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Revolution Machine Tools (RMT), founded by long time industry leader Kyle Jorgenson, is a metal fabrication machine tools company. RMT’s design team has created the most innovative and precise tools in the North American market today. We have partnered with leading manufacturers to build our designs to our stringent specifications in state of the art manufacturing facilities.  

Kyle Jorgenson started in the Machine Tool industry working with his father, Roger Jorgenson, who founded Jorgenson Machine Tools in 1974. Roger taught Kyle how important relationships and customer service are, and Kyle has built his reputation on those principles. RMT is supported by an ever expanding team of indus-try professionals, which include design, marketing, service and support, who have these same values and respect Kyle’s vision. Together, they are creating a revolution in the Machine Tool industry.

RMT’s main focus is in large cutting, forming, and rolling machines for the metal fabrication industry. RMT’s research and development team has created the most innovative, fast, durable and accurate machines in the industry. Our machines are all backed by a strong warranty and an outstanding service team dedicated to keeping your machines operational. We understand the time value of money and how expensive downtime can be.  We love to provide no cost or obligation on-site assessments.  Let us see if we can only provide you with the proper equipment, but also share our knowledge and experience to REALLY improve your bottom line.

Some of the innovative machines that RMT offers are Fiber Lasers, Press Brakes, Plate Rolls, Ironworkers, Angle Rolls, Shears, Structural Steel Drills, Bandsaws, Cold Saws, Hydraulic Presses, Pipe Threading and Beveling, and much more. All RMT product designs are built for durability, precision, repeatability, and speed.


RMT Service and Highlight of the H-SMART HSA Hydraulic Press
RMT Pipe Spool Master TGB 14 CNC Highlight

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    ✨✨GIVEAWAY✨✨ We are so excited to be back at FABTECH this year and in celebration of it, we are doing a HUGE giveaway!!! We are giving away one of our S-ECO PDM 9-12 bandsaws! Value of $6,400!!!


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 Press Releases

  • Join the Revolution with service technicians from Revolution Machine Tools that can maintain, troubleshoot and fix your machines. Our goal at RMT is to ensure our customers experience smooth operations and greater return on investment by having their machines repaired and maintained by qualified personnel who are committed to the customer’s success.

    The service team at Revolution Machine Tools is experienced and able to diagnose, repair and install your equipment when you need it. We know that you can’t wait for days or weeks to keep your production deadlines, and we are committed to minimizing your downtime and keeping your manufacturing processes moving forward.

  • Keeping your machines operating at their peak performance is key to successful manufacturing. At Revolution Machine Tools, we have the right preventative maintenance plan to fit your needs; thus, keeping your machines performing at their most efficient levels.

    Our service technicians will create the perfect preventative maintenance plan for you. They will evaluate your machines and provide you with a customized maintenance plan. Each plan will include general maintenance, safety evaluations, suggested repairs and part replacement.

  • You can count on Revolution Machine Tools to be there when you need them. How many times have you needed customer service for a machine breakdown? Each and every breakdown equates to a loss in opportunity cost and profit. At Revolution Machine Tools, we are committed to making sure you get the most out of your equipment, and when it does breakdown, providing repair services in a timely manner. 

    So, if you are in need of a troubleshooting or repair, you can reach a service technician by phone or email and we will strive to respond quickly. You don’t need help in two days, you need it now. You can count on Revolution Machine Tools because we are committed to getting you up and running when and where you need us.

  • Every machine used in the chipping, fabrication and forming of metal has consumables and tooling to keep them performing efficiently. These consumables and tools range from hydraulic oil, laser nozzle tips, replacement parts, software and more. Making sure you have the right products to take care of your machines is what we at Revolution Machine Tools specialize in. We stock the highest grade consumables, replacement parts and tooling to fit your needs; and, if on the rare occasion we don’t have the part, we most likely know where to find it. 

    Our parts and tooling department is constantly looking for ways to maximize the potential of your machines. Specialized tooling can be ordered and shipped to your location. We have qualified customer service representatives who can help you find solutions and answers to your manufacturing needs.

    Revolution Machine Tools and its staff are committed to providing you the most effective service possible. We encourage you to call, even if we don’t carry your brand of machine, and see if we can support you in making sure you have the right parts and tooling to fulfill your production goals and needs.

