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 Press Releases

  • Mr. Martin Thiele, Sales Director for WF Maschinenbau and Blechformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany will be joining us in our booth. WF is the world leader in innovative chipless metal forming technologies. Flow forming, metal spinning, edge processing, hub spinning, and profiling are forming processes that are essential to industries as diverse as aviation, aerospace, and auto manufacturing. Martin will discuss WF’s dedication to forming excellence and the benefits of these metal forming technologies with video demonstrations and parts samples. Please stop by our booth, meet Martin, and discuss what WF can do for your most difficult forming challenges.

  • International Technologies, Inc. is proud to display the ACF Cornerformer at our FabTech Booth A3503.

    The ACF Cornerformer is the original, patented solution for cold forming high quality corners up to 10x faster than conventional processes.

    This machine is the lean answer to forming perfect corners with no set up, no welding, no grinding, no finishing, and no polishing. No kidding!

    Whether you are forming doors, drip pans, electrical boxes, road signs, or tabletops, the ACF Cornerformer forms perfect corners in all materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and alloys in most thicknesses and flange heights. With a simple tool change the cornerformer’s possibilities are practically endless. This one-of-a-kind machine is also perfectly suited to robotic automation to further accelerate your production process.

    Experience the ACF Cornerformer difference

    There is no reason to weld when you can cornerform. Stop by our booth with your samples and see for yourself.

  • International Technologies, Inc. will demonstrate the My Spot High Speed Inverter Spot

    Welder at our FabTech Booth A3503.

    High Speed Inverter Power is the Future of Lean Welding

    Koyo Giken’s breakthrough high speed spot welding technology is the future of lean welding. The new inverter power system delivers a burst of current in 0.01 seconds for welds that eliminate secondary finishing. This high speed spot weld technology brings numerous benefits:

    • Strong, clean welds in all materials including coated parts and aluminum.

    • Minimal protrusions that eliminate grinder finishing.

    • Significant reduction in burn marks, dents, and rises.

    • No sheet separation.

    • Power consumption 1/7 of conventional spot-welders.

    • Clean nut and mesh welds.

    • Gun options for deep box applications.

    Exclusive Easy Setting control

    All My Spot welders include the exclusive Easy Setting weld parameter management system that automatically sets the optimal weld settings based on material type and thickness. With the Easy Setting system minimal training is required even for inexperienced operators.

    BRING YOUR SAMPLES FOR A LIVE DEMONSTRATION. See what the My Spot High Speed welding system can do to lean out your shop’s bottom line.


    New for 2021, the My Spot 21H resistance spot welder features an energy-efficient inverter and high speed welding technology for clean, strong welds with little or no finishing necessary even on plated steel, mesh surfaces, and weld nut applications....

  • Koyo Giken's My Spot resistance spot welders feature a newly-designed, energy-efficient proprietary inverter power supply combined with exclusive high speed welding technology to deliver clean, strong welds in 1/15 to 1/20 of the energizing time and 1/7 of the energy consumption of conventional spot welders. The high speed feature generates a 1/1000 second burst of current that reduces burn marks, heat distortion, sheet separation, and marring. This leans out the weld process by eliminating finishing and post-processing. Koyo Giken's Easy Setting control system further leans out your production with fast programming that only requires entering material type and thickness. My Spot welders are available in horizontal, vertical and twin-arm models with 40 kVA and 80 kVA inverters for mild, galvanneal, stainless, and galvanized steel. They are perfect for stud and nut welding and difficult applications like plated steel and mesh. A special 80 kVA model welds aluminum up to 2.0 mm x 2.0 mm.

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