises participants will review proven strategies, essential elements and action steps to positively affect their organization’s results. Relevant examples will demonstrate how to improve performance for each strategy.
Daniel Gartlan, BS in Education & a BFA in Advertising Design - Stevens & Tate Marketing

Telling Stories: How to Build a Strong Manufacturing Brand
When asked to describe their company, manufacturing marketers tend to create marketing materials using clichés such as “tomorrow’s solutions today”, “productivity partner”, “one stop shop” and “innovative technology”. These overused phrases have lost all meaning. If you spend enough time in shops, you’ll hear manufacturers tell vivid stories using regular words. Stories that start with phrases like “This lathe has never let me down” and “I am in love with this cutting tool.” Listening to and understanding how everyday customers talk about your company and products is key to creating an interesting and relevant brand story. In this session, we’ll cover key concepts for using storytelling to build a stronger brand in crowded B2B manufacturing fields. You’ll come away with strategies to evaluate your brand, as well as the next steps to craft your own story that will make customers feel something, make you more memorable and drive sales opportunities.
Keith Booton - Ivor Andrew

Humanizing Customer Service in a Technology World
Technology and customer service do not always go hand in hand. In truth, when mixed, customer service can go very, very wrong. On-line shopping, online chats, application use. It’s not about the user-experience but creating awareness and bridging an emotional element to provide exceptional client engagement. Build awareness to deviate from process. Discover the emotional element in customer service. Enhance the client experience and build brand loyalty.
Holly O'Donnell, DISC Certified - Slone Solutions, LLC


Daniel Gartlan
Stevens & Tate Marketing
Holly McCully
protocol 80
Holly ODonnell
Slone Solutions, LLC
Josh Curcio
protocol 80, Inc.
Keith Booton
Ivor Andrew

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