WS9: Essential Sales Strategies for Manufacturers in 2021 and Beyond – Workshop - PAID SESSION

  • Room: S402b
Wednesday, September 15, 2021: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM


The State of Sales & Marketing in Manufacturing
Automation, robotics, AI, IIoT – the manufacturing landscape is changing. Learn proven and practical sales and marketing strategies for turning industry changes and challenges into opportunities. We’ll discuss industry trends and how they are impacting companies of all sizes in the industry, from structure and philosophy to the tactics and behaviors needed. You will walk away with tactics to build an effective marketing engine, as well as the sales behaviors and models that work today for companies like yours, the metrics to measure them by, and how to use technology to meet your goals.
Michele Nichols, MBA - Launch Team Inc.

Defining Top Performance in the “New Role” of Sales
As customer requirements grow in complexity and companies work to re-imagine the role of sales for the future, how will you define the metrics of top performance to build the “right” sales force that FITS and performs? What will the role or roles of sales look like in your company? This presentation provides recommendations on a process model to establish the standard of top performance or metrics for success – that arms sales leadership and human resources with a comprehensive model to effectively recruit, select, develop and build the “right” sales team for your company.
Ty Swain - Growth Dynamics

The Dying Rep Model - Applying Measurable Processes to the Manufacturing Sales Function
Most manufacturing businesses can identify with the challenges of working with a manufacturers sales rep. In this session, Anthony will present on best practice business development and sales processes that can be implemented as an alternative to the traditional rep. Many manufacturers have highly measurable processes and systems on the production floor, yet fail to implement the same standards with their sales team. Attendees will learn how to take measurement standards and a process approach to their sales function.
Anthony Colarusso - SALT Marketing

Creating Short and Long-Term Plans for Sales Video for B2B Technical Buyers
Most companies don't "have projects" for video, but are traveling, making sales calls, marketing, releasing new products, attending trade shows...and don't realize that video fits hand in glove with these efforts. Video is important to buyers of technical products and, done right, can be used for many years (4-5) while adding to the personal connection that is so vital to the sales process. This session will discuss how manufacturing companies can/are using video to give B2B technical buyers the information they need to make purchase decisions.
Robert Weiss - MultiVision Digital

6 Keys to Online Lead Generation: How To Drive Demand
Fact, today the Internet is where people research, look for solutions, engage with service providers, investigate potential providers and partnerships, and purchase products. Content holds the power and inbound marketing utilizes a pull strategy that includes content marketing, blog postings, hosting virtual and in person events, SEO, social media, and more in order to create brand awareness and attract new business. The inbound methodology starts with attracting the right prospects to your site and ends with efforts to keep customers highly satisfied with your company. Learn how this marketing and sales process helps build an online presence that attracts prospects to your brand, products and services. Convert these potential customers into leads, close them and delight these new clients so they become promoters of your brand.
Nicole Wagner, BA in Advertising, Marketing at Western Michigan University - Stevens & Tate Marketing


Anthony Colarusso
SALT Marketing
Michele Nichols
Launch Team Inc
Nicole Wagner
Stevens & Tate Marketing
Robert Weiss
MultiVision Digital
Ty Swain
Growth Dynamics

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