  • What was once—excuse the pun—a pipe dream, now is a reality, thanks to Revolution Machine Tools’ Pipe Spool Master TGB Series machines. A veritable Swiss Army Knife of pipe fitting tools, these machines literally do it all: beveling, boring, centering, chamfering, drilling, facing, grooving, milling, rounding, tapering, tapping, texturing, thread cutting, threading, turning and weld preparation.

    RMT’s Pipe Spool Masters are basically lathes, but unlike any lathes known to metalsmiths of the last century. Instead of rotating the workpiece to facilitate machining, the pipe stays stationary in RMT’s machine and the spindles move left and right along an X-axis while spinning to do all the cutting. The Pipe Spool Masters were already a revolution in pipe beveling, boring and facing, but the introduction of the TGB line—which stands for threading, grooving and beveling—upped the ante with the additional features that make them the only one-stop multipurpose machines of their kind in the industry.

    Advantages of the Pipe Spool Master TGB Series

    Sporting Fanuc i-Series controls with industry standard Gibbs software, these CNC marvels can be programmed to do whatever their operators need done to a particular pipe, whether it be cutting ID or OD threads, grooving for Victaulic-style couplings or beveling ends to prepare pipes for welding.

    Besides the versatility of combining multiple functions in one machine, some of the other advantages that TGB models have over comparable machines include the following.

    • Safety is a huge selling point of the TGB. With a regular lathe, having a 20'-long part that’s spinning at upwards of 800 RPM can be a recipe for disaster if something goes wrong. All Pipe Spool Master machines hold the workpiece immobile while the machine itself does all the work, for a much safer operation.
    • It’s also a much cooler operation, since only the tool is rotating and not the pipe (RMT’s motto for the machine is “Spin the Tool—Keep it Cool”). While not recommended, parts that aren’t that heavy can even be cut without coolant at a slower rate, as shown in RMT’s demo videos.
    • The cost of a TGB machine can be one-fourth to one-third that of a through-spindle lathe.
    • Likewise, the footprint of a TGB is much smaller as well, with through-spindle lathes taking up to eight times the floorspace of RMT’s machines.
    • If needed, the TGB can be easily converted for mobile operations on a jobsite or out in the oil fields. A user can add a generator to the back of a truck and use a self-leveling trailer to transport the machine, making the necessity of sending a pipe off to a machine shop and waiting for them to finish and return it a thing of the past. (In fact, the staff of Revolution Machine Tools has frequently taken a Pipe Spool Master out on the road to give demonstrations to customers.)
    • Unlike a lathe, the Pipe Spool Masters can accommodate pipes of unlimited lengths, with the working end clamped in the machine and the rest supported by a roller table or a crane.
    • Models are available to handle virtually any size pipe that is needed, from 1" in diameter all the way up to 180".
    • Pipe Spool Master machines require very little maintenance on them—routinely changing the oil, greasing the ways and bearings and tensioning the belts keep them running like a charm. (RMT’s service team hasn’t had to fix one in the four years they’ve been selling them.)
    • On a standard lathe, once you pull a pipe off, you can’t rethread it because the orientation will be off. TGB machines have up to 24" of Z-axis back travel. This means that the spindle can be moved back and out of the way so the work can be checked and tested while the pipe is still stationary in the machine. If another 15-thousandths of an inch needs to be taken off, the operator can change the program and take care of it instantly with no difficulty.
    • Pipe Spool Masters are much faster than other machines. One customer who owned a competitor’s beveler and was used to a 12-hour operation time was amazed to see a demonstration of an RMT unit where it performed the identical function in just 15 minutes. (He wrote a check for one on the spot.)
    • Tooling changeovers can be done rapidly and altering a Pipe Spool Master for a different size diameter goes very quickly as well. For a now-defunct competitor’s machine, it required a six-hour teardown to change from a 2" to a 4" diameter. The same change on a Pipe Spool Master takes approximately 10 minutes.
    • Easier to set up and easier to run than competing machines, TGB series machines are also more productive in the fact that workpieces can stay in place to have several different operations performed in rapid succession.

    A Revolutionary Way to Machine and Turn Pipe

    While the classic lathe isn’t going away anytime soon, the Pipe Spool Master TGB Series is rapidly taking its place as the go-to machine to thread, groove, bevel and face pipe. The portability of the machine makes it a must-have in the oil and gas industry, and their affordability makes purchasing one a no-brainer for anyone considering a comparable-sized through-spindle lathe to do the identical functions.

