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Improving efficiency and reducing costs is at the heart of what fehr can do for you—whether your facility is in need of a single, manually-operated storage tower or a fully automated warehouse solution. Our engineers can analyze your production line to pinpoint the right products to meet your precise needs based on the number of cassette spaces, pick per hour and material flow.

Together, we’ll develop a precision warehousing solution based on your requirements—all with the peace of mind that comes with professional care during installation, training and maintenance. Get to know three of our most popular storage solutions.

fehr honeycomb

Achieve high access speeds for large quantities of rod and sheet materials. fehr’s highly-efficient honeycomb warehousing systems optimize storage capacity using the smallest dimensional footprint. Also available in light and superlight models.


fehr multi tower

Ideal for new construction or integration into existing facilities, fehr’s tower line offers a flexible, efficient, fully integrated warehousing solution for any application and any industry requiring the storage of long, flat goods. Up to 70 cassettes plus a phenomenal capacity to footprint ratio.

fehr topstacker

Optimize space usage with roll-over store solutions. Choose the topstacker design to add automation and dynamic technologies to your warehousing logistics.


  • fehr ecosort
    With up to 120 picks per hour, fehr ecosort is the fastest sorting system for long goods....


    Imagine if you could save time, space, and resources while increasing productivity in your warehouse. Meet fehr ecosort.

    The fastest sorting system in the long goods industry, Ecosort's cross-process structure and high performance results in up to 120 picking items per hour.

    With ever-increasing demands for quick retrieval times, high availability, and crosslinked processes—fehr ecosort is the solution you need to operate your business more profitably.

    Why choose fehr ecosort?

    • More than 70% saving on the order picking work area
    • Increased productivity to up to 120 picks per hour
    • Individual link to downstream processes through flexible trolley systems at goods issue
    • Automatic and permanent inventory
    • Transparent tracking throughout the entire process
    • Overarching order management between main warehouse, fehr ecosort system and further processing
    • High availability and wider scope of application for personnel resources
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    Pair it with fehr honeycomb for optimal results

    Combining ecosort with our cross-sector storage system technology, fehr honeycomb, delivers maximum efficiency in your warehousing solution. Store the most amount of goods in the smallest possible space while making bringing in and taking out seamless.

    Plus, fehr wms controls cross-linked order and material management between the main warehouse, ecosort, and processing, ensuring traceability and transparency throughout the entire process.

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  • fehr honeycomb - Steel Distribution Center
    Optimize your steel distribution center performance, reduce risk and overhead. Increase your productivity level with fehr solutions!...

  • Scalable automated solutions 

    Explore fehr’s advanced material handling and innovative software

    In today’s complex and fast-paced environments, steel distribution centers have to become more efficient and effective in order to keep pace with demands and succeed. fehr’s solutions offer high-bay warehousing based on the principle of exchangeable cassettes, enabling your center to operate fully automatically and networked. See how your steel distribution center can optimize performance and thrive with fehr.

    Why choose fehr?

    • Reduce Cost
    • Reduce damaged products, accidents, risk
    • Triple the picking rates per worker compared to traditional methods
    • Traceability and on demand material availability
    • Efficiency - our fehr honeycomb system and roll-over store solution increases efficiency up to 50% compared to standard solutions, reducing costs accordingly
    • Space - we optimize storage capacity using the smallest dimensional footprint with our honeycomb warehousing system
    • Speed - our quick cassette-swapping time and waiting time at the workplace is reduced by the simultaneous opening and delivery
      of cassettes

      Create a safe, productive distribution center where your employees and business can thrive. fehr provides scalable, automated solutions that combine advanced material handling equipment and innovative software. 

  • fehr honeycomb for window and door manufacturers
    Storing aluminum, vinyl or wood profiles in bundles, individual extrusions or load carriers? Not a problem for the fehr honeycomb. The perfect storage system for window and door manufacturers...

  • You may not be able to fit a square peg in a round hole, but with fehr honeycomb, you can get the perfect warehousing solution—even in the window and door manufacturing sectors where varying profile lengths, shapes, and materials can be a tough challenge to solve. 

    Automated processes and full networking make fehr honeycomb the best warehousing choice for any sort of profiles.