    Regardless of the industry or application, Pipe Spool Masters have completely revolutionized the field of pipe fitting in the modern world.

  • Always striving to meet the expectations of all fabricators, Revolution Machine Tools released the B-GENIUS-H Series of hybrid press brakes, bringing together the power of their hydraulic brakes with the efficiency and energy savings of their electric ones. At present, nearly 20 models are available, with sizes ranging from 8.5′ to 14′ and capacities from 110 to 300 tons.

    B-GENIUS-H press brakes provide precise bends even for small parts with different bending points, with the most accurate bending available in the market, between +/- .00003″ (smaller than one micron!). They are also the quietest press brakes, with a TUV-SUD certified noise level of 63db, and are extremely eco-friendly, with an energy savings of 65% over standard machines.

    Even though B-GENIUS-H brakes still utilize hydraulic oil, they handle it far more efficiently than conventional hydraulic press brakes:

    • They use 95% less oil, reducing manufacturing costs.
    • Their highly efficient oil pumps combined with the use of servo motors are able to complete jobs in record time.
    • They don’t use proportional valves that cause pressure loss.
    • The Y1 and Y2 cylinders have stand-alone oil tanks that require very little maintenance.
    • The problems of over-heated hydraulic oil are eliminated because the pumping system doesn’t run when the brake is in stand-by mode.
    • They require fewer oil changes, usually not until 7,000 working hours.

    Like all B-GENIUS press brakes, the hybrid series offers the value of large open heights, large strokes and large throat depths, as well as standard multiple axis control (Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2, X and R precision servo-driven back gauge). Optional additional axes are available, such as X1, X2, X Prime (Delta X), R1, R2, etc.

    B-GENIUS-H press brakes are equipped with top-of-the-line Delem DA-66T touch screen CNC control units with 3D graphical visualization. An optional upgrade to a Delem DA-69T touch screen 2D/3D CNC control is available, and the control can be changed out for a Cybelec ModEva control for users that prefer it.

    Not all the innovations of B-GENIUS-H brakes can be seen from the front. Moving around behind the machine shows that it comes standard with back CNC crowning, a stable and fast AC servo motor-driven precision back gauge with linear guide and ball bearing system (X, R, Z1, Z2) and even a rear work light.

    Like all machines from Revolution Machine Tools, B-GENIUS-H press brakes are built with world-class electronic components that are easily replaceable off the shelf from local suppliers—but also always in stock at RMT—and that are produced by such manufacturers as Siemens, Schneider and Mitsubishi.

    Multiple B-GENIUS-H press brakes can be combined in tandem, trio and even quad configurations to achieve greater bending lengths. Custom higher tonnage models (that are still flush to the floor) are available for special order.

    If you are a fabrication shop owner, manager or machine operator and want to evaluate the latest innovations for your next press brake purchase, be sure to check out the hybrid press brakes currently on the market, starting (and likely ending!) at Revolution Machine Tools, where cutting-edge technology is incorporated in every model of every metal fab machine offered.

  • Revolution Machine Tools has brought its years of perfecting fabrication tools of all types into the arena of presses, designing them for durability and building them from the highest quality components known in the industry.

    RMT offers customers a larger than average range of hydraulic press technology, including:

    • C-Frame Presses (available capacities up to 275 tons)
    • Workshop Presses (available capacities up to 550 tons)
    • Column Presses (available capacities up to 1100 tons)
    • Portal Presses (available capacities up to 1100 tons)
    • Forming Presses (available capacities up to 3300 tons)
    • Deep Drawing Presses (available capacities up to 3300 tons)
    • Hot Plated Presses (available capacities up to 3300 tons)

    Additional custom styles, models and capacities are available for special order.

    Regardless of your most exacting hydraulic press needs, Revolution Machine Tools can provide the perfect solution to keep your operation profitable in the coming days, months and years.