    Why choose fehr honeycomb?

    The fehr honeycomb system provides window manufacturers direct access to fast-moving items without waiting times. With specially designed access stations, machine saws can be directly connected. Plus, honeycomb makes it possible to store load carriers from your extrusion provider directly into the AS/RS system.

    fehr honeycomb:

    • Store load carriers, bundles or individual extrusion in the same cassette 
    • Complete inventory tracking with the fehr warehouse
      management system

    • Is fully integrated and customized

    • Provides direct access without waiting times

    Explore fehr honeycomb

    Explore the full fehr honeycomb lineup

    Explore fehr honeycomb
  • fehr honeycomb
    Store the greatest amount of goods in the smallest possible space...


    Ideally adapted to material flow and offering a multitude of individual storage bins, fehr’s honeycomb warehouse storage system can help you store the greatest amount of long or flat goods in the smallest possible space.  fehr honeycomb systems are entirely automatic, adding efficiency, consistency, and easy handling to your warehouse solution.


    Make your production process perfect with fehr honeycomb 

    • Optimize storage capacity using the smallest dimensional footprint with floor to ceiling individual storage bays
    • Increase pick times, up to 60 picks per hour
    • Reduce risk and search time for materials with ergonomically oriented, automated systems
    • High access speeds + safe, flexible handling during bringing and taking out
    • Work continually without a lot of manpower
    • Connections to saw centers are also possible
    • Store many different materials and keep an overview of the stock thanks to the fehrWMS warehouse management system, available with automatic cassette photos during bringing in and taking out
    • Simultaneous delivery and removal of cassettes reduces changeover times to a minimum and increases efficiency
    • With a simulation, we can coordinate your requirements of the complex operating processes in advance

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    Customers love the Swiss know-how


    “Ideally adapted to material flow and offering a multitude of individual storage bins, fehr’s honeycomb warehouse storage system can help you store the greatest amount of long or flat goods in the smallest possible space.  fehr honeycomb systems are entirely automatic, adding efficiency, consistency, and easy handling to your warehouse solution.” - Pader-Stahl Handels-GmbH

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  • fehr Retrofit - from 6 to 40 picks per hour
    Retrofit your existing AS/RS system and improve your warehouse performance!...


    When your system’s too slow, always breaks down, no longer meets safety regulations, or consistently underperforms, it’s time to retrofit your warehouse. For one of our clients’ retrofits, fehr was tasked with updating their semi-automatic system, decreasing make ready times, and increasing productivity. By completing a full survey of the client’s honeycomb warehouse, automating the existing racking system, adding access point infrastructure, and implementing a new dual-table stacker crane, fehr surpassed our client’s goals and took them from 6 to 40 picks per hour. Total install time for the retrofit was less than 4 weeks.

    • Semi-automated system
    • 6 picks per hour
    • 1 in and outbound station
    • Slower customer turnaround times
    • Required more manpower
    • Fully automated Dual-Table Shelving System
    • 1,270 cassette slots and 40 picks per hour
    • 3 in and outbound stations
    • Shorter make ready times
    • Faster and more accurate order fulfillment
    • Latest safety regulations
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  • fehr multi tower
    fehr multi tower revolutionizes warehouse solutions regardless of product or industry. Optimal space utilization, maximum availability...

  • With consumer demands higher than ever and inventory environments becoming increasingly fast-paced, adaptability and efficiency are key for distribution centers to successfully keep up. That’s why fehr’s multi tower warehousing solution offers individual specialization for all lines of industry, adaptable to almost any application in the storage of long and flat goods.

    Why choose fehr?

    • Reduce cost

    • Reduce damaged products, accidents, risk

    • Bespoke solutions catered to your exact warehousing needs

    • More than 65 years of proven experience

    • Optimize storage capacity with minimized dimensional footprint

    • Provide material flow analyses and preliminary simulations

    • 24/7 service and support prior to, during, and after installation
    • Modernize the whole warehouse system, no matter from
      which manufacturer

    With scalable, automated solutions that combine advanced material handling equipment and innovative software, fehr is here to optimize your distribution center and let your business thrive. 

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