    • Chrome plated cylinder
    • Steel welded frame
    • Servo proportional hydraulic system
    • HMI touch screen control panel with RMT height suspension arm 
    • Safety cover and light barrier
    • Two hand button control 
    • Adjustable variable pressure on HMI touch screen control panel 
    • Adjustable stroke on HMI touch screen control panel 
    • Oil pressure gauge 
    • Lubrication 
    • Air cooling 
    • T-slotted table 
    • Common off the shelf components, typically of German or USA origin (Rexroth, Parker, Sneiders, and Seimens)


    • Ejector cylinder 
    • Variable speeds 
    • Tool loading device 
    • Die sets 
    • Cushion 
    • Heated platens
  • The fully automatic S-GENIUS CS 16-16 is optimized to work with carbide and bimetal blades and can be applied in areas such as steel trade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and automotive industry.

    The CNC SMART cutting feature with ball screw spindle driven by servo motor reduces cutting tolerance almost to zero with its servo feeding system. The smart cutting feature makes cutting the most efficient by determining optimal parameters based on type and size of material in order to match the type of blade being used.

    These optimal cutting parameters reduce tool costs and leave the best surface.


    • Warning lamp
    • Hydraulic blade tensioning 
    • Cleaning hose 
    • Touch screen with CNC cutting program
    • Servo motor
    • Split vice
    • Arm tightening piston
    • Bow servo shaft
    • Hydraulic tension-opening button
    • Inverter
    • Security switch
    • Saw blade 41
    • Linear way
    • Hydraulic vice cylinder
    • Motorized saw blade brush
    • Optical rapid approach
    • Proximity switch for sensing blade slipping
    • Heavy duty gearbox
    • LED lamp
    • 230V or 440V 3 phase power


    • Hexagonal vice
    • Hydraulic top clamping
    • Microspray device
  • Getting the Drop on Lubrication

    “I was a little nervous about DropsA at first,” said a customer of Revolution Machine Tools who had recently obtained a new bandsaw from them. After his team had put in over 80 hours on the machine in the first week, however, he had no complaints about the optional DropsA air/oil clean lubrication system that RMT had recommended. “It is fantastic. We don’t have water stains on the floor—we don’t get that anymore.” He added that it is a “very clean unit, it keeps the blade cool, it keeps my material clean.” (Bryce Fab testimonial video for the RMT S-ECO PDM 10-14 double miter bandsaw.)

    Coming in at only a few hundred dollars more than a basic micro mist cooling mechanism, the DropsA air/oil lubrication system is a popular add-on for bandsaw and cold saw customers of Revolution Machine Tools, who offers it as an option with every model.

    That’s a Slick Idea

    For as long as there have been machines with moving parts, machine operators have had to contend with friction, which is the resistance that two surfaces create when they move against each other. While friction has its uses—such as giving the soles of shoes traction while a person is walking—it generally plays havoc with mechanisms where touching parts must move in relation to each other.

    Thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations discovered that friction could be reduced to a great extent by the application of water, powdered minerals, oil from olives or other plant matter, and grease created by rendering or melting animal fats. It was only in the last couple of hundred years that refined and unrefined petroleum-based products began to be used as industrial lubricants.

    In addition to reducing friction and wear between moving parts, lubrication can also help to cool the parts, as friction between fast-moving surfaces can also generate considerable heat. This is especially true in the case of saws and drills which are sharp tools moving at rapid speeds to chip away at the relatively softer material of the workpieces. Because of this, machine lubricant is sometimes called coolant and more often just “cutting fluid” for its multifunction use of lubricating, cooling, and washing away swarf, or the chips that come off the material.

    Cutting fluids, which can also contain rust inhibitors, are often an oil-water emulsion—a mixture your high school science teacher likely said was impossible—which is added by the customer to a specified amount of water before being poured into a saw reservoir, where it is stored until it is sprayed on the blade. A downside of cutting fluid is the potential for hazardous mess, with excess flood spray coming off the saw blade and splattering on the shop floor, on employees, and within the work environment, the potential for workplace accidents, employee health issues (respiratory and skin irritants), and shop cleanliness can all become a cause for concern.

    Who Is DropsA?

    Founded in Milan, Italy, in 1946, DropsA began developing lubrication products for different industries. One of their earliest clients was International Business Machines (IBM), who needed oil lubrication systems for their printing equipment. Four years later, DropsA added grease lubrication systems to their offerings and took the lead in developing the new technology of Dual Line systems.

    The Dual Line centralized delivery system uses two main lubrication lines that run in parallel through an entire system: a delivery supply line that fires the lubrication point injectors and a return line that vents back to the reservoir. Dual Line systems can accurately deliver oil or grease over great distances from a single pumping station to up to several hundred points, if needed, with points easily being able to be added or removed from the system following the original installation.

    In the 1970s, DropsA pioneered the concept of a modular lubrication system, which can be readily customized to suit the specific needs of a business. In 1995, DropsA was also the first lubrication company in Italy to be accredited with ISO 9001:2000, a quality management system (QMS) certification program established by The International Organization for Standardization.

    DropsA has become a world leader in the manufacturing and development of lubrication systems, expanding from more basic oil and grease systems to innovations like recirculating oil lubrication systems, air/oil lubrication systems, and “near dry machining,” where a minimal quantity of oil is carried to the lubrication point in an aerosol format via a controlled compressed air stream.

    Why Use an Air/Oil Lubrication System?

    A hybrid air/oil system, like the one developed by DropsA, is comprised of a continuously flowing stream of air that cools lubrication points while also conveying small droplets of oil that are injected into it at regular intervals. The oil coats the surfaces at each lubrication point to reduce friction and wear. High-speed components such as bandsaw blades require specialized lubrication solutions like an air/oil system which can deliver precise amounts of the air/oil mixture where needed.

    The low-cost air/oil system from DropsA offers several advantages over traditional lubrication methods, including:

    • An incredibly compact design
    • A modular system for easy maintenance and customization
    • A simple interface
    • Fully integrated monitoring
    • Integrated or remote-cycle control
    • The ability to accommodate higher speeds
    • The ability to keep bearings cooler
    • A volumetric approach that assures the exact amount of lubrication reaches each point
    • A dramatic decrease in the amount of lubricant necessary for optimal efficiency
    • A continuous investment by the company in research and development
    • Virtually NO mess or cleanup required on your cut parts
    • No drips or slips around your shop floor
    • Much longer blade life, especially for Carbide as regular coolant causes thermal cracking

    Don’t Drop the Ball with Your Next Saw

    Machine buyers, from managers of large factories to owners of one-man fab shops, want to get the most out of any piece of metalworking equipment they acquire. Revolution Machine Tools understands this and offers the very best components as standard or optional equipment with every machine that they sell. That is why they are partnered with DropsA USA to provide their air/oil lubrication system as a highly recommended add-on with every bandsaw and cold saw that they sell.

    RMT chose to offer the DropsA system because of their proven track record of eliminating the waste and mess of regular cutting fluid systems while increasing the life cycles of the machines that have them installed. When you are in the market for your next saw, please call Revolution Machine Tools for a competitive quote and be sure to ask about the DropsA lubrication system. Your RMT representative will be happy to show you how the DropsA system will improve your metal cutting experience and help you have a more productive, clean, and profitable operation.

  • Revolution Machine Tools (RMT) announces they have officially expanded to the East coast to better execute their commitment to customer service!

    Many people in the industry recognize the name Kyle Jorgenson, and for good reason.  He has been helping people improve their production and achieve their goals by providing the right tools for their applications for decades. His dedication and passion have influenced hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of companies around the world.  He has also been instrumental in developing new machines, new applications, and new ideas that have revolutionized the industry, especially here in the United States.  There are few people who understand the growing needs of American manufacturing, and even fewer willing to do something about it.

    Revolution Machine Tools was born for this reason.  Understanding what customer driven machine design really means has allowed RMT to develop unique and extraordinary equipment which put into effect the needs of our ever-expanding customer base to always be ahead of their competition.  The growing need for tighter tolerances, improved repeatability, faster speeds, and generally better production are mighty compelling and drive RMT to constantly improve.

    Headquartered in Utah, they have long provided machinery, service, and parts all over the country, but primarily in the West. As strength of their designs spread, their commitment to ALL customers has made it clear they needed to add consultants, technicians, and inventory in the East.  As the first line of their mission statement says, “…our success begins with helping others achieve success.”  This new facility was imperative to keeping that promise.  The new location in Augusta, Georgia, will give them an additional 30,000 square feet which will reduce lead times and improve the overall customer experience with RMT.

    Manufacturing is the foundation of every economy around the globe, and having the right tools and machinery is at the foundation of manufacturing.  As Henry Ford said, “If you need a machine and don’t buy it, you’ll ultimately find that you have paid for it anyway, but don’t have it.”  Those words were spoken long ago, but they are still just as true today and when he said them.  There is always a cost for indecision.

    In this ever increasingly competitive world where cost-per-part can mean the difference between landing a huge contract or losing a long time customer, it is essential to have a partner who understands metal fabrication and production to help navigate the waters of global competition.

    RMT welcomes any and all who wish to come see what the Revolution is all about and why they are so proud to support American manufacturing, the fantastic people involved in making it happen, and the families who truly are at the root of it all.


  • RMT H-SMART HSA220 Hydraulic Press
    RMT H-SMART HSA220 Hydraulic Press is a single action press that can be used to bend, shape, hole punch, cut and straighten according to the die cut used. High precision machined frame and tables allows you to receive precise products in your production....

  • The RMT H-SMART HSA220 Hydraulic Press is an H type, single action press and has been designed and built from the highest quality components to maintain accuracy with durable frameworks made from steel welded plate for long-lasting service. The high precision machined frame and table allows you to receive precise products in your production. This machine can be used to bend, shape, hole punch, cut and straighten according to the die cut used. The controllers are user friendly in which you can make simple adjustments on the fly, do batch programming, and repeatability. 

    This single action press can be produced to up to 3300 Tons capacity but RMT recognizes the variety of industries who use these hydraulic presses; therefore, RMT provides many solutions and can configure a machine perfectly to match your needs and requirements.


    • Chrome plated cylinder
    • Steel welded frame
    • Servo proportional hydraulic system
    • HMI touch screen control panel with RMT height suspension arm
    • Safety cover and light barrier
    • Two hand button control
    • Adjustable variable pressure on HMI touch screen control panel
    • Adjustable stroke on HMI touch screen control panel
    • Oil pressure gauge
    • Lubrication
    • Air cooling
    • T-slotted table
    • Common off the shelf components, typically of German or USA origin (Rexroth, Parker, Sneiders, and Seimens)


    • Ejector cylinder
    • Variable speeds
    • Tool loading device
    • Die sets
    • Cushion
    • Heated platens
  • RMT H-FAB H (H-Frame) Hydraulic Press
    RMT H-FAB H presses are used mostly in repair and maintenance workshops for the small bending, punching, straightening, extracting/removing....

  • RMT H-FAB H Hydraulic Presses come in standard sizes and can be customized and produced according to customer purpose. These are workshop-type presses and can be manufactured up to 1100 Tons in automatic and manual as optional. They are used mostly in repair and maintenance workshops for the small bending, punching, straightening,  extracting/removing.


    • Chrome plated cylinder
    • Steel welded frame
    • Oil pressure gauge
    • Pressure adjustment
    • 2 speed hydraulics
    • Large ram stroke
    • Movable cylinder (left to right)
    • V-block with working plate
    • Common off the shelf components, typically of German or USA origin (Rexroth, Parker, Sneiders, and Seimens)


    • Pressure adjustment
    • Palm buttons, automatic functions
    • Hydraulic movable cylinder motion by an additional hydraulic cylinder
    • Die sets
    • Stroke, open height and widths
    • Included press
    • Rolling bolsters
    • Platens
  • RMT S-GENIUS CS 16-16 Bandsaw
    The fully automatic RMT S-GENIUS CS 16-16 bandsaw is optimized to work with carbide and bimetal blades and can be applied in areas such as steel trade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and automotive industry....

  • The fully automatic S-GENIUS CS 16-16 is optimized to work with carbide and bimetal blades and can be applied in areas such as steel trade, steel production, forging mills, machine manufacturing and automotive industry.

    The CNC SMART cutting feature with ball screw spindle driven by servo motor reduces cutting tolerance almost to zero with its servo feeding system. The smart cutting feature makes cutting the most efficient by  determining optimal parameters based on type and size of material in order to match the type of blade being used.

    These optimal cutting parameters reduce tool costs and leave the best surface.


    • Warning lamp
    • Hydraulic blade tensioning
    • Cleaning hose
    • Touch screen with CNC cutting program
    • Servo motor
    • Split vice
    • Arm tightening piston
    • Bow servo shaft
    • Hydraulic tension-opening button
    • Inverter
    • Security switch
    • Saw blade 41
    • Linear way
    • Hydraulic vice cylinder
    • Motorized saw blade brush
    • Optical rapid approach
    • Proximity switch for sensing blade slipping
    • Heavy duty gearbox
    • LED lamp
    • 230V or 440V 3 phase power


    • Hexagonal vice
    • Hydraulic top clamping
    • Microspray device
  • RMT B-GENIUS-H 08-110 Hybrid Press Brake
    B-GENIUS-H is RMT's hybrid press brake which provides accurate bends even for small parts. Standard 4 Axis, 8'-13' bending lengths, 110-300 Tons....

  • B-GENIUS-H is RMT's hybrid press brake which provides accurate bends even for small parts at different points thanks to high repeatability and bending precision.


    • Fast operating press brake using servo motors and highly efficient pump.
    • Most accurate, having high bending accuracy between +/- .00003”
    • Very Eco-friendly, saving 65% energy in comparison to standard press brakes. It also uses 95% less oil, which helps reduce manufacturing costs.
    • Highest bending efficiency is achieved and no pressure is lost through proportional valves.
    • Quietest press brake, at a noise level of 63db. (TUV-SUD certified)
    • Fewer oil changes required, at 7000 working hours
    • No oil heat up thanks to the pumping system which does not run when the machine is in stand-by mode.
    • Provides flawless bending for small parts at different points.
    • Ease of maintenance. Y1 and Y2 axes have stand-alone oil tanks. Very low maintenance required.


    - 7 Axis CNC:
         • Y1, Y2 precision ram positioning
         • X, R precision servo-driven back gauge
         • Z1, Z2 Axes
    - Back CNC crowning
    - Large trio of value:
         • Large open height
         • Large stroke
         • Large throat depth
    - Safety laser with manual F. AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C + safety covers with switch
    - Delem DA-66T touch screen CNC control unit with 3D graphical visualization
    - Clamping:
         • American/European section-style box punch clamps
         • American-only style punch clamp available
    - Standard X Axis travel is 32.3” with third gauge step capable of gauging parts up to 41.7” with standard back gauge (most machines)
    - Stable and fast AC servo motor-driven precision back gauge with linear guide and ball bearing system (X, R, Z1, Z2)
    - Quick-set sliding front sheet support arms with full length linear guide, tilting stop and T-slot (front gauge squaring, etc.)
    - Protection covers (side and rear safety doors)
    - Rear work light
    - World-class electronic components that are easily replaceable (parts stocked by RMT or available off-the shelf from your local supplier):
         • Electronics system (Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi)
    - Adjustable height suspension control unit arm
    - High-yield plate construction
    - Ability to accurately fade ram
    - Stage bending
    - Automatic bend sequence determination
    - Automatic stretch length calculator for blank size determination


    - Safety laser: Motorized F. AKAS III M
    - Light curtain: SICK C 4000 for tandem/trio/quad machines
    - Adaptive bending sensors (angle measurement)
    - Up to 14+ Axes available:
         • X1, X2 Axes
         • R1, R2 Axes
         • X Prime (Delta X) Axis, +/- 5” stroke (10” total)
         • X Axis = 40” external travel – back protection with light barrier
         • X1, X2 Axes for light pole production
         • Sheet follower with sliding guide – motorized height adjustment
         • Front feeding system with supports
         • Front feeding system with supports – pneumatic pushers
    - Other CNC control units available:
         • Delem DA-69T touch screen 2D/3D CNC control
         • Cybelec ModEva 10S/12S/15S 3D with PC 1200 3D SW
    - Clamping:
         • Quick release clamping
         • RMT hydraulic or mechanical clamping
         • Wila or Wilson hydraulic or mechanical clamping
    - Various tool options (RMT, Euro-American, Wila or Wilson)
    - Extended back gauge stroke & back protection with light barrier
    - Off-line software (V-Bend, Radbend, Profile-W)
    - Tooling packages
    - Multiple brake configurations available:
         • Tandem configuration
         • Trio configuration
         • Quad configuration
         • High tonnage flush floor models
    - Custom Colors

  • RMT Pipe Spool Master TGB 24 CNC
    RMT Pipe Spool Master TGB 24 CNC does machining/turning in a new revolutionary way! Up to 24" Diameter CNC, spindle RPMs Max 300 RPM, Face Head Diameter 33.5", X Axis Stroke 3.5", Z Axis Stroke 16". Threading, beveling, boring, grooving + so many more!...


    • Much safer operation (material is not spinning)
    • Typically much more productive process
    • Much easier to set up and run
    • Unlimited length
    • Very wide range of possibilities

    If you do not have experienced personnel to run the machine, no problem! RMT application staff can program your parts for you. But really, it is easy to do.


    • Pipe Spool Shops
    • Mechanical Contractors
    • Hydraulic Cylinder Production and Repair
    • Oil and Gas Production and Repair
    • Portable Machining Turning
    • Rethreading
    • Conveyor Roller


    • Serial Production
    • Automotive Parts Production
    • Agriculture Production
    • Pipe Mills


    • Turning
    • Facing
    • Centering
    • Rounding
    • Texturing
    • Tapping
    • Tapers
    • Grooving
    • Threading
    • Boring
    • Weld Preparation
    • Thread Cutting
    • Chamfering
    • Drilling
    • Beveling
    • Milling
  • RMT A-FAB 551 Angle Roll
    New RMT A-FAB 551 Horizontal Vertical Profile Angle Roll...

  • RMT Angle Rolls are used to bend all types of materials and profile shapes, handle mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, bronze, brass, copper as well as other alloys. Our machines in the field are used to manufacture marine handrails, aluminum window frames, steel sections, ornamental and decorative iron, motorcycle frames and components, exhaust pipes, and more. Our machines handle flat bar, square bar, square & rectangular tube, round rod, channels, and T bar using standard tooling which is supplied with the machine. With optional tooling, RMT angle rolls will roll angle iron, round tube & pipe, oval tube, roll formed shapes, aluminum extrusions and special profiles.

    RMT A-FAB 551 Horizontal Vertical Profile Angle Roll has manual diameter adjustment and includes universal tooling. Angle capacity 5" x 5" x 1/2 " to 52" diameter.


    • Dual speed rotation
    • Hydraulic lateral guide rolls (3 Axis powered - both sides)
    • 2 digital read-outs
    • Special high yield plate steel contruction welded frame
    • 3 rolls hydraulic powered by planetary gearbox
    • Hardened and ground shafts made of high tensile special steel
    • Hardened ground rolls
    • Mobile control panel
    • Horizontal or vertical use capacity


    • NC control system with playback/recording functions
    • Hydraulic beam pulling device - I, H beams - hardway forming - also includes set of flanging dies
    • Digital readout for Z1, ZR Axis (thrust)
    • Digital readout UL and UR Axis (translation)
    • All kinds of pipes, tubes, profile rolls and I and U beam attachments are available upon request
  • RMT S-SMART PM 13-15 Bandsaw
    Our S-SMART PM 13-15 is a fully automatic bandsaw with hinged, PLC and HMI hardware, independent of the stop point...

  • Our S-SMART PM 13-15 is a fully automatic bandsaw with hinged, PLC and HMI hardware, independent of the stop point. Our bandsaw has the ability to cut solid and pipe type materials straight and angled and can cut in desired quantities and lengths. Thanks to the hydraulic closing clamps, this machine has a material feeding process with precision. 


    • Control Panel NC
    • Blade brush
    • Hydraulic vice
    • Hydraulic feeding vice 
    • Security switch
    • Height adjustment switch
    • Siti heavy duty gearbox
    • Infinite variable speed inverter
    • Sensitive pressure control
    • Hydromechanical blade tension
    • Coolant pump
    • Anti vibration cylinder
    • Double action feeding vice
    • Hydraulic blade tension
    • Hydraulic blade clamping
    • Dropsa air/oil clean lubrication
    • Micromist cooling
    • 10 ft roller table
    • 10 ft motorized roller table
  • RMT PBV-FAB 1.375 Plate Beveler
    The PBV-FAB 1.375 is a machine that bevels welding pieces...

  • Plate Size: 1.18" (Min. height) x 4" (Min. length) - Max length is unlimited, depending on cutomer support system

    Plate Thickness: 0.12"-1.375"

    Beveling Type: Turning Cutter Type

    Beveling Speed: Up to 48" per minute

    Beveling Angle: 15~55 Degrees

    Main Motor: 5 HP

    Feed Motor: .75 HP

    Processable Work Pieces: Any material that can be milled

    Feed Speed: Infinitively variable

    Milling Head RPM: Infinitively variable

    Machine Dimensions: 40" x 36" x 30" (L x W x H)

    Weight: 3220 lbs

    Voltage: 208V - 230V or 460 Volt 3 Phase

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